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Mt. Fuji tour from Tokyo: 8 best tours and tips (2022-2023 guide)

What is the best Mt. Fuji tour for you? 

There are so many Mt. Fuji Tours from Tokyo to choose from that it is kinda hard to choose the best one. 

That’s why we made this overview to help you choose the best Mount Fuji Tour from Tokyo.

We list the highlights and the pros and cons of each tour so you can pick the one that suits you most based on your interests and preferences.  

There’s a Mount Fuji tour for everybody.  Whether you just want to spend a full day seeing Mount Fuji, combine some activities that are certain to entertain your kids or you want to end your fun Mount Fuji tour with some bargain hunting at the outlet shops (with a view of the mountain!). It’s all covered in this overview. 

Be sure to look at the selection of private tours if you’re traveling with your family. If your party is 4 or more it is cheaper to go for a private tour.

These tours give are highly customizable and you will be able to fit more stops in. You can also visit the area independently if you want even more freedom but it comes with some drawbacks.  Therefore we start by describing the pros and cons of an organized tour.

We hope that our overview will help you to pick the best tour and have an amazing day near Mt. Fuji.

There is a really good chance that this post contains affiliate links. If you click one of them, we may receive a small commission (for which we are deeply grateful) at no extra cost to you.

Table of Contents

Mount Fuji Japan
Making a Mount Fuji tour from Tokyo is on many travelers’ bucket list.

Let’s start this list of best Fuji tours with a quick guide for those who are in a hurry.

Which Mt Fuji Day trip is for you – Quick Guide

We have grouped the tours based on interests.

This way you can choose the best Mt. Fuji day tours depending on whom you’re traveling with or what you want to see and do.

To start, here’s a quick overview of the various tours.

Click the picture to enlarge

We did our utmost best to ensure that the information in this article, as well as the below document, is accurate. Tours can however always change and we cannot be held reliable when a tour is no longer as it is described in this document. We would really appreciate it if you help us in keeping this article up-to-date.

Do you note a change? Please drop us a short mail and we will update this article.

Family-friendly Mount Fuji day trip

If you are looking for a fun tour for the whole family we would suggest taking a look at tour 1, and tour 6.

Children are sure to get excited by the idea of setting sail on a pirate ship. 

The best places to see Mount Fuji

Most travelers are taking this Mount Fuji day trip to see the spectacular mountain so naturally, the question arises which tours offer the most and the best opportunities to get those magnificent views of Mt. Fuji.

The closer you get to the mountain, the more likely you are to see it, even in bad weather.

That’s why Lake Kawaguchiko, Mt. Fuji 5th station, and Oshino Hakkai offer the best opportunities. 

If taking Instagram-worthy shots of Mount Fuji is your main goal for this tour, we recommend taking tour 1, tour 3, or tour 4

Mount Fuji Subaru Line 5th station Japan
Mount Fuji Subaru Line 5th station

Best Mt Fuji Day tour if you want to visit a Mt. Fuji 5th station

A Mt. Fuji 5th station is as close to Mt. Fuji as you can get without climbing the mountain.  There are four different so-called 5th stations.  These stations contain shops where those who will climb to the top can buy their supplies.

The two most popular stations are those that can be reached most easily from Tokyo.  This is the Fuji Subaru Line 5th station and the Fujinomiya 5th station.  The first is located closest to Lake Kawaguchiko.

All tours stop at one of the Mt. Fuji 5th stations. 

The description does not always say which station they visit.  If we found that information it’s included in the description of the tour as well as the overview table. 

These are the links to the tours:

Tour 1 / Tour 2 / Tour 3 / Tour  4 / Tour 5 / Tour 7/ Tour 8

Keep in mind that visiting a Mount Fuji 5th station is not always possible. The roads are closed in winter and outside that period the road may also be closed at short notice because of heavy snowfall or rain. In those cases, the itineraries of these tours will be changed.

Mishima Skywalk Hakone Japan
Mishima Skywalk with Mt. Fuji in the background

Cheapest Mt Fuji Day tours

If you are looking for a good Mount Fuji trip without breaking the bank these two tours that are both under 7.100 yen (approx. €50 or $50 ) are for you.

Take a look at tour 4, tour 5, and tour 8.

Shopping tours

If you want to end your Mt. Fuji day trip with a shop till you drop experience, then tour 3, tour 4, tour 5 tour 7 and tour 8 are the ones for you. 

Note that these tours give you only a short amount of time to go shopping. (usually around 90 minutes to two hours) If shopping is your main goal, you are better of going independent.

Cultural tours 

Can’t get enough of that intriguing Japanese culture?

We have good news for you!

You can add some culture to your Mt. Fuji day tour if you join tour number 3.

Mt. Fuji Bullet train tour

A ride on the bullet train is fun, comfortable, and super-efficient.

Your travel itinerary may already include a shinkansen trip if you will also be going to Kyoto, but if not, this is a unique opportunity to experience these super sleek trains.

Riding the Shinkansen will shorten your return trip which means you have more time to spend around Mt. Fuji. To do so take tour number 2 and opt for the return by bullet train.

Mt. Fuji Private tours

It’s also possible to arrange a private tour, these are highly customizable and allow you to enjoy the region at your own pace.

You will also be able to squeeze in more stops to get the most out of your day around this stunning volcano.

If your party consists of 4 people or more these private tours are often cheaper than some public tours mentioned in this article.

Both Klook, Viator, and GetYourGuide offer this service. Below we share a list of 2 private tours.

View from Kachi Kachi Mountain
With a private tour, you could go to the Kachi Kachi mountain

Private Mt Fuji tour with Klook

The private mount Fuji tour with Klook has 6 excellent itineraries to choose from.

Depending on which you choose the stops include Kawaguchi lake, Oshino Hakkai, Mt. Fuji 5th station, the Hakone Pirate Ship, Odawara Castle, and more…

The driver will pick you up at your hotel. If you’re staying within any of Tokyo’s 23 wards the pick-up is included. If not it’s possible to arrange a pick-up for an extra fee.

This tour is the cheapest but charges extra for toll fees, and parking fees and it also has an overtime fee. Reading the reviews shows that it regularly happens that the tour takes longer than the standard included 10 hours. There’s also an uphill fee if you opt to visit a Mt. Fuji 5th station.

Most reviews recommend this tour but some were disappointed because of communication issues with their driver. The driver’s English language skills are very minimal and some got a Chinese-speaking driver although an English-speaking driver was requested.

Check prices and availability:
Private Mt Fuji Tour Klook

Private Mt Fuji tour with GetYourGuide

GetYourGuide offers a fully customizable tour.

By default, your driver will take you to Lake Kawaguchiko, the Sengen Shrine, Mt. Fuji 5th station, the Kachi Kachi ropeway, and Oshino Hakkai but you’re free to change this itinerary as you wish.

The private tour with GetYourGuide is more expensive but charges no extra fees for parking or toll. There’s an overtime fee but only if the tour takes longer than 11 hours.

Pick-up is included in any of Tokyo’s 23 wards. The driver speaks English, if you prefer you can request an additional guide to accompany you during your tour.

Check prices and availability:
Private Mt Fuji Tour GetYourGuide

Didn’t find what you are looking for? Check out this post in which we compare 7 private Mt Fuji tours.

Wheelchair and stroller-accessible Mt. Fuji Day tours

Tour 2, tour 3, and tour 5 mention explicitly that they are stroller and wheelchair accessible.

Mount Fuji day tour with lunch included

Tour 7 is the only tour that includes lunch. Tour 2, tour 5, tour 6, and tour 8 offer lunch for an extra fee.

The other Mount Fuji day tours from Tokyo stop at places where you can buy lunch although it’s also possible to take your own lunch.

This concludes our quick guide. Read on to learn all the details about the tours and the various sights in this surprisingly beautiful area surrounding Mount Fuji.

Mt. Fuji can be visited with a tour as well as individually, therefore let’s first look at the pros and cons of both options.

Why making a Mt. Fuji day tour might be a better idea than going independent

I guess this all depends on what kind of traveler you are and whether you have the time and desire to travel independently.

Both options have their advantages and disadvantages.

Below we listed some pros and cons about joining a guided Mt. Fuji day tour or going independent.

Pros and cons of joining an Mt Fuji Day Tour

  • More comfortable than going independently since you don’t have to figure out what to do and where to go yourself.
  • Less stressful than going on your own.
  • You will learn a lot about the Mount Fuji area.
  • You do a lot of sightseeing in a short amount of time.
  • Less freedom, you have to follow the group.
  • It’s more expensive than going on your own.
  • The tour might feel rushed. Lots of sightseeing in a short amount of time.
  • You will spend a lot of time on the bus.

If you decide to travel independently, you could opt to rent a car or hire a private charter. Another cheaper option is to take public transport.  The 2 posts below can help you to plan your trip.

How to plan your Tokyo to Mt Fuji Day Trip.

The Hakone day trip guide in which we describe the famous so-called Hakone loop. This can be done in one day if you start early. One day may however feel rushed. If you want to do some hiking and spend some quality time relaxing in an onsen we would advise you to stay for 2 or 3 days.

Why should you trust our selection of Mount Fuji tours

We aren’t a travel agency and we’re not trying to sell you anything. We’re passionate travelers like you, and we’ve turned into full-time travel writers to help fellow travelers make the most of their trips. 

If you want to learn more about us, click here. 

We also have a Japan Travel planning group in which we help fellow travelers to plan an amazing vacation to Japan.  You’re invited to join this group and exchange travel tips with other Japan travelers.

When we did the planning for our own Mt Fuji day tour, we spend weeks researching all the options to find the best Mt Fuji tours. 

At no extra cost to you, we may receive a small commission if you book a day trip to Mount Fuji using these links. These earnings help us to keep this blog free. 

View on Mt. Fuji from Lake Kawaguchiko
Another splendid view of the mountain from Lake Kawaguchiko

Where and when should you book your Mt Fuji Tour

Where should you book your Mt Fuji Tour

There are almost as many tour operators as there are Mount Fuji tours. Which is an awful lot! They all offer more or less the same tour. This makes it really hard to choose.

That leads us to the question: which tour operator should you choose? The good news is that all these tours can be booked through a selection of reputable online travel agents.

We list tours that can be booked either through GetYourGuide, Klook, or Viator simply because they are all legitimate organizations that we have used at least once without any issues. Since these are all trustworthy companies you don’t need to worry about getting scammed or losing your money. 

If you are hesitating about booking a certain tour we advise you to read the reviews.  

The advantage of GetYourGuide is that most tours can be canceled for free until the day before.  

Klook, based in Hong Kong, has a broader selection of activities in Japan and Korea.  Klook often has the cheapest tours but their cancellation policy can be a little more restrictive at times. Some tours cannot be canceled once booked which makes it a little tricky to arrange your plans in advance.

We show each tour’s cancellation policy in both the overview table as well as the detailed tour description.

Viator has a very broad selection of Mount Fuji tours.

When should you book your Mt Fuji Day Trip from Tokyo

Mount Fuji is one of the most popular sights in Japan so as you can imagine these tours are in high demand. 

Despite the wide range of tours that go every day, we still recommend that you book a tour in advance to avoid disappointment if your first choice is no longer available.

What to expect when booking a bus tour to Mt. Fuji

Tour hours are approximate

Note that the tour hours and tour schedule are approximate since the weather and road traffic can affect the tour schedule. 

Road traffic to and from Mount Fuji, especially during public holidays, can be very busy. 

One tour includes the option to return to Tokyo with the Shinkansen. This is a lot faster and after already having spent so many hours on the bus it will be way more pleasant as well.

At this point, we could find only 1 tour that has this option. If we find more tours in the future we will add them.

The possibility to return with the bullet train is shown in the overview table and in the detailed description of the tours.

Itineraries may change without prior notice

Some of the listed tours have different seasonal itineraries. We advise you to always carefully check the itinerary if you absolutely want to visit a certain attraction.

There can also be last-minute changes to the itineraries due to unpredictable weather.

It is not guaranteed that you will see Fujisan

Keep in mind that Mount Fuji is often in the clouds and therefore a clear view is certainly not guaranteed.

If you absolutely want to see Fujisan, we recommend you to check the weather forecast before you book. If the clouds are forecast to be more than 30%  it’s very unlikely you will see the mountain. 

There’re of course chances that the clouds will break up but if you can we would advise you to postpone your trip.

It’s no golden rule but in general, the best time of year to see Mount Fuji is November to February.

Oshino Hakkai Village Mt. Fuji Japan
During some Mount fuji Tours, you will visit the Oshino Hakkai Village.

Mount Fuji travel tips

What is the best time to see Mt Fuji

Mt Fuji is best seen on clear and sunny days. Therefore, November to February is the best period to see Fujisan. 

If the clouds are forecast to be more than 30% the chances of seeing Mt Fuji are less likely. But even on a cloudy day, you can be lucky since there are sometimes breaks in the clouds.

You can check the weather forecast when planning your Mt Fuji trip here. 

What should I wear to Mt Fuji Tour

Normal comfortable clothing is ok if you are making a day trip to Mt Fuji. 

If you are visiting 5t station we advise you to bring a warmer jacket. Even during summer, it can get quite chilly up there.

Wondering what to bring and wear in Japan? Take a look at our Japan packing list. 

Most important points of interest around the Mt Fuji area

With this Mount Fuji day tour guide, our goal is to help you to choose the best Mt Fuji tour for you based on your interests and preferences.

All tours will either visit the area around Lake Kawaguchiko or Hakone.

It’s hard to decide if you don’t know the highlights of these regions. We list them below so you know what to expect.

Kawaguchiko Lake 

Lake Kawaguchiko is the largest of the 5 Mt. Fuji lakes. 

Weather permitting, it’s a great place to catch amazing views of Mt. Fuji.

Besides splendid views of Mount Fuji, it offers plenty of other great activities such as onsen, museums, cable cars, hiking trails, an amusement park, and much more. 

Below we share the places that are most often visited with a tour.

Fuji Subaru Line Fifth Station
Fuji Subaru Line 5th station is the most visited station

Mount Fuji 5th station

Mt. Fuji 5th Station is one of the 4 stations from where you can climb Mt Fuji.

The stations are the closest you can get to the top of Mount Fuji without making the climb. These stations are excellent places for beautiful views of Mount Fuji, the Japanese Alps, and the greater fifth lake area. 

The Mount Fuji Subaru Line 5th station is the most accessible of the 4 stations and therefore most tours will make a stop here. Some tours also stop at other stations such as Gogome station or Subashiri station.

A stop at one of the Mt. Fuji 5th Stations is included in tour 2, tour 3, tour 4, tour 5, and tour 7.

Arakura Sengen Shrine and Chureito Pagoda

The Chureito Pagoda is part of the Arakura Sengen Shrine.

It’s an iconic Mount Fuji viewing spot.

We are sure you’ ve seen the famous picture somewhere before. 

Before you get too enthusiastic, remember you have to climb around 400 steps to reach the spot where you can take this famous picture.

A stop at this famous shrine is included in tour 3. If Mt. Fuji 5th station is closed, tour 5 also visits the shrine.

Chureito pago with Mt. Fuji in the backdrop
This is an iconic view of Mt. Fuji

Oshino Hakkai Village

This touristy village is a world cultural heritage site.

It is famous for its eight sacred ponds with crystal water.

If you want to get away from the crowds, we advise you to walk a bit further away from the main road. 

Here you can also find Hannoki Bayashi Shiryokan, an open-air museum that showcases old traditional farmhouses along with traditional farming tools, samurai armors, and various weapons from that time.  

The houses, with the perfectly shaped volcano in the background, make for a perfect picture that could have been made in the old days of Japan.

Since it’s a touristy place it is visited in plenty of tours: tour 2, tour 3, tour 4, and tour 5.

Oshino Shinobi no Sato

Oshino Shinobi no Sato also called the Ninja Village, is a place where you can rent Ninja costumes, watch a Ninja show and solve the mystery of the Karakuri house which is full of traps and secret doors. 

From the garden, you can enjoy great views of Mt. Fuji. 

It’s a great place to visit if you are traveling with children.

Saiko Iyashi no Sato Nemba

This is an open-air museum on the Western shores of Lake Saiko.

Take a stroll through the village and marvel at the houses with thatched roofs which will give you a glimpse into life in Japan in the olden days.

Here you can also participate in craft workshops and rent Japanese costumes to take a picture. 

Keep in mind that it’s also quite touristic. 


The small onsen town of Hakone has a lot to offer too. 

Lake Ashi cruise

Lake Ashi is a peaceful lake surrounded by mountains. Most tours will make a small cruise with a Pirate ship.

If weather permits the cruise will offer good views of Mt. Fuji. It is also a great way to relax after a busy day and savor the scenery. 

If you are interested in taking this cruise you should opt for tour 1, tour 2, tour 6, or tour 7.

Hakone ropeway

On a clear day, you’ll be able to spot a scenic view of Mount Fuji as you ride the ropeway.

This ride is included in tour 1, tour 2, tour 6 and tour 7.


Also known as “Hell Valley” is an amazing place to go hiking and enjoy, on a clear day, scenic views of Mount Fuji.

If you are brave enough you can try the famous black eggs.

A visit to the valley is included in tour 1, tour 2, tour 6 and tour 7.

Gotemba premium outlets
The Gotemba Premium outlets with Mt. Fuji in the backdrop (photo credits: Wikimedia)

Gotemba Premium Outlets

The Gotemba Premium Outlets is one of the largest outlets in Japan where you can find most of the US and European premium brands such as Hugo Boss, Gap, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Godiva chocolates, etc.

Most of the stores are tax-free for tourists. So don’t forget to take your passport and show it to the cashier when you pay.

It’s a great place to combine bargain hunting with taking pictures of Mount Fuji.

A visit to the Gotemba Premium Outlets is also included in tour 3, tour 4,  tour 5, tour 7 and tour 8.

Komagatake Ropeway

The Komagatake Ropeway brings you from the shore of Lake Ashi to the Komagatake peak of Mount Hakone.

On a clear day, you can enjoy beautiful views of Lake Ashi and Mount Fuji from the top.

Mishima Skywalk

The Mishima Skywalk is the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in Japan. 

Odawara Castle Hakone Japan
Odawara Castle

Odawara castle

Odawara castle is the closest Japanese castle to Tokyo. If you haven’t seen a Japanese castle yet, this is your chance.

Detailed overview of the different Mt Fuji tours

Here you can find our detailed overview of the different mount fuji day trips from Tokyo that exist. 

1. Mount Fuji and Hakone Tour with Sightseeing Cruise


This Mount Fuji tour includes a scenic cruise at Lake Ashi, the must-do ropeway to Owakudani Valley, and a visit to Subashiri 5th station.

Along the way, you get the chance to taste the famous Kuro Tamago black eggs that are boiled in the hot volcanic spring water in the Owakudani Valey.

The tour leaves from Shinjuku.

  • Lots of possibilities to see and take pictures of Mount Fuji, weather permitting.
  • English and Chinese live tour guide
  • Cancel up to 24hours in advance for a full refund.
  • Lunch is not included

Guests who took this tour say they loved the guide that explained everything very well. Since you make a pirate cruise and ride tha hakone ropeway it is also a great tour for families with kids.


This is a really varied tour with a cruise on a pirate ship, several opportunities to see Fujsan and a ride on the ropeway.  It offers lots of photo opportunities and the whole family will absolutely love it!


From 14.000 yen (approx. 95€ or $95 depending on the exchange rate).

Check prices and availability:
Mount Fuji and Hakone tour

2. Mount Fuji and Hakone 1 Day Tour with optional return by bullet train


This 10-hour tour offered by Viator will take you to Mount Fuji highlights such as Mount Fuji Subaru Line 5th Station, Lake Ashi, and the Hakone Ropeway from where you can enjoy beautiful views of Mount Fuji.

At the end of the tour, you have the possibility to be dropped off at Odawara station where you can board the Shinkansen which will take you back to Shinjuku station in just 40 minutes.

This short train ride gives you the opportunity to experience the Shinkansen.

If you don’t want to ride the bullet train you can choose to return by coach.

You can also choose to include lunch in the package or opt for a tour without lunch.

  • Lots of possibilities to see and take pictures of Mount Fuji, weather permitting.
  • English speaking guide.
  • Wheelchair and stroller accessible.
  • Cancel up to 24hours in advance for a full refund.
  • Optional Japanese lunch.


This is a good family tour that offers lots of possibilities to see Mount Fuji. Children will love the pirate cruise and there is also the possibilty to return by the fast shinkansen to Tokyo.


From 15.000 yen (approx. €104.01 or $104.54 depending on the exchange rate).

Check prices and availability:
Mount Fuji Tour

Mount Fuji Lake Kawaguchiko Japan
A Mount Fuji tour with a visit to Lake Kawaguchiko is one of the best mt fuji tours.

3. Mt Fuji Day Tour with Kawaguchiko Lake and Gotemba Outlets


This 10-hour tour offered by GetYourGuide will take you to some of the most famous sightseeing spots near Mount Fuji such as Lake Kawaguchiko, the touristy Oshino Hakkai village, and the Arakura Sengen Shrine where you can find the Chureito Pagoda.

You will also visit the Gotemba Premium Outlets or the Gotemba Heiwa Koen park. 

With over 200 stores the Gotemba premium outlets are heaven for brand lovers.  An added bonus is that weather permitting,  you will have Mt. Fuji as the background during your shopping adventure.

This is also the only tour that visits the Nihonzan Myoholi Temple.

This tour is also possible as a private tour.

  • Lots of possibilities to see and take pictures of Mount Fuji, weather permitting.
  • Nihonzan Myoholi temple visit
  • English and Chinese speaking guide.
  • Shopping at the Gotemba outlets.
  • The possibilty to opt for a private tour
  • No lunch included.
  • Only hotel pick up if you opt for the expensive private tour
  • It’s not possible to return by bullet train.


This is the best Mt. Fuji day tour if you not only want great pictures of the mountain but also want to score some bargains. Note though that, based on reviews we found, the Gotemba Premium outlets are not necessarily cheap if you compare the prices to outlets in Europe or the United States.


From 11.000 yen ( approx. €75 or $75 depending on the exchange rate).

Check prices and availability:
Mount Fuji Tour

Mount Fuji Lake Kawaguchiko Japan
Do you want to visit Lake Kawaguchiko during your Mount Fuji Tour?

4. Mount Fuji Classic Tour: Oshino Hakkai, Gotemba Premium Outlets & Matcha Experience


This 11-hour tour offered by Klook will take you along a lot of Mount fuji’s highlights.

Depending on the time of the year and the weather you will enjoy beautiful views of Mount Fuji from Mount Fuji 5th station, Lake Kawaguchiko, and the 8 ponds in the village of Oshino Hakkai.

The itinerary is different depending on the time of the year. Check the detailed itinerary to see the exact program for the date you’re going.

You will also attend a matcha tea-making experience where you will learn more about the tea-making process.

The last stop of the tour is at the Gotemba premium outlets.

Here you can go on a shopping spree but weather permitting you will also have the opportunity to take some great pictures of  Mount Fuji. 

  • Chinese and English speaking guide
  • Matcha experience mt fuji
  • Free Cancellation – 72 Hrs Notice.
  • No pick-up service.
  • Lunch not included.
  • No information is provided about wheelchair or stroller accessibility.
  • It’s not possible to return by bullet train.


This tour takes you to many breathtaking viewpoints of Mount Fuji. This is an excellent Mt. Fuji day tour if you’re also looking to attend a matcha tea making activity or want to look for some bargains at the outlet shops.


From 11.000 yen (approx. €75 or $75 depending on the exchange rate).

Check prices and availability:
Mount Fuji Tour

Lake Kawaguchiko Fall Colors Mt. Fuji Japan
Fall Foliage at Lake Kawaguchiko

5. Mt Fuji Day Tour from Tokyo


This 11 hours tour offered by Klook will take you to the famous Mount Fuji 5th station from where you can enjoy beautiful views of Mount Fuji.

If the station is closed, the tour will visit the Fujiyoshida Sengen Shrine where you find the famous The Chureito Pagoda.

From there you will continue to Lake Kawaguchiko.  The lake is particularly beautiful during the autumn foliage and the Sakura season.  Fujisan is in the background of the lake and on a clear day, you will see the reflection of the mountain in the lake.  Here you can also enjoy lunch. 

Lunch is not included in this tour but there’re plenty of restaurants to be found.

The next stop is Oshino Hakkai a world cultural heritage site famous for its 8 ponds with crystal clear water.  The water is so clear that it seems you’re looking at an aquarium.

At the end of the tour, during the last stop, you will have time to go shopping at the Gotemba premium outlets.

  • English, Chinese and Japanese speaking guide.
  • Visit to the cultural heritage Oshino Hakkai
  • Shopping at Gotemba outlets
  • This is one of the cheapest Mt Fuji tours
  • No pick-up service: meeting points vary depending on the booked option.
  • Lunch is not included.
  • No information is provided about wheelchair accessibility.
  • Cancellation is only possible 11 days before the selected activity date.
  • It’s not possible to return by bullet train.


This tour is for you if you want to see Mount Fuji and love shopping. It is also one of the cheapest tours we found.


From 6.360 yen (approx. €43.65 or $43.59 depending on the exchange rate).

Check prices and availability:
Mount Fuji Day Tour from Tokyo

Komagataka Ropeway Hakone Japan
Komagataka Ropeway

6. Mt Fuji & Hakone Day Tour: Lake Ashi & Ropeway Day Trip from Tokyo


This 12-hour tour found on Klook will take you to Mount Fuji 5th station.

You will then cruise Lake Ashi and ride the Komagatake Ropeway in Hakone from where you can enjoy great views of Mount Fuji ( weather permitting ).

  • English speaking guide.
  • Full refunds will be issued for cancellations made at least 7 days prior to the activity.
  • Free Wifi on the bus.
  • Optional Japanese style lunch
  • No information is provided about wheelchair accessibility.
  • It’s not possible to return by bullet train.


This is a great family tour with lots of possibilities to take amazing pictures of Fujisan.


From 15.000 yen (approx. €101.65 or $102.35 depending on the exchange rate).

Check prices and availability:
Mount Fuji Day Tour

Hakone Ropeway MtFuji Japan
Hakone Ropeway with Mt. Fuji in the background

7. Mount Fuji and Hakone Day Trip from Tokyo: 5th station, Hakone Pirate ship, and Gotemba outlets


This 11 hours tour offered exclusively by Klook will take you to Mount Fuji 5th station.  If you travel from December to March, Mt Fuji’s 5th station is replaced by Mt Fuji’s second station where you will have the opportunity to play in the snow.

The tour will bring you then to the Gotemba outlets where you can go shopping and have lunch. A lunch box is included.

Next, you will head to Hakone where you will cruise Lake Ashi and take the Hakone Ropeway to the Owakudani valley which is famous for its black eggs.

  • English and Chinese speaking guide + video translation.
  • Travel brochure in English or Chinese
  • Full refund if the cancellation is made at least 5 days before the selected activity date.
  • No information provided on wheelchair or stroller accessibilty.
  • No hotel pick-up.


Good price value for money.


From 12.800 yen (approx. €86.75 or $87.35 depending on the exchange rate).

Check prices and availability:
Mount Fuji and Hakone Day Tour

Chureito Pagoda Mt. Fuji Japan
Chureito Pagoda

8. Day Trip to Mt Fuji, Kawaguchiko, and Gotemba Premium Outlets


This 11-12 hour tour offered by Viator will take you to Mt. Fuji 5th station from where you will have a beautiful view of Mount Fuji.

You will enjoy lunch at Fuji-Q highland ( for an extra fee). After lunch, you have time to explore La Ville de Gaspard et Lisa Town.

The last stop of this tour is at the Gotemba Premium Outlets. You will even get a special shopping coupon.

Note that this tour is only bookable from July 2023.

  • English speaking guide.
  • Cancel up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund.
  • Explore La Ville de Gaspard et Lisa town
  • Special shopping coupon.
  • One of the cheapest Mt Fuji tours
  • No possibility to return by bullet train.


Since you get a special coupon for shopping, this is a great tour for those that love to shop. This is also one of the cheapest mt fuji tours available.


From 7.000 yen (approx. €48 or $48.16 depending on the exchange rate).

Check prices and availability:
Mount Fuji Day Tour

Pirate Cruise Lake Ashi Hakone Japan
Cruise on a pirate ship on Lake Ashi


Mt. Fuji is definitely one of the highlights of Japan. 

There’re many tours to this iconic mountain. 

We listed those that we think are the best based on their itinerary and their reviews and we hope that our selection will make it easier for you to enjoy a great day at Fujisan, the highest volcano in Japan.