We had never driven a Segway before so we taught it would be fun to give it a try.  As we were making our planning for our road trip in South Africa we found several places that offered tours on a Segway.  Two of them were on the Garden Route.  The one that we ultimately chose was in Stellenbosch, on the Spier Wine Estate.  All three tours appealed to us, ultimately we just opted for the tour in Stellenbosch as it better fitted our schedule.  After all,  you can’t taste wine all day… 😊

Spier wine estateI can hear you ask why you would want to drive a Segway at all.  Good question, indeed!  It was mainly curiosity that triggered us.  We wondered if it would be difficult and what it would feel like to zip around on a Segway.

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Without any experience, I was a bit doubtful when I stepped on the Segway for the first time.  But everything is really self-explanatory and feels very natural. Steering is also a breeze, you just move the lever to the left and right and the Segway instantly and perfectly does what is expected.

It was fun for sure.  Especially on the bumpy trail between the vines, it was fun driving. Because you are upright you also have a nice view, better than you would have on a bike for example.

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Spier SegwayIf I can drive with a Segway, everybody can. 😊 Still in doubt? Before you head to the vineyard you get the necessary explanation about how the Segway works.  You learn how to get on and off followed by a small ride forward and backward and a turn on an even terrain. This is followed by a practice course on uneven terrain, similar to the one you will need to master in the vineyards. Last but not least, you will also learn the emergency stop in case the segway would suddenly start to do its own thing.

If we can drive with a Segway, everybody can.

After the instructions and practice, which in itself was also fun, we went on our way towards the vineyards. The first part in turtle mode (the segway limited to 6km/h) but as soon as we had passed the first obstacles successfully this restriction was lifted and we were good to go at a maximum speed of 20 km/h.

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The 1-hour trip that we had booked didn’t allow us to go far into the vineyards.  The training already takes 15 to 20 minutes in itself.  Driving through the vines was, of course, the best part Segway in Spier through the vineyardsof this trip and the hilly landscape offers nice views.

The Segway tours are fairly expensive, for a large part because Segways are expensive gadgets.

Have you ever done a trip on a Segway? Let us know where and what you thought of it!


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Jenny · February 28, 2018 at 8:27 pm

What a nice way to explore the area! Much faster than walking I presume.

Sylvia Van Overvelt · March 1, 2018 at 7:57 am

Yes, and much more fun

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