Healthy Japanese food you must taste

Japan is one of the countries with the longest living people in the world.  One of the reason for this is their healthy diet.  

Here we share a list  of the healthiest Japanese dishes you must try while visiting. 

1 Gyoza

Gyozas are Japanese dumplings filled with meat and/ or vegetables. They are always served with the classic ponzu sauce. Opt for pan-fried gyozas if you are looking for a healthy meal. 

2 Konnyaku

This traditional food is made from the Devil's Tongue plant Konjac. It contains zero calories. In restaurants it is often served with soy sauce, wasabi or miso soup. 

3 Miso soup

Miso soup is high in protein, improves your immune system and lowers your cholesterol.  It is often served as a starter in Japanese restaurants. 



Sashimi are slices of raw fish, beef, deer and horse meat.  Since they don't contain rice they are healthier than sushi.  Dip each piece in a small dish of soy sauce. 



This fat free dish is an iconic winter dish made of a variety of seafood, meat and vegetables.   

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