Nature can be beautiful and nature can be impressive and Iguazu falls is a perfect example of this.

From the very first moment we got a view of the falls we were impressed.  From that point onwards each viewpoint we passed kept amazing us and kept inspiring us to take extra pictures.  We took hundreds of pictures…

Iguazu Falls can be visited from Brazil and from Argentina.  Both Brazilians and Argentinians will tell you that their side is the most beautiful.  To be honest it’s hard to tell which side wins as they offer a totally different view on the falls.  You should visit both sides for a complete experience.


We started by visiting the Brazilian side.  This side offers you panoramic views, on the Argentinian side you’re able to get much closer to the falls.  Your visit on the Brazilian side starts with a bus ride that will bring you to the head of the panoramic trail along the river (at the hotel).  Along this path you have numerous views on the falls, you will be amazed how many falls there’re (275) and for how long it continues (2.7km).  At the end of the trail, you’re at the Devil’s throat, it’s for sure the most spectacular part of the falls.  The amount of water coming down is impressive.  Bring some rain gear as for sure you will get wet.  The path continues here on an elevated walkway giving you some spectacular views of this part of the falls, here you are actually quite close to the falls. Despite you’re really close to the Devil’s throat it’s completely concealed by the rising mist, anyway, it’s still spectacular.


The second day we visited the Argentinian side.  Some people visit both sides on one day but I wouldn’t recommend doing so.  You would need to rush and wouldn’t be able to enjoy the beauty of the falls and the surroundings.  The Argentinian side has 3 highlights you need to do: The lower circuit, the higher circuit, and the devil’s throat.  Upon entering the park you can choose to take the train or do a small walk (600m) that would bring you to the start of both the upper and the lower circuit.  The upper circuit is a trail that walks along the top of the falls, the lower circuit runs along the bottom of the falls.  Both offer beautiful views.  Expect to get wet when doing the lower circuit, you get really close. Perfect for some impressive pictures!  The third highlight is the Devil’s throat. The views of Devil’s throat are stunning from the Argentinian side.  You can get there by train or by foot (there’s a path along the track of the train).  It’s quite a long walk and expect to walk another mile from the train station until the actual viewpoint of the Devil’s throat.

If you can’t get enough of the falls Isla San Martin offers yet some extra views.  You can reach it for free by boat.

If you still have time you could also hike the Macuco trail.  Except for one waterfall at the end, this trail does not offer views of the Iguazu falls.  I do recommend the trail however because doing this trail you can escape the crowd of the park and you may run into some wildlife.  We did get to see monkeys, raccoons (you will see plenty of them at the restaurant but it’s so much more fun to see them in the wild), a woodpecker and a deer.  Expect to hike 2,5-3 hours at a moderate pace, the hike is not really intensive except the last part where you descend to the pool with the waterfall.  If you bring your swimsuit you can get into the pool!

 How to get there

Both at the Brazilian as well as at the Argentinian side is a village with an airport and plenty of accommodation.  If you want to stay inside the park you can do so as well, at both sides one hotel is located within the park boundaries.

We stayed in Puerto Iguazu (Argentina)  I can warmly recommend our hotel Mercure Iguazu Hotel Iru.

Tips for your visit

 To visit the Argentinian side of the falls you can just stop any Rio Uruguay bus that runs along the main road. You have a good chance it’s heading for the falls. (ask the driver)
For your visit to the Argentinian side, you should calculate a full day and maybe even slightly more if you also want to book a boat ride. The other option would be to take the bus at the terminal downtown.

 To visit the Brazilian side of the falls you have to take a bus in the main terminal. (downtown)

 For your visit to the Argentinian side, you should calculate a full day and maybe even slightly more if you also want to take the boat to the island.

 To enjoy this place at the most you should calculate 4-6 hours for the Brazilian side.  If you have time left pay a visit to the Parque Das Aves.  They have some amazing birds, some in regular cages but they also have 3 walk through cages. Especially the one with the parrots was fun!

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Sam · January 26, 2018 at 8:52 pm

The waterfall looks amazing, but the bird really got my attention! 😛

Sylvia Van Overvelt · February 4, 2018 at 9:47 am

The waterfalls are absolute amazing. I saw already Niagra and the Victoria falls but Iguazu is absolute my favorite. The bird park is also worth a visit if you are there.

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