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10 of the cheapest countries to travel in Europe

Europe is a charming hotspot of travel destinations.

It is a melting pot for culture, great sights, creative architecture, outdoor activities, and delicious food scenes.

The good news is that these experiences don’t always have to come with a hefty price tag.

Despite being an exotic, bucket-list destination, the continent is brimming with budget-friendly countries.

Some of the cheapest countries to travel in Europe are listed in this travel guide. The idea is to give pocket-friendly vacation ideas to the traveler on a shoestring.

The travel places mentioned here aren’t just cheap to explore, but also as alluring as the UK and France. Tucked in the overshadowed corners of these countries are many hidden, unusual places to visit. Sightseeing these corners of Europe takes you on an off-beat path that ensues excitement.

Lower prices will also allow you to stay for a long and enjoy a blissful, extended holiday in Europe.

Bran Castle Romania
Bran castle in Transylvania is popularly referred to as the Castle Dracula

Cheap Places To Travel in Europe


Romania aka The Land of Count Dracula is among the most interesting and underrated places to visit in Europe.

Whether or not you are a goth Dracula fan, you will find plenty to do and see in this cheap European country.

Dotting it are massive castles, gothic masterpieces, UNESCO sites, cultural spots, and expansive natural landscapes.

Dracula fans would watch their favorite gothic tale come to life at the cliff-hugging Bran Castle, the Poenari Castle, and the Hunyad Castle.

Artists and aesthetes will love sights like the painted Monasteries of Bucovina and the Historical Center.

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The sprawling greenswards and picturesque Mocanita steam train ride is sure to impress the nature lover.

Meanwhile, gourmets will fall in love with the delicious traditional Romanian dishes such as Mici ( grilled minced meat rolls ).

As mentioned earlier, Romania has no dearth of unusual sites like the Merry Cemetery, which takes a happy and funny view of death.

  • Average daily budget: $69
  • Average cost per night for two: $51
  • Average daily food price: $24
Tusheti Georgia
The idyllic Tusheti region in Georgia, a sleepy fairyland tucked in the mountains in northeastern Georgia


Cradled at the intersection of Europe and Asia, Georgia is fondly called Sakartvelo by the locals.

Though known little by the world and often left unfrequented by globetrotters, this cheap destination to travel in Europe has a lot to offer its visitors.

From the stunning capital town of Tbilisi to medieval Ushguli village locked in the Caucasian ranges, it has it all.

Dotted with high glacial peaks, it offers an abundance of adventures all year round.

You can trek in the countryside, take a jeep tour on Georgia’s most dangerous road in Tusheti, paraglide, take a hot air balloon ride, or go river rafting.

During the summer, verdant meadows welcome you with their blossoming flowers, while winter impresses you with its pristine snow cloak.

Gourmets will enjoy their vacation in Georgia because of the country’s variety of unique authentic dishes like Khachapuri ( a warm cheese-filled bread ) or Khinkali ( a dumpling ), 

  • Average daily budget: $14
  • Average cost per night for two: $10
  • Average daily food price: $6
Praia Do Camilo near Lagos
Praia Do Camilo near Lagos


Straggling between modern and ancient, Portugal is a photogenic travel destination and among the cheapest countries in Europe.

Its capital, the City of Light, Lisbon, one of the prettiest cities in Europe is a postcard-perfect gem brimming with Instagrammable sights. Its pastel houses with potted balconies, shoreline, boutique restaurants, cathedrals, and the Elevador da Bica funicular will have you tot your camera in all directions, at all times.

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Travel farther into the south and you’ll find yourself surrounded by the beaches of Algarve.

Visit the Algarve in winter to participate in a row of carnivals, explore the dramatic landscape under cool sunshine, and enjoy the peacefulness of the off-peak season. 


Lying opposite the beach-fringed Algarve is the extensive archipelago and Hawaii of the mid-Atlantic, The Azores.

  • Average daily budget: $108
  • Average cost per night for two: $75
  • Average daily food price: $32

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Lake Bled Slovenia
This may well be Slovenia’s most photogenic church, situated on a tiny island in Lake Bled.


The Sunny Side of the Alps is an unmissable and cheap place to travel in Europe.

The country boasts remote villages, dramatic gorges, stunning river valleys, charming towns, Gothic masterpieces, massive castles, and cave-ringed hiking trails.

In a nutshell, Slovenia offers something exciting to do and discover at every turn. From picture-perfect scenes to hair-raising adventures, it falls short on nothing.

The list of its scenic highlights is topped by colorful Ljubljana, one of the best places to visit in Europe in winter, Adriatic-fringed Piran, and the far-fetched Lake Bled.

Intrepid travelers will never want to miss exploring the precarious-looking Vršič Pass to Slemenova Špica in the jagged peaks of Triglav National Park.

The hike affords views over Italy, Austria, and the Julian Alps.

  • Average daily budget: $81
  • Average cost per night for two: $91
  • Average daily food price: $20
Valatta Malta
Colorful traditional townhouses line the streets of Valletta.


Malta is not just the Land of Honey, but also of rugged islets, pictorial ocean-scapes, baroque cathedrals, dark walk attractions, and underwater caves.

The country has a mythical quality that transports you into an unknown medieval era.

The best point to start exploring Malta is the ancient capital, Mdina.

It’s a history-buffs goldmine and culturally curious’ haven. The winding streets will take you past cute cafés, stunning edifices, museums, tea gardens, haunting dungeons, and eerie catacombs.

Other highlights of the country include the marvelous Mosta Dome church, Valletta’s neo-classic architecture, Golden Bay’s equestrian fun, and day trips to Gozo.

The sporty spirits will also love Malta for its abounding water activities like swimming, cave diving, snorkeling, and exploring underwater military wrecks.

  • Average daily budget: $181
  • Average cost per night for two: $105
  • Average daily food price: $24
Belogradchik Rocks Bulgaria
Rocks or a fortress? The Belogradchik Rocks are both. These bizarre rock formations were part of the natural defense of the namesake fortress.


The Land of Roses is another one of the cheapest countries to visit in Europe with a slew of hidden and unusual things to do.

Looking for a travel destination full of obscure sights? Bulgaria is the country for you.

The folktale charm of this Balkan nation is off the charts.

It is home to the haunted Devil’s Bridge, bizarre Belogradchik Rocks, unreal Eyes of God, natural Melnik pyramids, socialist art, the UNESCO-protected Tombs of Kazanlak, ancient Perperikon, etc.

Whether you’re seeking awe or adventure, there’s something for all travelers. Bulgaria is where you can explore the 4th-21st century via monuments.

Dotted with forests, mountains, and Black sea beaches, it also engages you in various outdoor activities.

To put it simply, the country is a melting pot for all things good.

  • Average daily budget: $55
  • Average cost per night for two: $60
  • Average daily food price: $11
Santorini Greece
Santorini, a collection of islands in the Aegean Sea is the most sought-after place for a romantic getaway in Greece


Lovers of cheap travel in Europe can add a new destination to their list, the cradle of Western Civilization. Is Greece really a cheap country to visit in Europe? Hellas may be hella expensive around Athens and Santorini, but there is plenty to do in its cheaper corners too.

In fact, if budgeted and researched well, even the exotic Greek Islands and historical capital can fit the bill for travelers on a shoestring.

Because Athens Airport is a central European destination, many great (cheap) flights fly from the US to the Greek capital.

A large influx of refugees has also cost Greece a chunk of its economy, making it budget-friendly and benefiting from tourism.

Today, you can rent a beautiful studio apartment with sea views on Zakynthos Island or a pool-facing 1-bedroom apartment in southern Santorini for under $20/night.

Happy hours, street food, and gyro at just $8 make food go easy on the wallet.

On top of it, the prices of activities in Greece have also rolled down to free honey bee tours, $35 olive oil tours, $5 wine tastings, and $24 half-day cycle tours.

The travel highlights of this Mediterranean nation stretching out in the Aegean and Ionian seas are widely known.

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From whitewashed towns, delicious cuisine, and ancient landmarks to azure waters, unlimited booze, and a vacation vibe, the country has it all.

  • Average daily budget: $110
  • Average cost per night for two: $119
  • Average daily food price: $24
Novomoskovsk Ukraine
Ukraine, Europe’s largest country, might also be one of the cheapest countries in Europe to explore


The largest country in Europe might even be the cheapest country in Europe.

It is an incongruous patchwork of eclectic cityscapes and abandoned ghost towns; Orthodox churches and party places; forest-cloaked mountains and Priest’s Grotto; long-standing traditions and pictorial horizons.

Among its unique travel spots is an underwater museum known to travelers as the Alley of Leaders and the Lenin statue turned into Darth Vader.

Beyond its European charm is the hedonist’s paradise, Odessa. The place is synonymous with opulence and party. Its French Rocco audience hall and ornate concert hall are for an impeccably dressed crowd enjoying enchanting music, theatre, and other live performances.

Perhaps, what’s least known about Ukraine is just how romantic it can be. Home to the spellbinding Tunnel of Love, woven with green arches and canopies, the country acts as a bolthole for couples.

In short, there’s a lot to do in the country and its affordability lets you discover all the aspects of it.

If you were looking for a place to spend a long holiday without burning a hole in your pocket, then Ukraine may be it.

  • Average daily budget: $29
  • Average cost per night for two: $36
  • Average daily food price: $7
Prague, Czech Republic
Dreaming of a cheap trip to Europe? Prague has a wealth of well-preserved historical buildings and is one of the cheapest cities to visit in Europe

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a sought-after European destination and a good thing because it does not strain you financially.

Its picture-perfect landscape seems to be out of an artist’s canvas.

Not only do the architecture and historical buildings offer numerous cultural spots to explore, but the natural scenery also fills you with bliss. Landlocked and flanked by mountains, Czech is teeming with outdoor activities too. It is a country where you can visit somewhere new every weekend.

The plethora of tourist places in the country is topped by Prague. It boasts an eye-popping Old Town Square with a magnificent castle at the center. Setting a contrast is the urban city with its futuristic Dancing House. While the city is gorgeous as it is, its beauty increases manifolds at night.

There are also attractive nature preserves in the country like the Bohemian Paradise, Adrspach-Teplice Rocks, and Bohemian Switzerland.

Keeping aside the museums and quintessentially European scene, what’s unique about Czech is its affordable river cruises and hospodas serving Pilsner-style lager.

  • Average daily budget: $76
  • Average cost per night for two: $89
  • Average daily food price: $8
Fishermans Bastion Budapest Hungary
The Fisherman’s Bastion offers unique vistas on Budapest from its terraces.


The list of fascinating and cheapest countries to visit in Europe is not complete with Hungary. The Land of Magyars is every bit Instagrammable with rows of eye-popping towns, charming countryside, and cosmopolitans.

The country offers something for everyone – from lip-smacking local cuisine to colorful folk culture – it is full of interesting concepts.

The most famous travel spot here is Budapest.

The capital itself is relatively cheap with affordable food and attractions. Many of the popular travel spots like the Fisherman’s Bastion in Budapest are free to visit.

Past Budapest, another awesome reason to visit Hungary is its thermal baths, a wonderful opportunity to unwind and relax.

The country is home to Lake Héviz thermal bath, which is also the world’s largest. You will also find the ultimate bolthole – The Cave Bath.

You can also kick back on the lakeside with Tokaji Aszú, delicious dessert wine. In short, Hungary is equal parts excursion destination and vacation spot.

  • Average daily budget: $63
  • Average cost per night for two: $70
  • Average daily food price: $10


Now you know that traveling to Europe doesn’t have to be expensive.

The continent is home to a string of affordable countries where even an extended sojourn can be cheap.

Among these places, the cheapest countries in Europe are listed in this travel guide.

These travel ideas come in handy especially if you are on a tight budget or a student wanting to cool some heat off.

From quaint Hungary and picturesque Portugal to exotic Greece, you get plenty of options to choose from.

Mentioned alongside the details about what makes these countries a perfect vacation spot is also the average cost of traveling.

While some might feel expensive at a glance, note that with preplanning, you can cut the cost of traveling even more.

The opposite of it is also true.

These cheap European countries are affordable but that does not mean they are not worth visiting.

All of these nations boast cultural spots, rich traditions, picture-perfect sceneries, delicious food scenes, and exciting outdoor adventures.

In short, in these countries, you can spend a leisurely holiday in the countryside, seek the thrill of climbing high peaks, explore European landmarks, discover hidden destinations, and visit unusual places.

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