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Most Romantic European cities you need to visit with your loved one

Are you looking for romantic European cities in Europe? You came to the right place.

Dotted with medieval architecture, expansive greenery, flower-potted gardens, and soft pastel-color houses, the European charm is something else.

When it comes to honeymoon destinations, no other places top the chart like the most romantic European cities listed in this travel guide.

Whether you are hoping to spend your amorous days in a city lit with a thousand lights or a quiet town ringed with old bridges, Europe has just the romantic destination for you. Even if you are a single, sucker-for-romance kind of a person, prowling for that warm-fuzzy vibe, you will love these cities.

Expect nothing less of the most romantic cities in Europe, after all, this is where the likes of the legendary Romeo and Juliet hail from. This is where rows and rows of lavender fields offer an idyllic setting to profess your love. Whether it’s in the hearts of young lovers or the famous artworks, romance abounds across the continent.

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Most romantic places in Europe you need to visit with your loved one

Louvre Paris, France
The Louvre in Paris, one of the most romantic places in Europe

Paris – The Classic Romantic Getaway in Europe

There is no better city to start this list with than the City of Love

Lit by a thousand lights, flanked by the gorgeous Eiffel Tower, Paris is where the love of Heloise and Abelard blossomed.

This is the city where Alice B Toklas found love in Gertrude Stein.

Several centuries later, the air of love can still be felt in the French capital – in its picnic spots, boutique cafés, secret gardens, chocolates, the Palace of Versailles – everywhere.

It is no surprise why Paris is dubbed as the most romantic European city by many. A casual, slow-paced ramble on its cobbled streets, past the Art Nouveau edifices, evokes feelings that we read about in the novels. 

It’s also one of the prettiest cities in Europe.

Breathe in l’amour sans fin at The Wall of Love. Cruise along the Seine at sunset, stroll Rue des Barres, catch a movie at Le Champo, and steal a kiss at Pont des Arts!

There’s something romantic to do at every step in Paris. Sundry acts like walking hand-in-hand also feel more beautiful.

View of the Alfama district in Lisbon
The Alfama district in Lisbon

Lisbon – A Youthful City to Recapture the Romance

The Portuguese capital is Instagrammable and picture-perfect.

There is a blend of vintage, soft-pastel aesthetic, and modern vibe here.

From the puppy love blooming in its narrow streets to the newlyweds cruising at the sunset, Lisbon teems with all kinds of romance.

The city may lack the luster of the Eiffel Tower, but it is full of relaxing vibes that call for sweet picnic trips, hand-in-hand strolls in the Alfama neighborhood, and photogenic dates at the unlikely Belem Monastery.

The ideal romantic European holidays in Lisbon should always include the picturesque ride in the Bica Funicular. The vintage tram moves through neighborhoods offering sights of petite shops, effervescent Rua da Bica, and vantage point of Miradouro de Santa Catarina.

If you are up for a nerdy-geeky romantic date, never miss Ler Devagar Bookstore, the collectionist’s paradise.

Proposals seldom get more sumptuous than in the ornate setting of Casa do Alentejo.

If you are looking for a complete Lisbon itinerary, click here. Don’t travel to Lisbon without reading our best Lisbon travel tips and our full guide on using public transportation in Lisbon.

With fewer crowds, lower prices, and winter temperatures between 12°C to 20°C ii is also a great place to enjoy the winter sun in Europe. 

Venice Italy
Venice undoubtedly deserves a spot on the list of most romantic cities in Europe

Venice – Queen of the Adriatic and Love

With its lovely canal ways and cobblestone streets, Venice makes a magical destination for romantic European breaks.

The romance here is almost of artistic quality.

Couples can celebrate their love by listening to emotion-evoking operas or watching spellbinding ballets. The fun dates here can be full of cuddlesome rides on a Gondola.

Perhaps, the most classic Venice romance can be experienced on its Vaporetto ride. On this boat bus, couples can explore the untainted nearby islands and street-lining baroque palaces.

Couples out for a quiet and non-touristy date will find their haven at the city’s Dorsoduro district.

The area is famous for its market, museums, and art galleries. However, nothing beats moseying on the Rialto Bridge and Alberoni beach at night, drinking in the scenic views.

Prague, Czech Republic
Prague is one of the most romantic destinations in Europe

Prague – All About the Fairy-Tale Love Story

This city may be one of the best romantic places in Europe. It is also one of the cheapest places to travel to in Europe. 

Lovers from across the world come to Prague to cherish their love and lock it for life at the city’s Charles Bridge.

Add to this the folklore charm of its cobbled streets, Gothic buildings, and medieval architecture. Walking the winding alleys of Prague is like walking a sweet romantic legend from a bygone era.

Experience the purest form of love at Vyšehrad Castle, where poets are buried with beautiful poems engraved on their tombstones. Enjoy a breezy date on a sunset Vltava river cruise or recapture the romance by riding a horse-drawn carriage in the Old Town.

If you are inspired by movies like Letters to Juliet, you could chase a serene date at the verdant vineyards of Viniční altán. Add a touch of class to this romantic European holiday by attending an opera at Prague National Theatre.

Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna, Austria
One of Vienna’s stately palaces

Vienna – All for Musical Romance Since Centuries

The capital of Austria boasts oodles of places, perfect for a romantic date. It has everything from streets that ooze old-school charm to museums, palace gardens, amorous art paintings, candle-light dinners, and operas.

What’s more? A walk through the city is serenaded by the classic pieces of Brahms, Beethoven, and Mozart. Honeymooners can make special memories at the chandelier-lit coffee houses, live royal fantasies at storybook Habsburg Palace, and waltz the night away along the Danube.

Those with a knack for the traditional romance can take the horse carriage sightseeing tour and later watch the sunset on a boat cruising the river.

In a nutshell, when it comes to sparking love, Vienna is undoubtedly one of the most romantic places in Europe.

Santorini Greece
Santorini, a collection of islands in the Aegean Sea is the most sought after place for a romantic getaway in Greece

Santorini – Modern Lover’s Romantic Paradise

Greece’s Santorini is a private bolthole for an intimate whirl. The white-washed island is often brimming with couples. It may be one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in Europe.

When it comes to romance, Santorini stands out. What makes it a unique romantic place is the lack of archaic charm seen in other European cities. Unlike Paris and Prague, Santorini is more of a dreamy, seaside getaway with classic Mediterranean charm.

Come here to stay in a cozy, cliff-hugging resort, enjoy dinner on a patio overlooking the Caldera, stroll through streets lined with blue-domed buildings, and watch the sunset at Oia.

When thinking of chasing romance in Santorini, think of relaxing in a pool with sprawling views of the ocean and sunbathing on black sand beaches. Enjoy the simple pleasures of picking matching stones on the coastline. You can spend breezy evenings riding on a scooter, relishing local wine, or sampling Greek cuisine together.

The amount of classic romantic shots that a couple can take in Santorini is abounding. If you were thinking engagement, proposal, or even pre-wedding shoot, then it doesn’t get better than this Greek island.

Budapest Parliament
The atmospheric illuminated parliament of Budapest at night.

Budapest – Bolthole for Laid-Back Lovers

Looking to spend a relaxed romantic trip to Europe? Budapest fits your bill perfectly.

Cut in half, Buda and Pest, by the Danube river, the city itself is a marriage of two contrasts. Connecting these two territories are strings of iconic bridges, including the famous love lock bridge, which now caters as a lovely spot for lovers to seal their bond.

The landscape of Budapest looks tailor-made for romance. Tracing the coast are charming promenades and dotting its postcard-perfect districts are romantic diners such as Halászbástya Restaurant.

Much like Lisbon, Budapest also has a vintage funicular that rides you to its eponymous Budapest Castle that sits on a hilltop. Remember to keep your camera fully charged and free of space. The views of the castle are just spectacular, especially after sundown, when several warm lights turn it into a royal paradise.

Add to this the thermal baths in the city, the palatial Metropolitan Ervin Szabo Library, the Hungarian State Opera House, and architecture-soaked squares.

Bruges by night, Belgium
Bruges is also known as the Venice of the North

Bruges – Romantic Melting Pot for All Things European

Bruges ( Brugge called by the locals ) is an idyllic concoction of Belgian chocolate, Venice-like canals, Copenhagen’s Painted Ladies, and England’s olde-worlde charm. This medieval city is like a mini-Europe in itself.

But there’s a lot more to this West Flanders capital, which makes it one of the most romantic fairytale European cities.

Romance is felt most at the Lake of Love crowned by the Lover’s Bridge. Both tell the doomed love story of Minna, a girl who died in the arms of her lover.  The scenery at the lake is like a romantic novel that writes itself. Nothing in Brugge is as romantic as walking on the bridge. Also, the lake is home to several swans, the ultimate symbol of love, whom you can feed.

Other romantic things to do in Brugge include taking a carriage ride through the city – the ultimate Disney style! Forget about sharing a drink with two straws and share a hot chocolate. As the sunset approaches, catch a canal cruise ride.

Hold hands as you mosey up the Belfry and walk the surrounding cobble paths.

The river canal in Ljubljana
Take a romantic stroll along the river canal in Ljubljana

Ljubljana – The City Named “The Beloved”

Slovenia’s capital is every bit as picturesque as you’d expect it to be. With orange-roofed houses divided by a river canal and a mountainous landscape, it is one of the most romantic cities in Europe.

The name of the city itself translates to the beloved. Now isn’t that beautiful? Apart from Paris, Ljubljana is also affectionately called the City of Love.

Not only will you fall in love with the city, but you will also fall for your loved one all over again. 

There’s a lot a couple can do in this beautiful capital, starting with walking the quiet streets early in the morning. Lovers can also spend time admiring the architecture, riding up to the vantage Ljubljana Castle in a funicular, and then watch the sunset.

Call it a day at a sidewalk café lining the riverfront. Sample delicious local dishes while enjoying the lit river. Unleash your childish side together and go on a scavenger hunt for the city’s famous dragon sculptures. You can rent bikes and tour the city like two buoyant teens newly fallen in love.

However, what truly sets Ljubljana apart from the rest is its hip atmosphere. Despite the old, medieval gems, the city is always shaking its leg on concert nights.

When you are planning your trip, look into the website of the Ljubljana Tourism Board to check the event calendar. It’s also a great winter destination.

The Colosseum in Rome
The Colosseum in Rome

Rome – The Eternal City; Rome-antic Caput Mundi

If any city could beat Paris in romance, it would be Rome. That’s right! The Italian capital might be the most romantic European city. Plus, it makes a convenient romantic gateway for couples who just cannot decide which one is best for them.

The history buff in the couple might pick Brugge, while the hedonist is thinking of Paris.

In Rome, you get everything – from fine architecture to river cruises – and also mouth-watering cuisine! Gourmets in love will want to travel to Rome mostly for its vibrant, world-famous food scene. Jetsetters would love it for the presence of Via Cola di Rienzo. The art geeks will want to head straight to Vatican City.

Take a stroll in the Villa Borghese Gardens, visit the Teatro dell ‘Opera di Roma, have a picnic In Aventine Hill, and share a candle-lit dinner at a rooftop restaurant!

There’s just so much to do in Rome when you are setting off for romantic European holidays.

Perhaps, the simplest gesture like tossing a coin together into Trevi Fountain and making a wish will be enough for an amorous spark.


When it comes to cherishing love, leave it on Europe to deliver an idyllic romantic vacation. Scattered across the entire continent are cities brimming with beautiful sites, artwork, intimate activities, and fun things to do for couples.

From riding a Disney carriage around medieval buildings to popping open a bottle of delicious wine together, European cities create an intimate whirl in various ways.

The beauty of the continent has always inspired love – in the hearts of honeymooners, writers’ novels, bards’ poems, or painters’ art – Europe’s romance abounds everywhere. It is in the grand palaces, baroque churches, ancient temples, and modern city squares too.

So, create your own love story as you explore the cities on your romantic European holidays. Let your heart take a sweet journey through the most romantic places in Europe’s history and legends.

Curl up in the warmth of the legacy left by the greatest lovers like Heloise and Abelard, and Minna and Stromberg.

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