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Ryokan in Kanazawa: 9 BEST Traditional Japanese Inns To Stay At

Looking for the best Ryokans in Kanazawa? You came to the right place.

Kanazawa is well-known as a very traditional area of Japan, often referred to as ‘Little Kyoto’, and is one of the best places to truly immerse yourself in the traditional aspects of Japanese culture.

This can include the experience of staying in a ryokan accommodation.

Ryokans are traditional Japanese inns that usually feature an accompanying onsen, a hot spring.

As a volcanic country, many of these onsen are natural hot springs. The term onsen is however not limited to natural ones and can also be used for artificial hot springs.

The rooms are often also very traditional and they are ideal for relaxing and enjoying the serene atmosphere.

If you’re trying to decide on which ryokan to choose, here we have some of the top ryokans in Kanazawa.

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The Kenrokuen Garden is a popular attraction in Kanazawa with both locals as well as tourists
The beautiful Kenrokuen Garden in Kanazawa

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Best Kanazawa Ryokan


Sumiyoshiya is a large ryokan set in a beautiful, well-maintained traditional Japanese building.

It is located close to a number of top Kanazawa attractions.

It’s only a 10-minute walk from Kenrokuen Garden, a 15-minute walk from the Higashi Chaya district, and just 1 minute from the historic Omicho market.

You will stay in a traditional Japanese room, complete with tatami flooring, paper screen doors, and futon bedding.

The hotel features a tranquil Japanese garden.

There is a mix of shared bathrooms and private bathroom rooms available in this ryokan.

As with most ryokans, a number of meals are provided.

However, Sumiyoshiya goes above and beyond by offering both a Japanese and Western-style breakfast and Japanese dinners which can be enjoyed either in the dining room or your guest room.

There are a number of bicycles you can use for free. These are very useful for exploring the city.

The onsen area is spacious and clean, it’s a public onsen, shared with the other hotel guests.

What Guests Are Saying

Previous guests were impressed with the large rooms, comfortable futons, and most of all, with the kind, friendly and welcoming hosts.

The ryokan is family-run and provides a friendly, family atmosphere.

Booking Rating: 9.2


Sumiyoshiya is an ideal example of the traditional, family-owned ryokan providing a perfect ryokan experience.

Check prices and availability:



Utaimachi is a great example of traditional Japanese design mixed with sleek modernity.

This ryokan features aspects of traditional design in the tatami floors, paper screens, and building design, but also has modern bathrooms, tables, and amenities.

Utaimachi is centrally-located, within a 20-minute walk of Kenrokuen Garden and just 2.6km from Kanazawa Station. It is also just 5 minutes from the so-called Kazuemachi Tea House street.

The ryokan has air-conditioned rooms with free WiFi provided throughout.

You will stay in a comfy room that have a television, as well as some kitchen facilities such as a microwave, kettle, and fridge. You can also opt for a room that includes a kitchenette with a stovetop.

While the traditional rooms have futons on the floor, others feature a futon on a Western-style bed frame. This may be useful for guests who suffer from back problems or mobility issues.

All guests enjoy a daily complimentary continental breakfast.

What Guests Are Saying

Previous guests enjoyed the convenient location and the modern facilities within a traditional ryokan.

Some guests mentioned that they had to wait for staff longer than usual when checking in, asking questions, etc.

Booking Rating: 9.1


Utaimachi is a great mix of traditional and modern Japanese accommodations.

The new facilities and amenities combined with traditional design provide a relaxing and comfortable experience for guests.

Check prices and availability:


Ryokan Yamamuro

Yamamuro is a small family-owned ryokan located in central Kanazawa.

While the exterior of the building doesn’t appear traditional, the interior has a very traditional design with tatami flooring, futons, and a traditional room design.

The more ‘modern’ aspects of the ryokan have a retro atmosphere which many guests appreciate as a throwback to Showa-era Japan.

This wonderful ryokan is located a 10-minute walk from Kenrokuen Garden and just 5 minutes from Kanazawa Castle Park and Omicho Market. It is also only a short 15-minute walk to the very popular and highly-acclaimed 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art.

You will stay in a modern air-conditioned room that has free WiFi while still using traditional tatami flooring and futon bedding.

Most of the rooms have a shared bathroom, however, one room has a private bathroom.

There is a private onsen bath which can be reserved during the evening. Not all hotel onsen can be reserved so this is a big plus for those who prefer some privacy.

The ryokan has a shared kitchen/dining area with a shared fridge, microwave, and eating area.

Those who would prefer to eat privately, it is also permitted to bring food and drinks into the rooms.

One of the best ryokans in Kanazawa

What Guests Are Saying

Many guests enjoyed the small, private atmosphere of Yamamuro Ryokan, along with the friendly and welcoming hosts.

Booking Rating: 9.1


This is a great onsen for experiencing the more small, family business style of a ryokan with a personal touch.

Check prices and availability:



Yamanoo is a beautiful ryokan located in the historic Higashi Chaya teahouse district of Kanazawa.

This area is full of historic buildings, businesses, and more.

It is also less than a kilometer from Kanazawa Castle and a short walk from Kenrokuen Garden.

You will stay in large, spacious guest rooms, all located in their own annex.

Each guest room has a private bathroom with a traditional hinoki cypress hot tub onsen.

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Yamanoo uses the best of traditional Japanese design and each aspect is able to shine in its own right as well as together as a whole.

The ryokan also has beautiful gardens, with many of the rooms featuring a view over the serene greenery. The provided meals are some of the best of the Japanese kaiseki style.

Air conditioning and free Wi-Fi is available throughout the property and there is a private parking lot available.

What Guests Are Saying

Previous guests enjoyed the beautiful rooms and the privacy of annexed rooms and private bathrooms.

Many guests also commented on the amazing food provided.

Booking Rating: 9.6


This ryokan is an amazing example of all the best features of a top traditional ryokan.

With private bathrooms, spacious rooms, and delicious traditional meals, it is an ideal ryokan option when staying in Kanazawa.

Check prices and availability:


Nakayasu Ryokan

One of the best Kanazawa ryokans with onsen

Nakayasu Ryokan is a lovely traditional ryokan situated in central Kanazawa.

It is less than a kilometer from Kanazawa Castle, Kenrokuen Garden, Kanazawa Yasue Gold Leaf Museum, and more.

The ryokan features traditional Japanese design throughout with tatami flooring, Japanese screen doors, and futon bedding.

The provided meals are in the traditional Japanese kaiseki style, although a Western breakfast is also available.

Various meal plans are available for guests who do not always want to eat at the ryokan.

Some rooms come with a private bathroom and fridge, other rooms feature shared facilities.

Bicycles are available on-site for use by guests to explore Kanazawa.

Nakayasu Ryokan has shared onsen baths available with chamomile and lavender herbal baths included.

The choice of different baths is a great feature of Nakayasu Ryokan.

The ryokan also offers massage services and free WiFi is available throughout.

What Guests Are Saying

Previous guests enjoyed their stay at Nakayasu Ryokan and said the staff was very accommodating to English-speaking guests. Many guests enjoyed the convenient location.

Booking Rating: 8.7


Nakayasu Ryokan is a great option when looking for a ryokan that is both centrally located yet still traditional and authentic.

Check prices and availability:


Ryokan Karasawa

Ryokan Karasawa is located in a lovely traditional Japanese house surrounded by and including an amazing, well-maintained traditional garden.

The ryokan is located just outside of central Kanazawa at about 3km from Kanazawa Station and 5.3km from Kanazawa Castle and Kenrokuen Garden.

While it is slightly further out than some other options, Ryokan Karasawa has a relaxed and calm atmosphere.

The rooms are large and spacious with tatami flooring, large windows, and futon bedding. There is a shared bathroom and all rooms have air conditioning and free WiFi.  

Many of the rooms feature views of the garden, giving the impression of being in nature despite the surrounding city.

The ryokan has a shared lounge area, a bar, a ping pong table, and other facilities for guests to enjoy.

Breakfast is provided and there is a relaxing indoor onsen which many guests enjoy.

You can also rent a bike to explore Kanazawa.

What Guests Are Saying

Previous guests enjoyed the beautiful courtyard gardens, the onsen, and the spacious rooms.

Booking Rating: 8.1


This ryokan is a great option for those looking to save some money by staying a few kilometers outside of downtown Kanazawa while not compromising on quality.

Check prices and availability:


Luxury ryokans in Kanazawa

Kanazawa Chaya

Kanazawa Chaya is very centrally located just a 3-minute walk from Kanazawa Station.

The proximity to the train station makes it ideal for exploring more of Kanazawa and the surrounding area.

From the ryokan, it is also a casual 20-minute walk to the historic Higashi Chaya teahouse district.

Kanazawa Chaya has a traditional atmosphere with a number of modern features.

The rooms are decorated with traditional tatami flooring, low-floor tables, seating, and futon bedding, but each room also has a modern ensuite bathroom.

The ryokan features an upscale restaurant serving a range of traditional Japanese cuisine.

This is served using beautiful, artisanal Japanese dining ware and carefully crafted by top chefs.

There is a large public onsen bath available on-site.

Free parking is available and every room has air conditioning.

What Guests Are Saying

Previous guests were impressed by the attention to detail in all aspects of their stay.

Many guests commented on the artistic yet delicious food and the high level of quality throughout the hotel.

Booking Rating: 8.9


This wonderful ryokan is an ideal option for a centrally-located and luxury ryokan with careful attention to detail.

Check prices and availability:



Amazing luxury ryokan in Kanazawa

Hatori is a luxury onsen hotel that is located a little outside Kanazawa, in Kaga.

Kaga is a collection of onsen towns, each with its own natural hot springs and onsen town atmosphere.

This area is one of the most famous onsen areas in Japan and is very popular with domestic tourists.

The ryokan is about an hour from Kanazawa by car or around 50 minutes by train. The closest train station is Kaga Onsen Station, a 12-minute bus ride from the ryokan.

Relaxing won’t be a problem with a 24-hour hot spring onsen, as well as sauna facilities on-site.

The onsen has both open-air and indoor facilities available. There are also large private onsen baths that can be reserved.

The rooms are large with spacious living rooms and bedroom areas.

All rooms come with a private bathroom as well as a fridge and kettle. Breakfast and dinner are provided according to a set menu.

Hatori has a number of other facilities available on-site, such as ping pong, karaoke, massage services, and even a souvenir shop.

What Guests Are Saying

Previous guests found the food delicious and the private onsen baths enjoyable.

Some guests felt certain facilities should be upgraded.

Booking Rating: 8.4


This is a perfect option for experiencing a ryokan in a true onsen town while still being within easy distance of Kanazawa.

Check prices and availability:



Matsusaki is a beautiful, large ryokan with a waterside Japanese garden sprawling throughout the property.

Walking through the property, especially along the still waters of the pond, allows guests to relax. Many rooms offer impressive views of the garden.

Matsusaki is located outside of central Kanazawa, at a 15-minute drive from Matsuto Station.

Guests can use the free shuttle to and from either Komatsu or Matto Stations.

There is also a free shuttle to Komatsu Airport, 25-minutes away.

The ryokan features traditional rooms with tatami flooring, futons, and Japanese paper screens.

The rooms are spacious and all have a private ensuite and air-conditioning. Matsusaki features both outdoor and indoor onsen baths.

These baths are large and well-maintained with amazing traditional Japanese design.

Private hot spring baths can also be reserved.

The ryokan offers sauna facilities and has ping pong available for guest use.

A Japanese breakfast is provided daily and a traditional Japanese kaiseki meal is provided for dinner.

Great ryokan with private onsen in the Kanazawa area

What Guests Are Saying

Previous guests enjoyed the spacious rooms, carefully-presented meals, and the private onsen baths.

Many guests mentioned that the staff was friendly and able to respond to any additional requests.

Booking Rating: 8.9


Matsusaki is a beautiful ryokan and is ideal for visitors who don’t mind being out of central Kanazawa.

The beautiful views, private baths, and choice of indoor and outdoor onsen make this a great option among the Kanazawa ryokans.

Check prices and availability:


Kanazawa Ryokan with Private Onsen

If you are looking for a ryokan with a private onsen, check out the below-mentioned ryokans. The hotels were featured earlier in this article so we only describe the onsen facilities in this section.


Hatori has two private onsen baths available for reservation. Reservations are for 50 minutes at ¥1,100 per reservation.

The first of the private baths is a traditional hinoki cypress wood bath while the other is a stone bath.

The baths are available between 7 am and 10 pm.

The baths are large and ideal for enjoying with family, as a couple, or even alone.

Check prices and availability:



Great ryokan with private onsen in the Kanazawa area

Matsusaki has rooms that come with a private onsen bath attached, as well as private baths which can be reserved by those staying in other rooms.

The private baths that can be reserved are ¥3,300 for 50 minutes, while rooms with a private bath attached incorporate any extra costs into the price of the room.

Tattoos are not allowed in public onsen baths, so it is necessary to either stay in a room with a private bath or make a reservation for the private bath for guests with tattoos.  

Check prices and availability:


Ryokan Yamamuro

One of the best ryokans in Kanazawa

Ryokan Yamamuro has a private onsen bath available which can be reserved between the hours of 5 pm and 11 pm.

While a reservation at this hotel will not guarantee that you have the bath to yourself, the reservation system ensures that the bath won’t be too crowded.

Check prices and availability:



Staying in a ryokan is a great way to experience traditional Japanese culture in a relaxing and calming way.

The onsens, private or public are an integral part of Japanese culture and are wonderful for tired travelers.

Here we have collated some of the best ryokans in Kanazawa for your next visit to this beautiful city.

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