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The best places to watch the sunset in Lisbon

Where to watch the sunset in Lisbon?

As one of the most gorgeous cities in the western hemisphere, Lisbon has some of the most incredible sunset and sunrise spots.

Thanks to its architecture and unique manmade and natural landmarks, Lisbon has many vantage points from which you can view them.

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Miradouro da Senhora do Monte Lisbon Portugal
The Miradouro da Senhora do Monte is a great place to watch the sunset in Lisbon.

Where to see the best sunsets in Lisboa

In this sunset Lisboa guide, we’ll explore a few locations in Lisbon that are sure to make your eyes go wide with awe and wonder of how anything can be so beautiful in the world.

So definitely keep reading.

Here you will find the exact sunset times in Lisbon.

Miradouro da Senhora do Monte

Located at Graca’s highest point, the Miradouro da Senhora do Monte is part of the churchyard of the Lady of the hill.

The Miradouro is a short walk from the Rua da Senhora do Monte off the tram 28 stop on the Rua da Graca.

Miradouro da Senhora do Monte, which means Lookout of Our Lady of the Hill, looks out over Lisbon and is the city’s highest lookout point.

This makes it one of the best Lisbon Instagram spots because it offers 250-degree panoramic views across Lisbon.


From here you get to enjoy expansive views of the city while at the same time you have an incredible view of the castle on the hill right across from you.  

Thanks to its high location, atop of the old quarters and castle, you can get incredible photographs of the downtown district and the city beyond.

Additionally, you can also get excellent photos of some very scenic geography and manmade landmarks like the Tagus River estuary and the Castle of Saint George.

Finding the Miraduoro is like finding a needle in a beautiful haystack. 

Visitors typically miss this beautiful vista because it is located just outside the main city.

Others are split between this lookout and the well-known Miradouro da Graça which is just a 10-minute walk away.

They tend to opt for the latter because it is located closer to the castle.

By taking the time to walk a little further and visit the Miradouro da Senhora do Monte you can enjoy the views with only a small part of the crowds you would face at the Miradouro da Graca.

If you look carefully enough, you’ll also be able to find a small statue of the Virgin and the Nossa Senhora do Monte Chapel dedicated to the martyred Bishop Saint Gens. The current castle, rebuilt in the late 17th century, is historically known for protecting women in childbirth.

As a result, many locals and outsiders alike travel here just to seek its blessing.

This is a lookout point you definitely need to visit during your Lisbon itinerary. 

Belem tower Lisbon, Portugal
Where to watch the sunset in Lisbon? Why not from the Belem tower.

Belem Tower

Going up to the northern bank of the Tagus River, you will find the Belem Tower, a fortress constructed to defend Lisbon from outside invaders during the early 16th century.

It was designed by the sculptor Francisco de Arruda and is now a World Heritage Site.

When you visit the tower you can see traces of the multiple functions that the tower has served over the years. 

You can see the pits and holes the prisoners would be tossed into when it served as a prison, the places where the cannons used to stand when it was a fortress, and the royal chambers that were used when the tower was upgraded to a palace.

The rooms in the tower still carry the name from this time.  You can visit the Governer’s Hall, the King’s Hall, the Audience Hall, the Chapel, and finally, the Roof Terrace. 

The first five floors are connected by a narrow spiral staircase that can get crowded on busier days but it is worth it to head all the way to the top to the gorgeous terrace from where you can catch a glimpse of a marvelous sunset on Lisbon. Whilst enjoying the sunset, why not read some inspiring sunset quotes? 

If you look carefully enough once you make it to the top, you’ll find a rhinoceros-shaped gargoyle.

A little fun fact: the first rhino to arrive in Portugal was a gift from India.  It arrived in the country in the early 16th century. Is this a coincidence? That’s your call.

Miradouro de Santa Catarina Lisbon PortugalMiradouro de Santa Catarina

The Santa Catarina neighborhood border Bairro Alto, it’s a residential area full of adorable pastel-painted houses. 

The area is mostly popular because of the Miradouro de Santa Catarina which provides one of the best sunset spots in Lisbon.

The energetic youth drink and dance the night away to an atmosphere that is at once lively and, with an awe-inspiring view that looks out onto the Tagus estuary and neighborhood rooftops, magical.

The statue of Adamastor, a mythical sea monster, overlooks the scene.

Adamastor was the original name of the Cape of Good Hope, a cursed location where many Portuguese ships were wrecked. 

The statue was created by Camões and needed to symbolize this tormented cape that was feared by so many Portuguese sailors.  

Today, the Adamastor has ceased to be a haunted location and it has become a great place for watching the sunset.

Parque Eduardo VII, Lisbon, PortugalParque Eduardo VII

The Parque Eduardo VII is the largest park in central Lisbon and has neatly clipped hedges lining beautiful mosaic patterned walkways.

If you walk up from the Marquês de Pombal Square, you will find the park lively with activity and stunning views.

The park is a great place to see a sunset or sunrise in Lisbon. 

Inside the park are also 3 “estufas”.  The “estufa frio”, the cool greenhouse, has a wooden roof and is inside a quarry.  The other 2 are traditional hothouses with glass ceilings that house more exotic plants and various cactuses.

On the other side of these hothouses, you can find a sports pavilion dedicated to Carlos Lopes, a Portuguese national hero who won the marathon at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles.

The park is also known as one of the premiere Lisbon location for concerts and outdoor events.

Miradouro Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen Lisbon Portugal
Lisbon sunset from the Miradouro Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen.

Miradouro Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen

This Miradouro is more popularly known as Miradouro de Graça but officially it is named after the well-known poet, Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen.

This spot is famous for being the location where she penned many of her now-famous poems, including one which is now inscribed in Portuguese under her bust in the middle of the park. 

The spot is located on the hill of Santo Andre.  It offers panoramic views of the old neighborhoods Mouraria, Alfama, Downtown, and the Castle as well as the river.

It is a great place to end the day and enjoy the stunning sunset views over a pleasant drink at the open-air café.  During the summer months, the vista attracts visitors well into the night.

Who knows…maybe you’ll write some poetry of your own too.

Ribeira das Naus Lisbon Portugal
Ribeira das Naus is a great spot to see a Lisbon sunset.

Ribeira das Naus

The walkway that is the Ribeira das Naus stretches alongside the river and goes from Cais do Sodre to Praca do Comercio.

It is an important location in Lisbon’s continuously evolving waterfront location.

In recent years a growing number of Lisboans has been drawn to this riverwalk and many enjoy lazy bike rides along the river’s edge.  This has caused the city to develop a new bike path.

A bike tour is indeed a wonderful activity to spend a sunny summer day but you could just as well sit down and watch the sunset (don’t forget the sunscreen) while admiring the scene around you.

You can see kids taking sailing classes and the youth enjoying their days off from work.

On pleasant weekend days, the boardwalk is a lively area as Lisboans come here for its panoramic views over the Tagus river, Rio Tejo in Portuguese.

Couples enjoy romantic strolls and others just relax at the cafe with a coffee and a good book.

If you are extra adventurous, you can search for the hidden beach that has disappeared since the earthquake hit the region in 1755.

Sao Jorge Castle Lisbon, Portugal
São Jorge Castle is one of the best places to watch the sunset in Lisbon.

The Castelo de São Jorge

As one of the highest tourist locations in the city, the castle of São Jorge sits above Lisbon, offering incredible views of the city.

Taking a step inside the castle is like stepping back in time to the days of Lisbon’s early history.

The castle has seen the rise and fall of Romans and Visigoths, stood during the times of the conflict between Muslims and Christian inquisitions, and survived many sieges by the Castilians.

Additionally, it has seen the rise of Portugal as a seafaring nation.

This incredibly rich and significant history can be seen throughout the castle.

Due to it being a fortress for a seafaring people, you can find battlements and royal quarters, and the impressive seaward views meant to be the inspiration for the Portuguese kings to explore the uncharted lands during the early 14th century.

The castle has become a major tourist attraction thanks to a major restoration of the castle in the 1940s.

The project took some time and was able to revitalize the existing ramparts that were completely decayed due to centuries of disuse.

 Additionally, reconstructing efforts also redeveloped the watchtowers as well as restored gardens within the courtyard.

Today, it has become one of the most well-known Lisbon Instagram spots.

Imagine what the former kings must think knowing that their fortress has become the place to be for Instagram influencers from all over the world!

Miradouro de Santa Luzia Lisbon PortugalMiradouro de Santa Luzia

Once you arrive at the Miradouro de Santa Luzia it will be clear immediately how this splendid vista got its name.

It is located next to the small picturesque church of Santa Luzia and one entire wall of the Miraduoro has blue tile panels that depict historic events like the Terreiro do Paço or Palace Square before the earthquake of 1755 while another illustrates the inquisition during the 1147 conquest of the city.

This Miradouro offers gorgeous views of both, the old Alfama district as well as the Tagus river.

From here you can also admire the church of Santo Estâvão, the dome of the National Pantheon, and you can watch the sunset on the São Miguel church as she slowly adds golden rays on the beautiful city.

The viewpoint has 2 levels and several terraces where you can take a break before you continue your way to the nearby castle. 

It can easily be reached with the touristic tram 28.

View from Park Rooftop bar Lisbon PortugalPark (rooftop bar)

Hidden inside the Bairro Alto neighborhood on top of a garage, Park is a rooftop bar that allows patrons to enjoy the picturesque views of Lisbon while relaxing with a cocktail in hand.

A complete panoramic view of the city can be enjoyed by groups and couples at night or during lazy weekend (or weekday) afternoons.

A wide variety of music and entertainment is always there to shake things up for visitors with resident DJ’s and artists employing everything from live South American tunes to jazz and hip/hop beats.

Outdoor movies and theme parties are also popular at the location during the warmer months while rotating house DJ’s keep the party afloat throughout the night.

An eclectic lunch and dinner menu is also available to patrons with everything from local to more cosmopolitan fare.

Praça Luís de Camões Lisbon PortugalThe Bairro Alto Hotel Terrace-The Rooftop Bar

With views of the Atlantic Ocean and Lisbon’s surroundings, the rooftop bar at the Bairro Alto Hotel is one of the most incredible places to get a 180-degree view of the city.

At the bar, you can order a variety of drinks and a light meal before retiring to the comfortable wicker furniture lined with pillows where you can snap more Instagram shots of the city with you and your loved ones.

The hotel is located in between what is known as bohemian Bairro Alto or the “upper district” and Chiado.

The Bairro Alto Hotel is known for and has won awards for, its architecture and artistic achievements.

The rooms inside the hotel offer views of important landmarks like Luis de Camões Square, Rua das Flores, and the Rua do Alecrim.

If you are looking for a more Meditteranean-inspired culinary flavor, don’t miss out on the Florés restaurant on the ground floor that also blends in local Portuguese local tastes.

For hip and energetic crowds, visit the Cafe Bar.

The terrace of the hotel also has quiet places to read, relax or enjoy the sunset views over Lisbon.


When deciding on your next vacation, don’t miss out on the most incredible sunsets and sunrises in the world. 

As a major seafaring location, Lisbon is amongst the most gorgeous cities in the world.

The city is located in between several mountains and there are several vantage points from where you can see over the entire city.

To follow the spectacle as the sun awakens and casts its golden rays over this incredibly beautiful city is priceless.

And after having spent a beautiful day on a nature hike or walking around the city with your family and friends, don’t forget that head to a Miradouro, the Castelo, the Ribeira, or simply one of the rooftop bars to enjoy the free spectacle of the sun setting over Lisbon.

You will regret it later if you have not made time for these impressive natural wonders of the world.

This is, unfortunately, the case for many visitors who don’t want to get up early or directly head back to their hotel after visiting the city.

As you’ve read this, we know it won’t be an issue for you.

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