Best breweries in Illinois that you should visit

Illinois boast some great craft breweries. 

Here we share a list of the best northern, central and southern  Illinois breweries.

Obed & Isaac


Obed & Isaac’s Microbrewery is the place to go if you want to enjoy beer as well as amazing food or craft cocktails.

Hickory Creek


Visit Hickory Creek during the weekend and taste some great crafted beers while enjoying live music. 



Scratch is a truly local beer experience that showcases brews made with ingredients that are pulled from the Southern Illinois earth.

Bent River


Bent River Brewing company has a unique selection of beer including a coffee-infused oatmeal stout and a Jalapeno Pepper Ale.



Decatur Brew Works offers up to 28 draught beers at any given time.

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Pic 1: Blind Pig Brewery  Pic 4: Obed & Isaac’s Microbrewery Pic 5: Hickory Brewing Company Pic 6: Scratch Brewing Comapny Pic 7: Bent River Brewing Comapny Pic 8: Decatur Brew Works