What are the best Airbnbs in Seoul?

Hotel rooms in Seoul tend to be small so we get a lot of questions about Airbnb in Korea’s capital.  It makes sense to look at Airbnb as an alternative for hotels.

Staying in an Airbnb is often cheaper than staying in a hotel room. Especially if you are staying in Seoul during peak season or if you are traveling with your family or friends. 

But is staying in an Airbnb in Seoul legal and is it safe? 

We will start by answering these two important questions.  Afterward, we will discuss the best locations to stay in.

Look no further, in this Seoul travel blog post we share everything you need to know about Airbnb in South Korea. 

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South-Korea essentials 

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Since foreign credit and debit cards don’t always work, we advise you to bring some extra cash.

Don’t lose time upon arrival at the airport and order your Korea travel sim or portable wifi device in advance so that it’s ready and waiting for you at the airport when you arrive.

Visiting the DMZ is on the bucket list of many travelers. Check out the best DMZ tours here.

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Last but not least, make sure you have travel insurance.

Is Airbnb legal in South Korea

The short answer is Yes. 

The owners must meet a number of conditions though. 

They need to register the place and the government needs to approve them to operate an accommodation business. One of the rules to be accepted is that the owners need to live in the same accommodation they rent out.

Landlords are expected to mention if their property is registered in their ad but we could not find this information. We recommend contacting the host if you’re concerned about the legitimacy of the property you’re looking at.

But you may wonder if it’s worth the trouble.  That’s why we looked at the possible consequences of staying at an unregistered host.

Sometimes police will address tourists who are in a non-tourist region to ask what they are doing there.  If you say that you’re staying at an Airbnb they may ask for more details to check the legitimacy of that property.  

Police will never give you a hard time but the owner might be in trouble is he is not approved or not paying his taxes.

In rare cases, people were kicked out of their Airbnb. If this happens, you can contact Airbnb who will refund you and find you another accommodation nearby.

When you are hesitant about renting an Airbnb after reading the above, you could always opt for a hotel room instead. 

Here you can find more info about where to stay in Seoul for first-time visitors or take a look at this post if you want to stay in a cool hotel in Seoul. 


Is Airbnb safe in Seoul

There is always the risk that the police may ring at your door when your Airbnb isn’t registered but besides that renting an Airbnb in Seoul is safe. 

Seoul is a safe and well-developed city and the Airbnb’s that we describe below are all in popular tourist districts close to public transport.

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Changdeokgung Palace Secret Garden Seoul South Korea

By staying in an Airbnb in Insadong you’re close to the many beautiful palaces

What to look for when choosing your Airbnb in Seoul

Searching for Airbnb’s in Seoul will return more than 300 properties.  Finding a property in such a long list would be a hell of a job.

To create this selection we used some criteria to have the good properties pop out. 

These are the criteria we used.

Popular tourist areas

To begin, we only selected Airbnb’s in popular tourist areas. 

You can find cheaper Airbnb’s in more remote areas of the city but these have the disadvantage that you will lose (a lot of) time to get to the tourist sights.

We grouped the apartments per district and we describe the pros and cons of each area.


We also limited our selection to Superhosts.

Superhosts are experienced hosts that are recognized by Airbnb for their exceptional quality.  They respond quickly to guests’ requests, at least 80% of their reviews are 5-star (with an overall average of 4.8 or higher) and they rarely cancel reservations.

Especially the latter is important as this gives you peace of mind. 

Nothing is more annoying than having to look for new accommodation at the last minute when your reservation is canceled a few months or weeks before your planned travel date.

English speaking host

An English speaking host was the third criteria we used. 

We stayed in an accommodation in South Korea where the owner did only speak Korean. 

Although we managed to understand each other our conversations were kept to a minimum, the payment and a short tour around the property to show the available amenities. 

If your host speaks English he will be able to enlighten you about the nearby sights and his favorite bars and restaurants.

This personal touch is one of the main reasons we choose to say in Airbnb’s so that’s why we made it a criterion.

Private bathroom

Our last filter was a private bathroom.

We further reduced the list by looking at the reviews. 

A large number of English reviews

We only picked apartments with a large number of English reviews. This was an indication for us on how well the Airbnb owner spoke English. 

We ignored Airbnb’s from which we could deduce from the reviews that they weren’t registered. For example,  some reviewers mentioned that they saw signs in the hallway which said Airbnb was illegal in the building.

We have done our best to keep unregistered Airbn’s out of our selection but we cannot give a 100% guarantee that all properties comply with the law.

To be 100% sure that your accommodation is legal, you should contact your host and ask him.

We selected Airbnb’s and family Airbnb’s with at least 2 separate bedrooms.

When you sleep on a futon on the ground, this is clearly mentioned in the review. 


Seoul Olympic park, South Korea

The Seoul Olympic park known as Olpark, a big green lung for the capital, is located next to Jamsil

Best Airbnbs in Seoul – Quick guide

We created this quick guide for those who are in a rush and don’t have time to go through the complete article.

This quick guide lists the best Airbnb’s based on interests. 

We share the best district to stay for first times, for shopping addicts, for those who want to indulge in Seoul’s vibrant nightlife and more.

Just as a short reminder, we curated this list based on the price, the amenities, the reviews, and the English knowledge of the host. Only Superhosts made it to the list.

All these properties are also close to a metro station. An essential aspect to get around the city quickly.

The full details, including the pros and cons, about the various districts are covered further down this article.

If this is the first time you will be staying in an Airbnb, you can enjoy a great discount by signing up through this link.

The best area to stay for first-time visitors

First-time visitors are best to stay in either Insadong or Myeongdong. Both these districts house many of Seoul’s best sights and count many restaurants.

By staying in one of these two areas you will be able to make most of your stay in the city. 

Best Airbnb in Myeongdong

For couples
Hotel icon
Entire apartment hosted by BR
  • Maximum 4 guests, 1 bedroom, 2 beds, 1 bathroom
Br suite B Myeongdong

This is one of the best Airbnb’s in Myeongdong for couples (Photo credits Airbnb)

The apartment is located in the heart of Myeongdong close to a subway and bus stop.

You will also find plenty of shopping and eateries in this neighborhood.

The host is very helpful and responsive if you have questions. 

Rating: 4.91

Extra amenities: 

  • Pocket Wifi
  • Washer and dryer
  • Air conditioning
  • Luggage dropoff allowed


Read reviews and book: Airbnb 


Best Airbnb in Insadong

For couples
Hotel icon
Typical Korean traditional house
  • 2 guests, 1 bedroom, 2 beds, and private bathroom
Typical Korean traditional house

Typical Korean house in Seoul ( Photo credits Airbnb )

This typical Korean house can be found in the center of Insadong. Guests love the fact that it lies in a great location.

The rooms are a bit small, but the owner is very kind and helpful. Note that there is no tv. 

You will also find plenty of restaurants, coffee shops and bars in the neighborhood.

Rating: 4.77

Extra amenities: 

  • Wifi
  • Washer and dryer
  • Air conditioning
  • Luggage dropoff
Read reviews and book: Airbnb 
For families
Hotel iconWa55 Cozy two bedroom next to Palaces
  • Maximum 5 guests, 2 bedrooms, 2 beds, 1 bathroom
Wa 55, Cozy two Bedrooms next to Palaces

One of the best Airbnb’s in Seoul for families (Photo credits Airbnb)

Guests love the apartment,  the host, and its fantastic location. It is centrally located, close to a lot of Seoul’s highlights.

The apartment is surprisingly spacious and there are lots of shops and eateries nearby. 

Rating: 4.77

Extra amenities: 

  • Wifi
  • Private entrance
  • Luggage dropoff allowed
Read reviews and book: Airbnb 


The best area to stay in Seoul for short stays

Insadong is the best place to stay if you’re in Seoul for just a few days.

Besides that Insadong is well connected by subway with other districts you are also within walking distance of lots of Seoul highlights. 

Take a look at ‘Wa 55 cozy two-bedroom next to Palaces’ for a comfortable stay with all modern amenities.  The apartment is very spacious and almost right next to the palaces.

Another option is to relive the charm of yesteryear in a traditional Korean hanok house.  Staying here will add a unique cultural touch to your vacation.  The property is very well located close to the palaces and Bukchon Hanok Village.

The Hanok house is great for couples as well as those who are traveling with family or friends.  They have family rooms and they can accommodate larger groups in connecting rooms with a shared hall.

Traditional hanok house

A stay in a Korean hanok house adds a dose of tradition to your stay. 

The properties have typically been build over hundreds of years ago and are in stark contrast with the gleaming skyscrapers that are now mushrooming in the capital.

The moment you cross the threshold you will step back in time.  By staying in a traditional Korean hanok you will be able to relive the glory days of Seoul without compromising on contemporary comfort.

Below we share 2 excellent Hanok stays which are both recommended by many travelers. 

Keep in mind that you’re are often sleeping on a (thin) futon mat on the ground when you’re staying in a traditional Hanok house. This might be not the perfect choice if you are a bit older or have back problems. 

For couples

Hotel iconTypical Korean traditional house 
  • 2 guests, 1 bedroom, 2 beds, and private bathroom
Typical Korean traditional house

Photo credits Airbnb

This typical Korean house can be found in the center of Insadong. Guests love the fact that it lies in a great location.

The rooms are a bit small, but the owner is very kind and helpful. Note that there is no tv. 

You will also find plenty of restaurants, coffee shops and bars in the neighborhood.

Rating: 4.77

Extra amenities: 

  • Wifi
  • Washer and dryer
  • Air conditioning
  • Luggage dropoff
Read reviews and book: Airbnb 

For families 

Hotel iconKorean traditional House

traditional korean house

  • Maximum 7 guests, 4 bedrooms, 2 beds, 1,5 bathroom

You can feel like a real local while staying in this traditional Hanok.

The house is within walking distance of a lot of attractions.

The host is very friendly, helpful, and responsive.

A great hanok stay and everything for a unique experience. Great for 4-6 people.


Rating: 4.98

Extra Amenities:

  • Pocket Wifi
  • When required, you can ask for a crib
Read reviews and book: Airbnb 


(Article continues below the picture)

Seoul, Bukchon Hanok Village, South Korea

Most traditional houses can be found in Bukchon Hanok Village

Shopping addicts

There are plenty of opportunities to shop in Seoul. Each district of the city has its own style of shops.

If you are looking for souvenirs and handicraft products, you should consider staying in Insadong.

Deal hunters and art lovers will indulge in Hongdae. 

If you are looking for international and local brands, shopping malls, and lots of department stores Myeongdong is the place for you. 

Gangnam is the place to be for both luxury shopping and budget-savvy shoppers. 


Looking for a party in Seoul?  That shouldn’t be a problem, Koreans work hard but they know how to party. 

Different from most of the rest of the world the party scene is alive throughout the whole week.

Itaewon is a good place to start. 

You will find a mixed scene, the bars and clubs are frequented by both locals and expats. This district counts plenty of nightlife opportunities and is very international. 

Hongdae attracts a younger crowd because of the nearby colleges. 

Students drown their sorrows with cheap booze.  The district is known for its street performances and more underground music scene. This is a great place to mingle with the locals. 

Upscale party lovers with deep pockets can also head to the Beverly Hills of Korea, Gangnam. 

Here you will find a list of more fun things to do in Seoul at night. 


Best Airbnb in Seoul for families with children

Families will love both Insadong and Myeongdong.

By staying in these areas you will be close to the historic center and within walking distance of most of Seoul’s highlights.  This means you won’t need to spend too much time on public transport.

Both districts are also well-connected to other districts of the city as well as Incheon airport and Seoul station, the city’s main transportation hub.

Children will love Lotte World.  The amusement park is located slightly outside the city center.

If you are looking for more things to do in Seoul, click here. 


If you want to stay close to the park you should look for accommodation in Jamsil.

Seoul, Seoul Tower Love locks, South Korea

A view on Seoul from the base of Seoul tower

Where should I stay in Seoul Airbnb

Here we start our in-depth guide on the different areas in Seoul. 

Where to stay in Seoul-Which area to stay in Seoul

This is an in-depth guide about the different areas.

Here we share the pros and cons of each area so you can choose the best area to stay in Seoul for you based on your own interests and preferences. 

Our selection of Airbnb’s in these districts is based on the numerous reviews we found online and on these other criteria mentioned above.

City Hall Seoul, South Korea

The Seoul City Hall is located at the heart of the city, within walking distance of Insadong


By staying in Insadong you are staying in the most traditional and cultural district of Seoul.

Here you are in the heart of Seoul and within walking distance of most palaces, the Jogyesa Buddhist Temple, the Bukchon Hanok village, and Gwanghwamum square.  You won’t need to go far to check many of the top sights of Seoul of your list.

It’s a very touristy district with lots of tea houses, restaurants, art galleries, and souvenir shops.

Being a touristy district you will also find quite a lot of interesting museums such as the entertaining Alive Museum, the largest 4D art museum in Korea, and the Kimchi Museum where you can learn everything about this quintessential Korean dish.

Here you will find a complete Seoul itinerary. Wondering what to do in Seoul if you have 4 days, click here.


How to get here by public transport?  Nearest subway station: Anguk Station, Exit #6

Pros and cons
  • Lots of Seoul highlights on foot
  • Plenty of restaurants to choose from
  • In close proximity to some interesting Seoul attractions


  • No active nightlife

Insadong is a great place to stay for first-time visitors.

Families often choose to stay here because it’s a relatively relaxed neighborhood compared to other districts in Seoul.

Because you are close to many of the most important sights it is also a good choice for shorter stays.

Best Airbnb’s in Insadong
For couples

Hotel iconTypical Korean-traditional house

  • 2 guests, 1 bedroom, 2 beds and,  private bathroom
Typical Korean traditional house

Photo credited Airbnb

This typical Korean house can be found in the center of Insadong.

Guests love the fact that it lies in a great location.

The rooms are a bit small, but the owner is very kind and helpful.

You will also find plenty of restaurants, coffee shops and bars in the neighborhood.

Rating: 4.77

Extra amenities: 

  • Breakfast is included
  • Washing machine

If you are looking for a 5-star luxury hotel, you should probably look elsewhere but if you are looking for an authentic experience this is the place to stay.

More information and booking: Airbnb 
For families

Hotel iconWa 55, Cozy two Bedrooms next to Palaces

  • Maximum 5 guests, 2 bedrooms, 2 beds, 1 bathroom
Wa 55, Cozy two Bedrooms next to Palaces

Photo credits Airbnb

Guests love the apartment,  the host, and its fantastic location. It is in a great location to see many of Seoul’s highlights.

The apartment is surprisingly spacious and there are lots of shopping and eateries nearby. 

Rating: 4.95

Extra amenities: 

  • Air conditioning
  • Private entrance

Great value for money.


Note that the apartment is on the 3rd floor and there is no elevator.


More information and booking: Airbnb 
(The article continues below the picture)
Myeongdong Street Food Seoul South Korea

In the evening, street vendors put up their carts in the shopping streets of Myeongdong


Myeongdong known for its extensive shopping is located between Insadong and Namsan Mountain.

Whatever you have in mind, it can likely be bought at this paradise for the shopaholic. 

It’s easy to spend a day in the shopping streets lined with everything from regular stores over designer brands to huge department stores such as Shinsegae and the Lotte Department Store.

The district also counts some fake markets (markets selling counterfeit items). 

Here you are close to Namsan Park and the 236-meter high N Seoul Tower, an iconic landmark of the city. 

The Myeongdong Cathedral is another popular sight in this district.

Read also: the perfect Seoul itinerary for first-time visitors.

In the evening, you will find plenty of street food carts along the main shopping street. You should definitely try these delicacies.

You will be surprised by the wide variety of sweet and savory snacks that are being sold.  

How to get here by public transport? Myeongdong Station

Pros and cons
  • Lots of shopping opportunities
  • Many restaurants
  • Great street food


  • Less lively at night as Itaewon or Hongdae
  • Since this area is popular among both tourists and Seoulites it can be very busy until late in the night

Myeongdong is another good place to stay for first-timers. It is well-located in between Insadong and Mt. Namsan which combined have the majority of tourist sights.

Shopaholics and food-lovers will probably prefer Myeongdong over Insadong. 

In Myeongdong you can eat your way around Seoul and you can hang out until late in the many shops, restaurants, and pubs. 

This is a lively district.  Still, if you’re looking for some real kicking nightlife it’s better to stay in Itaewon or Hongdae.

On the other hand, if you prefer a quieter area to stay in Seoul, we would advise you to stay in Insadong. 

Best Airbnb in Myeongdong
For couples

Hotel iconBR’ Suite B @ Central MYEONGDONG!

  • Maximum 4 guests, 1 bedroom, 2 beds, 1 bathroom
Br suite B Myeongdong

Photo credits Airbnb

The apartment is located in the heart of Myeongdong.  It’s close to both a subway and a bus stop and you will also find plenty of shops and eateries in the neighborhood.

The host is very helpful and responsive, several reviews mention that he usually responds within minutes.

Guests find this a very comfortable Airbnb and love that many necessary amenities such as shampoo, conditioner are present. 

The host even provides a Wifi egg. 

Rating: 4.91

Extra amenities: 

  • kitchen
  • Wifi egg
  • Dryer

Highly recommend places for a couple.


More information and booking: Airbnb 
Hongdae Eatery Seoul South Korea

Hongdae is close to Hongik University and counts many budget-friendly eateries


Hongdae near Hongik University, famous for its fine arts program, is one of Seoul’s liveliest districts.

The artsy students give this district a vibe different from the other areas in Seoul.  There’re colorful murals, loads of karaoke bars, thrift stores, and shops selling handmade art pieces. 

The pubs and clubs in Hongdae are popular hangouts for the students.

The shops also cater to these budget-aware students which means that deal hunters love to frequent the shopping streets in Hongdae when they go on a shopping spree.

Hongdae is also home to the famous ‘The Trick Eye Museum’, an interactive museum that gives off impressive optical illusions.

How to get here by public transport?  

Nearest subway station: Hongik University Station, Exit #9

There is a direct train connection between Incheon airport and Hongik University Station. You will be at the university in about 50 minutes without having to transfer.

Pros and cons
  • Plenty of restaurant and bars
  • Vibrant nightlife and party scene


  • Very busy and less authentic
  • Alive day and night

Hongdae offers a broad selection of budget-friendly accommodations.  This is the best place to stay for backpackers and young travelers who will love to mingle with the local students in the vibrant nightlife scene.

Best Airbnb’s in Hongdae
For couples

Hotel iconApartment by Yonz

Apartment by Yonz

Apartment by Yonz ( photo credits Airbnb)

  • 3 guests, apartment, 1 queen-size bed, 1 single bed, 1 bathroom

This is a spacious and clean apartment

The apartment is located in a lovely neighborhood of Hongdae near a big park, yet it is still only a 4-minute walk from Hongik University station.

You will find plenty of restaurants and bars in the neighborhood.

Note that there is no elevator and the apartment is located on the 3rd floor. 

Great place if you want to stay in the heart of Hongdae.


Rating: 4,66

Extra amenities: 

  • Air-conditioning
  • Pocket Wifi
More information and booking: Airbnb 
For families

Hotel iconAmazing rooftop apartment in Hongdae

  • 5 guests, 2 bedrooms, 3 beds, one bathroom
Amazing rooftop appartment in Hongdae

Photo credits Airbnb

This is a centrally located apartment within walking distance from buses, trains, local restaurants, and bars.

Super friendly host that responds quickly when you have inquiries.

Well-provided with several amenities such as a toothbrush, soap, shampoo, and hairdryer.

On a warm evening, you can enjoy the view from the beautiful roof terrace. 

Rating: 4.95

Extra amenities: 

  • Wifi egg
  • Air conditioning in each room
  • Big tv with over 150 digital channels

Please note that you need to carry your luggage to the second floor of the building, the stairway is steep and narrow. 

More information and booking: Airbnb 


Gangnam by night Seoul South Korea

Futuristic Gangnam is also called Beverly Hills because of the upscale shops, bars, and restaurants


Gangnam, also called the Beverly Hills of Korea, became world-famous thanks to PSY’s song ‘Gangnam Style’. 

It received that nickname not for nothing.  The shiny skyscrapers with the fancy rooftop terraces and more spacious apartments house many wealthy South Koreans.  This high-heeled clientele has attracted fancy restaurants and pubs as well as luxury designer shops.

This is where we stayed while we were in Seoul but we wouldn’t recommend doing so when it’s your first visit to the city. 

Gangnam houses some popular sights such as the Bonguensa Buddhist Temple, the COEX Mall, a huge underground shopping center that besides shops also contains a movie theater, a concert hall, and an aquarium, the royal tombs of the Joseon dynasty, and the nearby Olympic Park. 

A visit to the city is not complete if you haven’t soaked up the atmosphere of this district.

Staying here, however, puts you far away from the main sights the capital has to offer.  Despite the excellent metro system it still takes 45 minutes to reach Insadong.

First-time visitors will lose a lot of precious time on the metro.  Gangnam is a great area though for subsequent visits if you want to get a taste of the luxurious life of the rich and famous Seoulites.

How to get here by public transport?  Depending on where you’re staying you can either opt for Gangnam station or Cheongdam Station (Green line 7), Samseong station (Green line 2) or Sinsa or Apgujeong Station (Orange line 3)

Pros and cons
  • Upscale area
  • Appartements tend to be a tad bigger
  • Lots of good restaurants and plenty of shopping opportunities


  • Far from a lot of the major attractions
  • Not ideal for your first visit to Seoul

We loved our stay in Gangnam but in hindsight, we would have preferred to be closer to the palaces and other prime sights. 

There’re many restaurants and bars in Gangnam, and there’s a great upscale partying scene. The major drawback is that you lose a lot of time commuting to the main sights in Seoul.

This makes Gangnam a great location to stay for those who have already seen the most important sights.

First-timers are better to stay in more central areas such as Insadong and Myeongdong.

Airbnb in Gangnam

Here we share the best Airbnb’s in the Gangnam area.

For couples

Hotel iconGangnam Corner suite modern blue house

  • 2 guests, 1 bedroom, 1 bed and, 1 bathroom
GGangnam Stn. Corner Suite Modern Blue House

Photo credits Airbnb

This Airbnb is a 2-minute walk from Gangnam station. It’s very easy reachable with the limo bus from the airport.

The host is helpful and usually responds very fast.

The loft offers amazing city views and you also have access to a rooftop terrace.

There are several convenience stores and restaurants in the neighborhood. 

Rating: 4.92

Extra amenities: 

  • Professional cleaning service
  • Wifi 
  • Air conditioning
  • Discounted parking price

Nice apartment in the middle of Gangnam, perfect for couples.


Read reviews and book: Airbnb 
Itaewon Seoul South Korea

View of Itaewon with Mt. Namsan in the background


This is the place to stay if you want to be surrounded by a huge expat community.  Itaewon is a multicultural area where English is widely spoken.

The expat community has attracted a vast choice of international restaurants.  You will find something for everybody’s taste.

The district has a vibrant nightlife scene with many pubs and clubs frequented by locals and international guests. 

Itaewon is a great place for solo travelers who want to mingle with both expats as well as other tourists.

This is not the place to be if you’re looking for a quiet stay.  The party can go on until the wee hours and you may occasionally bump into a drunk in the early morning.

Itaewon is relatively well located South of Mount Namsan. 

This puts you close to Namsan Tower and you may enjoy beautiful views of the tower after dark.  Other popular sights are the Leeum Samsung Museum of Art and the Central Mosque, the only mosque in Seoul. 

How to get here by public transport? Itaewon Station (Line 6) more or less marks the center of the district.  It takes about half an hour to reach the most popular sights from this station.

Pros and cons
  • International food scene
  • Plenty of restaurant and bars
  • Vibrant nightlife


  • Very vibrant nightlife, it can be noisy at night
  • Good located for Namsan but not for other prime sights in Seoul

Itaewon is a great location for solo travelers who want to mingle with other travelers and expats. 

The international party scene makes it easy to make contact with others.  

Airbnb’s in Itaewon
For couples
Hotel icon

Hotel-quality Itaewon B&B

  • 2 guests, 1 bedroom, 1 bed, 1 private bath
Private room in condominium

Photo credits: Airbnb

This Airbnb is located in an awesome area within 5 minutes walk from the subway station and several bus lines.

Breakfast is included.

The hosts are described as very friendly and hospitable and they both speak very well English.

There are tons of dining, shopping, and entertainment choices in the neighborhood.

Rating: 4.97

Extra amenities: 

  • Free Wifi
  • Laptop friendly workplace
  • Breakfast is included
  • Air conditioning

Note that the owners have a cat. If you are allergic to cats you may prefer to stay in another Airbnb. 


More information and booking: Airbnb 

For families

Hotel icon

Garden and rooftop house

  • maximum 5 guests, 2 bedrooms, 2 queen size beds and 1 single bed and 1 bathroom
Garden and rooftop house

Photo credited Airbnb

This warm and cozy home offers amazing views and you have the possibility to organize your own Korean-style BBQ.

No problem though if you don’t want to prepare your own food, there are lots of restaurants and bars within walking distance.

The host is said to be amazingly helpful and responsive. 

Note that the entrance of the house is away from the main road with steep steps and slopes.

Rating: 4.83

Extra amenities: 

  • Self-check-in with keypad
  • Free Wifi
  • Washing machine

Beautiful place with great views of the city.


More information and booking: Airbnb 

The Lotte World Tower, the tallest tower in Seoul, is located in Jamsil next to the Lotte World Amusement Park


The main attraction of Jamsil is Lotte World, which makes a great day trip from Seoul. 

A fun day for young and old with 3 theme parks, Lotte World Adventure, Lotte Magical Land, and the Lotte World Aquarium.

This makes Jamsil a popular place to stay in Seoul for families.

Across the street of Lotte World is the Lotte world tower, the tallest building in Korea.

The 123rd floor of this tower houses one of the most famous viewing decks of Seoul, the Seoul Sky Observation deck.

This offers impressive 360-degrees views from a height of 555 meters.

The tower is built on the top of the Lotte World Mall.  This huge mall counts hundreds of shops spread out across no less than 17 floors.  Besides shops, you will also find a cinema and an aquarium.

Lotte World holds several records for having the biggest and longest aquarium, the largest Asian Cinema, as well as the largest cinema screen.

If you fancy a night at the movies this is the place to be, this complex shows international films in English.

When staying in Jamsil you are also close to the ancient burial grounds of the Joseon dynasty and the Olympic Park, a huge park specially created for the 1998 Seoul summer Olympic Games. 

How to get here by public transport? Jamsil Station, lines 2 & 8

Pros and cons
  • Quiet area 
  • Close to everything Lotte World has  to offer
  • Lots of shopping possibilities
  • Less centrally located

Jamsil is a good place to stay if you want to be near Lotte World. 

You can easily spend one day in the amusement parks and another day shopping.

Although this sounds like a lot of fun I would argue that Seoul has much more to offer. Jamsil is away from Seoul’s prime sights and first-time visitors would lose a lot of time commuting up and down every day.

Airbnb in Jamsil
For families
Hotel icon

2 bedroom house near Lotte World

  • Maximum 8 guests, 2 bedrooms, 3 beds ( 1 double bed, 2 single beds, and 1 sofa ), 1 bathroom
2 bedroom house near Lotte World

Photo credits Airbnb

This place is a few minutes from a metro station and it’s a 10-15 minute walk to Lotte World.

Responsive, friendly, and helpful host.

Check out is relatively early at 10 am.

Rating: 4.80

Extra amenities: 

  • Free parking on premises
  • Wifi
  • Self-check-in with keypad
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Alice house

  • 6 guests, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom
Alice house

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This Airbnb is very well located for a visit to Lotte World. 

There is a fully-equipped kitchen and the nearby shops make it easy to prepare your own dishes. Or you could eat at one of the restaurants in the neighborhood.

The host is very nice and helpful and speaks English.

There is a bus stop and subway within walking distance from the Airbnb.

Rating: 4.79

Extra amenities: 

  • Free parking on premises
  • Wifi
  • Washing machine but no dryer

Wonderful place, perfect for a solo traveler or a couple


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Seoul counts a lot of great Airbnbs. 

Most of Seoul’s highlights are located around Insadong and Myeongdong, which is why we recommend that first-timers stay in that region.

Seoul is a stretched-out city and if you put yourself away from the center you will waste a lot of time commuting.  

If you ever come back to the city, which you probably will because it is an incredibly fascinating city, you can opt to stay in another district and in this way discover the sights region by region.

Have a great time in Seoul!

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