Best southern Illinois wineries you must visit

Did you know that there are some amazing vineyards in southern Illinois? 

With this list we will show you some of the most amazing ones. 

Hickory Ridge


This quiet winery is set on a fifteen acres of land. Here you can taste award-winning whites and rosés. 

StarView vineyard


Spend the night at the StarView vineyards and enjoy a glass of wine from your private deck. 

Monte Alegre


Enjoy fantastic wine pairings accompanied by perfect snacks such as cheeses, chocolates etc.

Peachbarn  Winery & café


Join a tasting tour or enjoy a Swedish style menu. 



Taste some award-winning Pinot noirs, Chambourcin and Riesling wine or attend a live music event. 

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Winery 1: Hickory ridge Vineyard Winery 2: StarView winery Winery 3: Monte Alegre Vineyard & cellars Winery 4: PeachbarWinery Winery 5: Wichlann Vineyards