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Best places to stay in the Algarve for couples (hotels, resorts, and more)

Looking to find the best places to stay in the Algarve for couples? We have the list for you!

The Algarve in southern Portugal is a beautiful area to visit, with its amazing golden beaches, stunning natural scenery, and interesting cultural sites.

It is ideal for a couples trip and makes for an amazing background to a romantic trip away.

Here we have some of the best places to stay in the Algarve for couples as inspiration for your next trip!

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The Faro Harbor in Portugal
Welcome to Faro

Where to stay in the Algarve for couples

Best places to stay in the Algarve for couples for city trips


Faro is generally considered the capital of the Algarve and is one of the most convenient cities to stay in while in the region.

It is home to the main airport of the Algarve and so reduces the need for extra travel after arriving.

Faro lies also within driving distance of many other towns and nearby destinations, making it a great ‘base’ to stay at. It even has some relatively OK train connections with other places in the Algarve such as Albufeira and Lagos.

The city is also well-known as a cultural hub with Portuguese culture, architecture, and art being well-preserved.

There is a strong sense of traditional culture being embraced and supported.

Visit the many historical buildings, such as the Se Cathedral and Porta Arco da Vila.

There are also many places to see around Faro, such as the world-famous Ria Formosa natural park with its amazing lagoons and unique eco-system.

Pros and Cons of staying in Faro
  • Strong sense of culture and historical places to visit
  • Close to many day trip destinations
  • Can be very ‘touristy’ during peak season
  • Not as close to the beach as some other Algarve cities

Faro is a great location for a couple’s trip as there are many places to see and visit, meaning your days won’t become repetitive.

The cultural charm of the city, the great restaurants, and unique shops will make even days without traveling enjoyable.

The cathedral in the old town of Faro
The cathedral in the old town of Faro
Best hotels to stay near Faro

Here is our list of the best places to stay in Faro.

Luxury hotel: 3HB Faro

3HB Faro is a beautiful resort located in central Faro.

With amazing city views from the terrace along with infinity pools and outdoor fireplaces, staying at 3HB Faro is truly a luxury experience.

To read more about 3HB Faro, see our previous post here.

Premium Comfortable Hotel: AP Eva Sense

AP Eva Sense is a beautiful hotel in central Faro, conveniently located near both the airport and the beaches.

Many of the rooms have a sea view or views of the Ria Formosa Park.

The hotel features a rooftop pool, health club, saunas, and Turkish baths.  

For more information about this hotel, check out our previous post.

Comfortable Hotel: Lemon Tree Stay

Lemon Tree Stay offers a more home-like atmosphere with its welcoming guesthouse-style environment.

There is a full kitchen available for use at any time and guests can enjoy the beautiful outdoor courtyard with lemon trees.

With spacious rooms and friendly hosts, Lemon Tree Stay offers a cozy, homey accommodation option.

Apartments and vacation homes

If you prefer a more independent accommodation option, there are also a number of apartments and vacation homes available via platforms like Airbnb and VRBO.

To see our pick of the best apartments and vacation homes, click here.

Albufeira is a great place to stay in the Algarve for couples
Albufeira beach

Best places to stay in the Algarve for young couples who want to party


Albufeira is an ideal location along the Algarve coast for couples who are looking to experience the nightlife and party in the Algarve.

There is a very strong nightlife atmosphere and the city is set up to be conducive and easy for party-goers.

Within Albufeira, there are two main areas – the Old Town and New Town.

Stroll around the narrow cobblestone streets in the old town, enjoy the amazing viewpoints, or just grab a drink and relax on one of the many terraces.

The new town is home to The Strip, a long area of streets full of bars, clubs, restaurants, and every type of drinking establishment you could want.

There are many themed bars and bar-hopping has never been easier. If you are looking for a party, Albufeira is the place to go.

Albufeira is also amazing during the day with long stretches of beautiful beaches on your front door.

The Praia da Falesia, an award-winning beach that runs between Albufeira and Vilamoura, brings beautiful colors, temperate waters, and a relaxing atmosphere. Praia dos Pescadores is a nice beach close to the old town. Walk through a tunnel to reach Praia do Tunel. Near the strip, you also have Praia da Oura.

Pros and cons of Albufeira
  • Amazing nightlife – many bars/clubs to visit
  • Close to many beautiful beaches
  • Great food culture – many restaurants
  • Can be loud – if you’re having a night in, it could become annoying
  • Because many of the bars are small, they often are load and feel crowded

For a couple looking to truly experience the nightlife of Portugal and have a party-based holiday, Albufeira is a perfect fit.

With The Strip covering all bases in terms of bars, clubs, and more, it is ideal for party-goers.

The old town in Albufeira
The old town of Albufeira
Best places to stay in Albufeira

Luxury Hotel: Vida Mar Resort Hotel Algarve

The Vida Mar Resort is ideally located on the beachfront in Albufeira. It is close to the Old Town and just a few kms from the New Town.

The resort features 6 different pools, with two being adult-only options.

These include both indoor and outdoor, saltwater and freshwater options and all come with provided towels and lounge chairs.

There are also rain showers in the rooms to wash off comfortably after swimming.

To see more about this resort, see our previous post here.

Premium Comfortable Hotel: Hotel California

Hotel California is ideal for couples as it is an adults-only retreat.

This means there are no inconveniences in dealing with families with loud children.

Instead, the hotel is catered to adult preferences.

There are both indoor and outdoor pools, a poolside bar, and a vegan and organic spa facility.

If you are interested in Hotel California, you can find more information about it here.

Comfortable Hotel: Velamar Boutique Hotel

The Velamar Boutique Hotel is a lovely hotel in Albufeira with relaxing sea views from select rooms.

It has a boutique hotel concept and focuses on a more personalized service.

There is a large outdoor pool with beautiful gardens and a fresh breakfast buffet is served daily in the breakfast room overlooking the ocean.

Apartments and vacation homes

If you don’t like staying in hotels and would prefer something a little different, there are also many apartments and vacation homes available in the Albufeira.

Premium Comfortable: D Loft Downtown

This property offers two penthouse apartments available for vacation rentals.

It is just a few hundred meters from the Old Town Square and has beautiful sea views.

There are two main terraces on the property – one as a dining area and the other with an outdoor hot tub, outdoor furniture, and sun deck.

Quinta Do Lago is one of the best places to stay in the Algarve for couples
Quinta do Lago

Best places to stay in the Algarve for couples for a luxury holiday

Vilamoura and Quinta do Lago

Vilamoura is one of the more recent areas to appear in the Algarve and was largely created as a base for people to visit the luxury golf courses in the area.

However, it has since developed into a vibrant area with amazing top-quality restaurants, luxury shopping, and more.

The marina in Vilamoura is especially popular as a central spot for spending time.

Vilamoura is often considered one corner of the ‘Golden Triangle, the most affluent area of the Algarve. Quinta do Lago forms another of the corners.

Quinta do Lago is another golf-course-heavy area with beautiful resorts and luxury hotels.

The prestigious resorts in the area regularly make the lists of top resorts in Europe. For a list of amazing resorts, click here.

Vilamoura and Quinta do Lago are both ideal options for a luxury holiday due to their origins and demographic.

Pros and Cons of Vilamoura and Quinta do Lago
  • Many luxury options available
  • Top restaurants, cafes, shopping
  • Thriving, modern culture while still being close to beach
  • Expensive
  • Less variety


If you are looking for a luxury holiday with your significant other, there is no better place in the Algarve than Vilamoura or Quinta do Lago.

They were originally built to serve luxury tastes with top-level golf courses and resorts, and have only improved in recent years.

The marina at Vilamoura. Vulamoura is a great place to stay in the Algarve for couples
The marina at Vilamoura
Best places to stay in Vilamoura and Quinta do Lago

Luxury Hotel: Hilton Vilamoura

The Hilton Vilamoura is a luxury resort that is part of the well-known Hilton chain.

The hotel offers spacious rooms and a free shuttle service to get into town.

It is also adjacent to a luxury golf course which you have access to as a guest.

Pamper yourself and your loved one in the luxury spa.

To see more about our stay at the Hilton Vilamoura, see our review here.

Premium Comfortable Hotel: Dom Pedro Vilamoura

The Dom Pedro Vilamoura is a beautiful hotel located just a few hundred meters from the main marina in Vilamoura. It features spa facilities along with both an indoor and outdoor pool.

There is also a beach bar and sun loungers offered during the summer season.

Comfortable Hotel: Hotel Parque das Laranjeiras

Hotel Parque das Laranjeiras is just a short drive from the beaches of Vilamoura and has beautiful spacious rooms with great views over the surrounding area. There are also two outdoor pools and both a breakfast room and bar.

Apartments and vacation homes

For other accommodation options, there are also apartments and vacation rentals available in the area. These can include beautiful luxury Casas or smaller apartments depending on your needs.

To see our recommendations for the best vacation rentals in the area, see our post here.

Praia dos Estudantes bridge Lagos Algarve Portugal
The photogenic bridge at Praia dos Estudantes near Lagos

Best places to stay in the Algarve for couples for beaches


Lagos is well-known as one of the best areas for beach-lovers in the Algarve.

While the whole area is along the coastline, Lagos is home to some of the best beaches and most beautiful beach scenery in the area.

In fact, for our countdown of the best beaches in the Algarve, see our article here.

Some of these include the Ponta da Piedade, a beach chosen by the Huffington Post as the most beautiful beach in the world and Praia do Camilo, a beach ideal for taking part in a range of water activities.

The Algarve beaches are so much more than just sand and water, there are different beaches that are best suited to different activities. You will find beaches near Lagos ideal for sunbathing, light swimming, walking, or water activities.

Lagos has something to offer everyone in the category of beaches.

Pros and cons of Lagos
  • Many beautiful beaches
  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • Great culture
  • Can be expensive
  • Can be touristy during peak season

Lagos is easily a top runner when it comes to the best beaches in the area and perhaps even the world with its amazing range and variety of beaches.

This makes it ideal for couples looking for a beach-based holiday.

The church at the main square in Lagos
The church at the main square in Lagos
Best places to stay in Lagos

Luxury Hotel: Palmares Beach House Hotel – Adults Only

The Palmares Beach House Hotel is a beautiful luxury hotel in the Lagos area. It is only for adults and so is catered to adult preferences. This includes spacious rooms, all with a balcony and sea views.

There is also an outdoor pool and on-site restaurant.

Premium Comfortable Hotel: Dom Manuel I Charming Residence

Dom Manuel I Charming Residence is another adults-only accommodation option, perfect for avoiding any potential annoyances with children.

It is located just a short walk from the beach and town. The hotel has a beautiful outdoor pool and lovely gardens.

To see more, check out our previous post here.

Comfortable Hotel: Carvi Beach Hotel

Carvi Beach Hotel is located just a two-minute walk from the beach and features an amazing rooftop pool, bar, and restaurants with views overlooking the ocean. Many of the rooms also feature sea views.

Apartments and vacation homes

For other accommodation options, such as apartments and vacation homes available through various platforms, you can see our previous post with recommendations here.



Portimão is the second largest town in the Algarve region and so is great for a holiday with access to a wide variety of things to do and see.

It was traditionally a fishing village and so has many beautiful beaches along with a stunning riverfront and marina.

In the old town, there are many traditional shopping streets and restaurants, creating a strong sense of culture thanks to the well-preserved history of the town.

The city has its own beautiful beach, Praia da Rocha.

The beaches in this area are often known for their calm waters, making them great for just relaxing, rather than more intensive water activities.

The waters remain warm, making them great for swimming.

Pros and cons of Portimao
  • Many historical places to see
  • Beautiful beaches
  • Great restaurants
  • Not as many monuments and tourist spots as some other Algarve cities
  • Can be crowded

Portimão is a great option for staying in the Algarve due to its range and variety of things to do.

The beautiful beaches and historical city create a great range of activities and allow your days to be varied and exciting even when staying within the city.

The charming town of Ferragudo
The charming town of Ferragudo at the opposite bank of the Arade river
Best places to stay in Portimão

Luxury hotel: Bela Vista Hotel & Spa

The Bela Vista Hotel and Spa is ideally located just a few minutes’ walk from the nearest beach.

It has a unique setup, as there are three main houses where the various rooms are located.

This creates more of a guesthouse atmosphere while maintaining the luxury surroundings.

Premium Comfortable Hotel: Jupiter Marina Hotel

The Jupiter Marina Hotel is designed for couples and so is ideal for a couple’s holiday accommodation. With infinity pools, a wellness center, and Turkish baths, the Jupiter Marina Hotel provides the perfect relaxing experience.

To see more about this hotel, see our previous post here.

Comfortable Hotel: Hotel Alcaide

The Hotel Alcaide is located just a few minutes walk from the nearest beach and just a 5-minute drive from the famous Rocha beach. This makes it ideal for beach-lovers. It also features beautiful gardens surrounding a large outdoor pool.

Apartments and vacation homes

There are also many apartments and vacation homes available in the area. If you are more interested in this type of accommodation, check out our post here.

Salt pans in the Ria Formosa
The Ria Formosa near Tavira


Tavira is often considered one of the most charming towns in the Algarve with its plethora of 18th Century historical buildings and winding cobbled roads. For an overview of more great Algarve towns, click here.

There are many unique buildings, restaurants, and shops in the area which provide a great way to experience Portuguese culture.

Tavira is also close to the Ria Formosa natural park and exploring these beautiful lagoons and the nature of the area is a great way to enjoy the Algarve.

Tavira is a great option for couples visiting the Algarve as it provides an ideal mix of history, culture, beaches, and nature.

Pros and cons of Tavira
  • Great variety of things to do
  • Charming architecture and streets
  • Beautiful nature
  • Can be crowded in peak season

Tavira is an ideal destination for a couples holiday. Its unique charming atmosphere makes for a romantic getaway experience and the nearby beaches and natural parks just add to the beauty of the area.

Tavira Portugal
Best places to stay in Tavira

Premium Comfortable Hotel: AP Maria Nova Lounge

This adults-friendly hotel is conveniently located just outside of the town center of Tavira and in a relaxing quiet hillside area.

The rooms have balconies and feature either a beautiful mountain or a cityscape view.

There are both indoor and outdoor pools as well as an onsite bar. For more information on the AP Maria Nova Lounge, see our previous post here.

Comfortable Hotel: Residencial Mares

Residencial Mares is located just in front of the Gilao River within the Ria Formosa natural park. Because of this great location, many rooms offer amazing panoramic views. There is an on-site sauna and a boat service to reach the nearby beaches by traveling down the river.

Apartments and vacation homes

If you prefer a different type of accommodation, there are also many apartments and vacation homes available in the area.

Here we have a list of some of the best in the Tavira area.

The mountain town of Monchique in the Algarve
The mountain town of Monchique in the Algarve

Where to stay in Algarve for couples for spa


One of the lesser-known parts of the Algarve, Monchique, is actually the highest point of the Algarve and is largely a mountain town.

It is located among beautiful forests high up in the mountains, giving a completely different atmosphere and surroundings to the standard beach towns of most of the Algarve.

Monchique itself is a charming little town with traditional cobbled streets and historical architecture.

There are many unique things to visit in the town, such as the ruined 17th Century monastery, Nossa Senhora Do Desterro, or the largest magnolia tree in Europe.

Nearby you also find the Caldas de Monchique with its healing spring.

There are many beautiful churches in the area and as Monchique is traditionally a market town, market day is a great thing to experience.

Pros and Cons of Monchique

  • Unique and charming
  • Not overly touristy
  • Beautiful forests and mountains
  • Very different from other Algarve areas – could be a pro or con
  • Not ideal for beach lovers

Monchique is a great way to experience the Algarve in a completely different and unique way.

The mountains and forest create a beautiful experience while still allowing you to engage with the culture of the area.

Road to Monchique
The road to Monchique leads through a beautiful wooded landscape.
Best places to stay in Monchique

Luxury Hotel: Monchique Resort

The Monchique Resort is an amazing luxury resort located close to the town of Monchique.

There are two outdoor pools, on-site restaurants, and a wide variety of spa experiences to enjoy while at the resort. These include a sauna, steam room, aromatherapy, and more.

There is also a range of included on-site activities in which guests can participate in.

Best hotels in Algarve for couples that are looking for an all-inclusive holiday

Here is our list of the best all-inclusive hotels in the Algarve.

Luxury hotel: Pestana Blue Alvor

Great 5-star all-inclusive hotel. Couples will love the adults-only spa. Take the free shuttle to spend a relaxing day on the beach.

The Ap Cabanas Beach & nature hotel that we already discussed above can also be booked as all-inclusive.

Best Adults only hotels in the Algarve

If you are looking for an adults-only hotel in the Algarve, check out the following list.

Algarve - Ponta Da Piedade - Portugal
In winter you can visit popular spots like Ponta Da Piedade without the crowds.

Where to stay in the Algarve for couples in winter

The Algarve is generally considered a seasonal tourist spot, with the peak season being during the European summer, mostly focused around July and August.

However, it is still possible to visit during winter, and in some cases this can even be ideal.

The climate stays temperate through winter in the Algarve so it can provide some relief for tourists from more chilly areas.

There are also cheaper accommodation options, less crowded areas, and more local celebrations, as many holidays occur during winter.

Some activities and tours may be closed during winter but many remain open.

For example, you can still take a boat tour to see dolphins from Lagos in winter, see the Benagil cave or go winter surfing in Sagres.

During winter it is probably best to stay in the larger cities as it is more likely that shops and restaurants will remain open.

Cozy pubs and restaurants near the harbor of Alvor
Cozy pubs and restaurants near the harbor of Alvor

FAQ about the best areas in the Algarve for couples

Which part of the Algarve is best for couples?

Deciding which part of the Algarve is best for couples can be difficult as each couple will differ in the aspects they like in a holiday.

The best part of the Algarve for you and your loved one will depend on if you are looking for a beach holiday, a luxury holiday, a nightlife holiday, or something completely different.

Where to stay in the Algarve without a car?

When visiting the Algarve it is convenient to have a car in order to get around as public transport can be a bit patchy in the area. For more information about car rental in Portugal, click here.

However, if this isn’t an option, there are still places to stay and things to do without a car.

It is probably best to stay somewhere within walking distance of a beach, so you can enjoy the natural beauties of the Algarve coastline.

Staying somewhere close to a train station is another consideration, as this will provide another method for you to get around. Some options that suit both of these include Albufeira, Portimão and Lagos.

Another advantage of these cities is that most tour providers provide a pick-up here.


The Algarve is an amazing destination for holidaying as a couple.

There is a great variety of areas to stay as well as different accommodation options to best suit your interests.

Here we have covered some of the best places to stay in the Algarve for couples to help plan your next trip.

Here we share more information on where to stay in the Algarve.

Traveling with your family? Check out this list of amazing family resorts in the Algarve.

If you are looking for an Algarve itinerary, click here.