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16 Best Ryokans In Osaka You Need to Stay At (2023 guide)

Looking for a ryokan in Osaka? You came to the right place.

Staying at a Japanese ryokan in Osaka is a beautiful way to embrace Japanese culture during a visit to Japan. Ryokans are traditional inn-style accommodations found throughout Japan, mostly in areas where there are hot springs.

They are an important part of Japanese culture and usually include tatami mat rooms, futon beds, and onsen baths.

Read on to discover the best ryokans in Osaka.

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Japan Essentials 

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Osaka Essentials 

Osaka Castle with cherry blossoms

Best Ryokans in Osaka

The following are the best ryokan we have found in the city of Osaka, a place known for its excellent food, culture, and nightlife.

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Osaka is an exciting place to stay in Japan and these amazing ryokan stays will make your trip even more memorable and comfortable.

Kaneyoshi Ryokan 

This is a great ryokan in Osaka

Kaneyoshi Ryokan is located a short walk from Nipponbashi subway station in the heart of Osaka.

The ryokan is in the popular area of Dotonbori where many wonderful shops and restaurants can be found.

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Kaneyoshi Ryokan is a traditional Japanese-style inn with attractive tatami mat rooms and has a large public onsen bath, which is unusual for the inner city area.

Guests are provided with complimentary yukata clothing to wear and the onsen bath can be reserved for private use.

Children are welcome at this onsen ryokan and the staff is more than happy to provide children with yukatas, and smaller chairs to accommodate them.

Kaneyoshi Ryokan offers guests a traditional Japanese breakfast with accommodation packages, which include miso soup, and grilled fish, a wonderful way to experience a true ryokan stay.

What Guests Are Saying

Guests are impressed with this clean and well-presented ryokan, however, guests say the staff makes a stay at Kaneyoshi Ryokan truly memorable.

Booking Rating: 8.9


Guests are impressed with this clean and well-presented ryokan, however, guests say the staff makes a stay at Kaneyoshi Ryokan truly memorable.

Very helpful owner, was at the front desk every day for questions, and went out of his way to help us

Check prices and availability:


Yamatoya Honten Ryokan Osaka

The Yamatoya Honten Ryokan is a fantastic traditional inn-style ryokan located in the city center of Osaka near Nipponbashi train station.

At the Yamatoya Honten, you can expect a beautiful ryokan with traditional decor and modern room amenities and a luxurious hotel lounge area.

The ryokan has an impressive large onsen bath area located in the basement.

There is also a sauna and guests can also book a relaxing massage after their bath. Traditional Japanese breakfast is offered at the Yamatoya Honten. which is adapted seasonally. 

While many Japanese onsens refuse guests with tattoos, Yamatoya Honten happily welcomes guests with small tattoos to the bathhouse.

What Guests Are Saying

Guests are impressed with the traditional features of this ryokan and the convenience of the location close to the city center of Osaka.

The staff speaks excellent English and are very helpful and polite.

Booking Rating: 8


An authentic Japanese ryokan located in the center of town with relaxing onsen facilities.

Check prices and availability:


Osaka Ryokan Kuramoto

Ryokan Kuramoto is a brilliant combination of convenience, comfort, and value for money due to its central Osaka location and excellently priced accommodation.

The rooms are well-sized and have all the traditional features such as tatami mats, futon beds, and chabudai tables for dining at floor level.

Additional pillows and floor mattresses are available to make guests feel more comfortable and the busy Osaka nightlife is not far from the ryokan.  

As a bonus, the busy Osaka nightlife is not far from the ryokan.

Ryokan Kuramoto has a public onsen bath which is separated by sex.

Unlike other Osaka onsens that only open in the afternoon, this onsen also opens in the morning.

This osaka ryokan has an amazing onsen

What Guests Are Saying

Although the hotel’s features are showing signs of age, the warm hospitality, excellent value, and proximity to the city center make this ryokan worth a visit. 

The hotel is not the newest, but it breathes the warmth of a family-run business… In the evening I was very close to the Namba/Dotonbori area.

Booking Rating: 8.5


A cheap onsen ryokan offering a traditional Japanese experience with excellent customer service. 

Check prices and availability:


Harper House

This light and airy ryokan is located in the center of Osaka near Tengachaya Park.

It is close to the Tsuribashi and Haginochaya shopping districts.

Harper House features well-sized family rooms with pretty tatami mats, air conditioning, and balconies overlooking the city.  

This Osaka ryokan is elegant and simple in its design, making it the perfect tranquil retreat from the bustling city outside.

With only 6 rooms available, this ryokan is quieter than its competitors and offers a serene place to rest during a hectic trip to Japan.

The Harper House ryokan does not include an onsen but is an excellent option for people looking for an authentic Japanese ryokan experience.

It is close to some Osaka tourist attractions, which makes this perfect for those looking for a relaxing time amid a hectic sightseeing schedule. 

What People Are Saying

Guests are both surprised and impressed by the spacious rooms at the Harper House Ryokan, which are large enough to share with multiple guests or a small family.

The bedding is comfortable and the ryokan is very clean.

Staff is easily reachable via email. However, the ryokan doesn’t have a lift so keep this in mind if you’re traveling with small children or lots of luggage.  

Booking Rating: 8.8  


A comfortable and elegant ryokan that offers privacy and relaxation.  

Check prices and availability:


Imazato Ryokan

You will sleep on tradtional futons at this ryokan in Osaka

This budget-friendly ryokan is centrally located in Osaka close to Imazato Station.

It is on a quiet residential street away from the busy Osaka bars and nightclubs.

Imazato Ryokan offers guests a clean and simple stay at a traditional-style ryokan that includes tatami mat rooms, air conditioning, and yukata robes. 

The rooms are generally small and aimed at solo travelers, or people traveling on a budget.

Some rooms have their own private bathroom, but guests can also choose to stay in a room with a shared bathroom.

This Osaka ryokan welcomes children to stay. 

What People Are Saying  

The Imazato Ryokan has spacious rooms and is very comfortable for people traveling on a budget. The bathrooms are clean and the staff is helpful.

They make an effort to speak English to their non-Japanese-speaking guests.  

Booking Rating: 8.2  


A clean and budget-friendly ryokan stay in the heart of Osaka.  

Check prices and availability:


Hotel Yu-shu

The wonderful Hotel Yu-shu is located close to the  Shimoyama Tobashi Monument and the Hoan-Ji Temple.

Hotel Yu-Shu is an elegant ryokan with well-presented spacious rooms and has its own Japanese garden oasis.

This hotel is perfect for those looking to spend time relaxing and connecting with nature after a busy day sightseeing.  

Each room has a simple yet traditional style. Rooms have air conditioning, private bathrooms, and a flat-screen TV.

Some rooms even have their own seating area.

Guests are provided with yukatas and slippers upon arrival at the ryokan.

The staff will greet guests warmly and are more than happy to help with any questions they may have.   

What people are saying  

Guests like this ryokan thanks to its convenient central location and friendly staff.

The Japanese garden adds an authentic and calming appeal.

Guests enjoy the relaxing feel of the ryokan and appreciate how easy the check-in process is. 

Booking Rating:  8.4


A comfortable ryokan with authentic touches. A perfect base for a multi-stop vacation in Japan.  

Check prices and availability:


Best Ryokans near Osaka

Staying within the city is convenient for those visiting the many brilliant attractions and restaurants Osaka has to offer.

However, if you’re looking to explore out of the city for an authentic and traditional Japanese experience, there are some spectacular ryokan accommodations to check out just outside the city of Osaka.  

Read on to discover the most stunning ryokans the region of Osaka has to offer.  


Located on the stunning Mount Shigisan in the Ikoma district, this impressive ryokan offers the ultimate Japanese retreat.

Gyokuzoin ryokan is a part of the Gyokuzoin temple and offers guests a serene escape surrounded by nature.

Guests at Gyokuzoin can stay in traditional tatami mat rooms which look out across the sweeping Japanese mountains.  

The ryokan and temple make for a beautiful location with the attractive Shigisan Onsen hot spring less than a 4-minute walk away.

Here, guests can enjoy connecting with nature at one of the many outdoor hot springs onsens.

During cherry blossom season, the outdoor onsens are a spectacular place to watch the blossoms bloom. Indoor onsens are also available. 

Gyokuzoin onsen ryokan serves guests either in their banquet hall or in their private accommodations. They offer a large range of seasonal Japanese specialty dishes.  

The monks from the temple perform traditional ceremonies each morning which only adds to the special and authentic atmosphere. 

A traditional room in a ryokan

What people are Saying  

Guests are impressed with the stunning scenery surrounding the ryokan and the impeccable hospitality of the staff.

The food served is elaborate, and getting a true ryokan experience leaves guests with an unforgettable memory of Japan. 

This was a real highlight from our time in Japan. The temple is so beautiful with incredible mountain views.

Booking Rating: 9.2  


A stunning onsen ryokan with outstanding natural beauty, offering guests an exceptional traditional Japanese experience.  

Check prices and availability:


Kakimotoya Sango

Located close to Mount Shigisan in the Ikoma district, this beautiful ryokan features stunning traditional architecture with light wood features.

Guests at Kakimotoya ryokan can expect to receive exceptional customer service at this idyllic ryokan set in the countryside.  

Guest rooms at the Kakimotoya ryokan can choose from rooms with western comforts, such as beds with sprung mattresses and a hotel-style layout, or they can choose a Japanese-style room.

The Japanese-style rooms are fitted with open-air baths and tatami mat floors.

All rooms have views of the surrounding wildlife and greenery, making the stay a lot more relaxing and wonderful.  

This onsen ryokan offers set Japanese seasonal meals and celebrates the best of local produce sourced from the mountains, fields, and sea.  

At Kakimotoya ryokan, you can enjoy an onsen hot bath in one of the two large baths available or you can choose to book a Japanese room that will give you access to your own private onsen area.

This traditional ryokan also has a relaxation area for guests to enjoy after a dip in the baths.  

What people are saying  

Guests are impressed by the spacious accommodation, beautiful views, and the personal service they received at this ryokan:  

The food is excellent and personal service is the icing on the cake.

Booking Rating: 8.7


A wonderful traditional ryokan with spectacular views from the property. Staff at the Kakimotoya will help make your trip special. 

Check prices and availability:


Ryotei Jyusouya

Ryotei Jyusouya is a jewel nestled in the town of Sango, where it has been running for the last 90 years. This fine, traditional ryokan has a discrete entryway and is surrounded by neat gravel gardens and glorious scenery.

The ryokan only has 9 guest rooms available, each featuring traditional tatami mat floors and spacious living areas.

Beautiful details have been worked into the minimal style of the ryokan into the paper screens, wooden floors, and communal areas.  

The rooms are split into two areas of the ryokan, the Main Block has been recently remodeled and features wood from Yoshino cedar and Yoshino cypress trees, and has large modern bathrooms.

Whereas the rooms in the New Block feature classic Japanese luxury with larger rooms having their own private veranda.  

The onsen bath is large and open from the late afternoon through until the morning, with serene views over the courtyard and grounds.

The Ryotei Jyusouya is also known for its delicious and impressive cuisine and gourmet displays.

Guests at the ryokan can enjoy attractive Japanese kaiseki meals prepared by the ryokan’s experienced chefs.  

What People Are Saying   

Guests are impressed with the spacious rooms at this ryokan and the delicious food.  

Booking Rating: 9


The Ryotei Jyusouya offers classic Japanese luxury, overlooking beautiful Japanese garden scenes.  

Check prices and availability:


Ryokan in Osaka with Private Onsen

Many of Japan’s onsen baths are shared with other guests at the ryokan and are either divided by sex or mixed.

If you want to experience the Japanese bath experience but do not wish to share it with other guests, there are a few places that offer private onsen experiences.

Read on to discover the best Osaka accommodation with private onsen baths.  

Konjaku-So Dotonbori Garden SPA Stay

The Konkaku-So Dotonbori accommodation is located in central Osaka, near the Shimoyama Tobashi Monument, and is a brilliant location for exploring the city’s restaurants and bars.

Konkaku-So-Dotonbori is a beautifully presented Osaka holiday home accommodation that is perfect for small groups or families as the hotel offers guests their own private onsen bath.   

The rooms are self-contained units that include a sleeping area, a dining area, a living room, and a well-equipped kitchen where guests can prepare their own meals.

Each accommodation unit also has a luxury private bathroom that is complete with a large hot tub and outdoor terrace. 

Rooms are well-sized and the accommodation has a warm and homely feel and is decorated with Japanese art and books and has a flat-screen TV.   

The Konkaku-So-Dotonbori accommodation has small Japanese garden displays surrounding the property so guests can look out into pretty garden areas while enjoying their stay. 

The staff are excellent and attentive to their guest’s needs and can prepare the accommodation to their guest’s needs.

The accommodation has a washing machine, cups, plates, and toiletries such as soap, shampoo, and shower gel are provided to guests to help guests feel at home.

What People Are Saying   

Guests enjoy the cozy homely feel of this Japanese-styled accommodation and specifically like the close proximity to the Dotonbori shopping area.

Guests also appreciate the private hot tub and the cleanliness of the accommodation.  

Very cozy feeling and adequate space for family of 6, and very well equipped with amenities.

Booking Rating: 9


A brilliant private accommodation decorated in a Japanese style. Perfect accommodation for families traveling with children. 

Check prices and availability:


Konjaku-So Shinsaibashi Rooftop SPA

The accommodation is located in the Chuo ward of southern central Osaka known for its upscale shopping streets such as Shinsaibashisuji, and neon-lit entertainment areas.

The area is popular with tourists looking to enjoy the nightlife and restaurant scene of Osaka.  

Konjaku-So Shinsaibashi is a private Osaka holiday-home accommodation that has four large bedrooms and can accommodate up to 14 adult guests.

The accommodation is beautifully decorated with Japanese paper screens and tatami mats which give a traditional feel to the property.

The home is well-equipped with a washing machine, a living room that has a large projector screen, and a kitchen area.  

The unique appeal of this property is the spacious rooftop terrace with an attractive hot-tub bath complete with a large media screen.

Perfect for movie nights with the entire family.  

What People Are Saying   

Guests who have stayed at Konjaku-So Shinsaibashi have commended the spacious rooms and comfortable beds.

People who have stayed here have used this space for large groups to stay together and like the luxurious feel of the property.  

Although it is located in the center of Osaka, which is very easily accessible, the luxurious space made me feel like I was in a resort area.

Booking Rating: 9.4


A luxurious private accommodation that is ideal for large groups visiting Osaka together. 

Check prices and availability:


Konjakuso Tempozan Osaka Bay

These two private vacation homes are well-located close to Osaka city in the Chikko district.

Both private Osaka holiday homes are close to Universal Studios and are within walking distance from Tempozan Park and Osaka’s Giant Ferris wheel.

Either of these stunning private accommodations would be ideal for families traveling with children, due to being close to excellent entertainment areas.  

The accommodation properties are located in the same apartment building and are well-designed with a modern Japanese interior.

Both have large open socializing spaces, dining areas, and home comforts such as washing machines and kitchens to prepare food.  

What People Are Saying   

The properties are newly listed and have no rating. 

Booking Rating: No rating.


The properties are well-located near Osaka city and Universal Studios and offer excellent high-level accommodation for groups and families.  

Vacation Stay 04185v:

Stay 04185v is spread out over two floors and can accommodate up to 12 adults.

It has minimal clean double-sized beds, an airy and large kitchen dining area, and a garden with a private hot tub.  

Check prices and availability:


Vacation Stay 95700v:

Stay 95700v is spread over a single floor and can accommodate up to 8 adults.

It is a smaller accommodation but matches in terms of its high-level interiors, and open dining space, and also has a luxurious hot tub for guests to enjoy.  

Check prices and availability:


Konjaku-so Osaka Castle

This stunning Osaka private accommodation is located in the center of Osaka city, near many popular temples and shrines.

It is in an area that has excellent entertainment options, restaurants, and bars, making it an ideal place for groups and families to stay while exploring Osaka.  

Konjaku-so Osaka Castle has all the modern luxuries expected such as air conditioning, a washing machine, and a well-equipped kitchen for guests to prepare their own meals and snacks.  

The accommodation has room for 12 adults to sleep and the rooms are spacious and well-designed. Each room features attractive Japanese-style details, with wood features and tatami mat floors.

The living area is large with a large comfortable sofa opposite a large flat-screen TV, and there is a private Japanese garden area that leads out to the private hot tub bath.

The facilities at this beautiful house are perfect for a large group traveling with or without children.  

What People Are Saying  

Guests are happy with the clean accommodation and quiet location and particularly enjoyed the private hot tub and treats left by staff:  

Very comfortable and well equipped. Outdoor (sheltered) bath is very nice. Freebies including cake and drinks in the fridge were very nice.

Booking Rating: 9


The privacy of this accommodation and the location make this an ideal choice for people wanting a peaceful city retreat with Japanese-styled luxury.  

Check prices and availability:


Ryokan Fushiou Kaku

This fabulous ryokan with a private onsen is located outside the city of Osaka, near the town of Ikeda. Satsukiyama Zoo and the beautiful town of Ikeda are close by allowing guests a break from the hustle and bustle of another city-based ryokan.  

The Fushiou Kaku is a traditional ryokan with futon beds laid on authentic tatami mat floors.

Guests are provided with Yukata robes and slippers and each room offers modern facilities such as flat-screen TVs, en-suite bathrooms, and chabudai floor dining tables.

Larger rooms at the ryokan offer private onsen baths for the ultimate Japanese onsen experience.  

The unique appeal of the Fushiou Kaku ryokan is the impressive outdoor pool with a children’s slide.

There are also indoor and outdoor hot spring onsen baths for those who do not have access to a private onsen in their room.  

The ryokan has an excellent restaurant, Saiai-tei, which serves guests a seasonal menu.

There is a buffet breakfast for guests and delicious traditional Japanese multi-course meals prepared for dinner.  

The Ikeda train station is nearby and the ryokan offers a free shuttle so guests can access Osaka or other nearby areas easily.  

What People Are Saying   

Guests are impressed with the hot spring facilities of this ryokan and the helpful staff.

Guests choose this ryokan for its serene location and its attractive private onsen facilities: 

The location was serene and the private onsen was worth the time and price

Booking Rating: 9


A beautiful traditional ryokan located in the beautiful countryside of Ikeda, with links to Osaka. 

Check prices and availability:


Fudouguchikan Ryokan 

The onsen in the ryokan

This traditional Japanese ryokan is located south of Osaka in the Izumisano countryside.

However, guests of this ryokan come to escape the busy city life and relax in the hot spring onsen surrounded by Japan’s stunning natural landscapes.  

Fudouguchikan Ryokan has the option to enjoy the natural mountain hot spring in their semi-outdoor onsens which look out over serene mountain streams.

Fudouguchikan Ryokan also offers private bathing facilities ideal for families and couples which have equally stunning views.  

The accommodation at this Osaka ryokan is luxurious with traditional tatami mat floors and modern facilities. Guests can choose from two room styles.

The traditional Japanese room has tatami mats floors and is decorated with “Tokonoma” which are alcove areas for Japanese flower arrangements and art.

Or guests can choose the “Rotenburo room,” which is a Japanese-styled room with its own semi-outdoor hot spring pool.

Both room options offer futon floor beds, however, the Rotenburo room has the option of twin beds.  

What People Are Saying  

Guests like this ryokan for its quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

Guests come to this Japanse ryokan for its natural onsens however the location divides guests’ opinions.

Some guests enjoy the secluded location in the countryside and the potential to explore nature: 

This is fantastic and in a super location. Catch a bus to the train from out the front or a taxi to Kansai airport. Better still, just hang around and go for a hike in the beautiful surrounds.

Whereas other guests struggle to access the ryokan. Therefore it is advised to drive to this ryokan if you can.

Booking Rating: 8.5


A beautiful ryokan located in the countryside which offers exceptional natural onsen facilities.

Check prices and availability:

The Singulari Hotel & Skyspa at Universal Studios Japan

This hotel is an official affiliate of Universal Studios and is located next to the park, near Osaka city.

It is an excellent choice for people visiting Universal Studios park, looking for a spacious and modern hotel with Japanese features.  

The Singulari Hotel & Skyspa at Universal Studios Japan has an impressive open-air onsen bath and sauna available for guests of the hotel.

Located on the rooftop, the SkySpa offers glittering views over Osaka bay. The hotel also offers multiple indoor onsen-style baths for guests to indulge in during their stay.  

The rooms at the Singulari Hotel are well-sized with a comfortable Simmons bed, muted interiors, and modern facilities. Each room has an ensuite bathroom and air conditioning.

Larger rooms have living areas and their own private onsen-style bath for guests to relax in tranquility.  

The hotel restaurant offers western breakfasts including sausages, and scrambled eggs, or guests can choose a traditional Japanese breakfast including miso soup and grilled fish.  

For those wishing to access Universal Studios, the hotel offers direct access to the park, and tickets can be bought at the hotel for access to the park during your stay at the hotel. 

What People Are Saying   

Guests like this hotel due to its close proximity to Universal Studios. Guests also really like the SkySpa facilities and the cleanliness of the hotel. 

Right beside Universal Studios train station, a couple of minutes from the park. Cheap laundry facilities. Friendly staff. My room had a great view of the city. Nice sky spa. Comfy, modern, and stylish room.

Booking Rating: 8.5


A modern hotel with excellent Japanese onsen-style bath facilities located near the city of Osaka. Perfect for people visiting Universal Studios and exploring Osaka.

Check prices and availability:



Osaka is a city of opposites.

Very modern on the one hand, and very traditional on the other.

If you want to experience traditional Japanese culture you should stay a couple of days in a ryokan. Here we have collected some of the best ryokans in Osaka.

Have a wonderful time in this bustling city.

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