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Japan is a unique destination.  Each year the country deservedly attracts more tourists from all over the world.  We greatly enjoyed our 3 intense weeks in this fascinating country.  The megacities made a smashing impression but what makes a trip to Japan perhaps even more worthwhile is the Japanese culture and their heritage.

The Japanese live by another set of habits and impose a very disciplined lifestyle on themselves.  Their well-organized public transport is the best example of how this is paying off.  The trains run exactly on the second and take millions of people to their destinations every hour.  It was fun to immerse ourselves in the Japanese culture and to learn more about their habits and their beliefs.  I learned many things during our journey that we would benefit from if we implemented them in our home country.

Are you planning a trip to Japan or are you just looking for inspiration or the best Japan itinerary?  Either way, you have come to the right place.  We have grouped all articles about Japan on this travel blog.  Some articles will help you plan your Japan vacation and others are here to give you an idea about this destination.

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