What not to miss in the Azores

Looking for an unforgettable holiday in the Azores? 

Here we share a great Azores itinerary that shows you all the highlights. 

Day 1-3: Explore Pico island

Explore Gruta das Torres, go wine tasting, whale watching or climb Pico Mountain. 

Day 4-6: Discover Faial

Explore the charming town of Horta, relax on the beach, hike the 2km wide Caldeira crater or visit the lunar landscape of the Capelinhos volcano.

Day 7-9: Visit  São Jorge

Enjoy a traditional festival, or go hiking or bird watching.  This is an amazing island to spend a couple of relaxing days. 

Day 10-12: Terceira

Stroll around the streets of Angra do Heroismo, explore the Algar do Carvão cave, or go swimming in a natural pool.  Terceira is one of our favorite islands in the Azores. 

Day 13-20:  São Miguel

Don't miss the creater lake of Sete Cidades. Go dolphin and whale watching or relax in one of the thermal baths after a busy day.  You can easily spend a week on São Miguel. 

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