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3 Great Azores Itinerary 7 days Suggestions For First-Timers

Are you looking for the perfect Azores 7-day itinerary? You have come to the right place. 

Here we share several suggestions for 7-day Azores itineraries. 

Some focus on the highlights while others will take you to more off-the-beaten-path Azores islands.

Whichever of these Azores itineraries you choose, we are sure you will have an unforgettable Azores holiday.

There is a really good chance that this post contains affiliate links. If you click one of them, we may receive a small commission (for which we are deeply grateful) at no extra cost to you.

Azores travel planner

Is this your first trip to the Azores and do you feel a bit overwhelmed by the travel preparations?

Creating a fantastic itinerary for the Azores will be much easier and much more enjoyable with our Azores Travel Planner.

Sete cidades is a must visit on every 7 days Azores itinerary
The iconic view of Sete Cidades on São Miguel island

7 Days In The Azores

Option 1: Explore São Miguel in 7 days

São Miguel is the largest island in the Azores and it has plenty of attractions to keep you busy for the whole week.

Day 1: Sete Cidades Area, Ponta da Ferraria And Mosteiro Beach

Sete Cidades

This is the most famous attraction of São Miguel.

The lakes are best seen from the viewpoints of Vista do Rei and Boca do Inferno.

Other interesting things to do in the area:

  • Drive from Vista do Rei to Cidades town: this is a beautiful drive that brings you along many beautiful vistas.
  • Sete Cidades town: stop to admire the white-washed church.
  • Go hiking: there are several interesting trails to hike

Please note that the weather in the Azores can change quickly and you can sometimes experience 4 seasons in one day. Therefore we advise you to plan your trip to Sete Cidades on your first day. This way you can adjust your schedule when the weather is bad and the views are foggy. Check the webcam at before leaving.

Aerial view on Termas da Ferraria
Ponta da Ferraria on a windy day
Go Swimming at Ponta da Ferraria

Ponta da Ferraria is a natural swimming pool that is heated by a nearby thermal spring.

This makes the water warmer than in the many other natural pools that are located along the island’s rocky coast.

Note that there is also a heated pool in the nearby wellness complex ( for a fee) for the more shivery types.

Mosteiros Sao Miguel Azores Portugal
Mosteiro beach
Mosteiro Beach

Depending on the time and energy you still have left, drive to the impressive Mosteiros beach to catch a beautiful sunset.

The beach is only a 10-15 minutes drive from Sete Cidades. Here you can find more information.

Whale tail
A whale lob-tailing

Day 2: Go Whale Watching and Dolphin Watching and Head To The Beach

Whale And Dolphin Watching

São Miguel is home to more than 25 different species of whales and is one of the best places in the world for whale watching.

The best time to spot whales is from April to October.

Whale-watching tours leave from Ponta Delgada ( bigger boats ) or Vila Franca do Campo ( zodiacs) and last around 3 hours.

You can even go swimming with dolphins in the Azores.

Not in a controlled environment like they do in some places, here you join them in their natural environment, the deep blue ocean.

Not sure which boat is best for whale watching?

The bigger boats allow you to walk around and have toilets.  The zodiacs have the advantage of being fast. If they get the location of a sighting they can rush to the spot.  That greatly increases your chances of spotting these animals.

One drawback of the zodiacs is that the ride can be bumpy and thus not suitable for those with back problems.

For most the Zodiac tour will be the best option. We, therefore, advise you to book the whale watching tour that departs from Vila Franca do Campo.

If you want to compare the various tours you can read our complete guide about whale watching on São Miguel.

Tips: As the weather in the Azores is often fickle and tours sometimes get canceled because of bad weather, we advise you to book your whale watching trip early on your holiday. This way you still have the possibility to reschedule your tour if the tour would be canceled.

Islet Vila Franca do Campo São Miguel_Azores_Portugal
The beautiful islet of Vila Franca do Campo
Head To The Beach

If you decide to go whale watching from Vila Franca do Campo you could spend the remainder of your day on the Islet of Vila Franca do Campo.

This special islet is the remains of an old volcano and can only be reached by boat.

The beach is located inside the crater and is connected to the ocean by a small channel.

Since the channel protects the lake from big waves, it’s a great location for snorkeling and families with small kids.

Buy your tickets well in advance as only a limited number of people are allowed on the island at a time.

If you opt for a bigger boat from Ponta Delgada, great nearby beaches are Populo beach and Piscinas do Pesqueiro.

Plane Arrival Ponta Delgada
Welcome to Ponta Delgada

Day 3: Ponta Delgada

Ponta Delgada is the capital of São Miguel and a charming city that can be explored in half a day.

These are the sights you absolutely shouldn’t miss in Ponta Delgada:

  • Portas de Cidade: the 18th century city gate
  • Praça Gonçalo Velho cabral: main town square
  • Fort of São Brás: military fort that turned into the military museum
  • Santuário do Senhor Santo
  • Waterfront area
  • Botanical garden
  • Farmers market
Visit a Pineapple Plantation

You can also visit a pineapple plantation.

There are several pineapple plantations near Ponta Delgada that are free to visit.

The Plantação de Ananás dos Açores is located a few minutes walk from the center of Ponta Delgada. Here you can visit the greenhouses and learn more about pineapple production. After your visit, you can taste pineapple jam and pineapple liqueur.

The Augusto Arruda Pineapple Plantation is located on an old orange farm. Here you can take a self-guided tour along the plantation and learn everything about the growing of pineapples. There is also a gift shop and a café.

Cha Gorreana
The Tea Factory of Chá Gorreana

Wonder how tea is made? Visit the oldest tea plantation in Europe where things are still done manually.

You can independently walk around the plantation and factory and learn everything about the tea-making process.

There is also a 3.4 km easy trail that winds around the plantation and offers great views of it.

After your visit, you can taste the tea free of charge. There is also a small souvenir shop.

Lagoa do fogo on São Miguel
The beautiful Lagoa do Fogo

Day 4: Visit Lagoa do Fogo, Admire Cascata do Salto do Cabrito, Hike to the Lagoa do Fogo lakeshore

Lagoa do Fogo

Drive up to the Lagoa do Fogo crater lake.

These are the best viewpoints to admire the beauty of the lake.

  • Miradouro do Pico da Barrosa: the highest viewpoint. It is located along EN5-2A. You can drive to this viewpoint and there is a small parking lot
  • Miradouro da Lagoa do Fogo: Also located along EN5-2A, a little lower than the previous viewpoint. There’s a trail that leads from this viewpoint to the lakeshore. This is different from the “official” trail to the lake that we discuss below. Be careful if you go down because the path can become very slippery.
  • Miradouro do Pico da Vela: Another view of the lake from the nearby Pico da Vela which is 862 meters high. The trail to this viewpoint is a 9km out and back trail with an elevation gain of 344 meters. It starts near Porto Formosa.

Tip: Check the webcam before driving to the top. The lake is often covered in clouds and driving up is only worth it when there are no clouds.

Salto do Cabrito Sao Miguel Azores, Portugal
Salto do Cabrito
Cascata do Salto do Cabrito

This 20-meter-high waterfall can be found nearby Caldeiras da Ribeira Grande.

It’s possible to drive almost all the way to the waterfall.

There, from the parking lot, you already have a wonderful view of the waterfall.

For another viewpoint, you can follow the hike that leads up to the top of the waterfall. At the top, there’s a bridge that offers views straight down the Salto do Cabrito.

Here you can find more info on the waterfall and the hike.

Hike To The Lakeshore of Lagoa de Fogo

If you love hiking you can also make another great 11 km long hike to the lakeshore of Lagoa de Fogo. Here you can find all info.

Head To The Beach Or Explore Nearby Ribeira Grande

If you don’t want to go hiking you could spend the rest of your day on the beach of Praia de Santa Barbara or explore the charming town of Ribeira Grande.

Relax In The Caldeira Velha Hot Springs

Another option to end your day is the thermal baths of Caldeira Velha.

These 3 thermal hot springs are perfect to relax after a busy day of exploring.

Here is more info about the hot springs.

The Caldeiras near Lagoa Das Furnas
Geiser Furnas

Day 5: Visit Furnas

Furnas, located on the eastern part of São Miguel island is known for its geothermal activity and is a must-see.

Check out our list of amazing things to do in Furnas.

  • Lagoa das Furnas: a scenic crater lake. If you love hiking you can hike around the lake
  • Caldeiras da Lagoa das Furnas: Steaming holes where they cook the famous cozido de Furnas.
  • Cozido de Furnas: A traditional Portuguese stew made in the steaming holes.
  • Miradouro do Pico do Ferro: From this viewpoint, you have an amazing view of the Furnas Valley.
  • Caldeiras das Furnas: another series of steaming holes just behind the Furnas hotel where you find boiling mud pots and steaming geysers.
  • Hot springs in Furnas: Poça da Dona Beija (a hot spring with 5 hot pools), Terra Nostra Baths ( here you will find 3 iron-enriched thermal pools), or the thermal pools of the Furnas hotel.
  • Terra nostra gardens: These beautiful gardens are part of the Terra Nostra hotel and pools.
  • Cascata da Ribeira Quente: This waterfall can be found a 10-minute drive from Furnas.

Here is more info on the best things to do in Furnas.

The charming town of Nordeste on São Miguel
The charming town of Nordeste

Day 6: Discover Nordeste

Today you will explore Nordeste, a less visited part of São Miguel.

Here is an overview of the best things to do in Nordeste.

  • Explore the charming town of Nordeste.
  • Enjoy the view from the many viewpoints: Ponta da Sossega viewpoint and gardens, Ponta da Madrugada viewpoint, and Pico do Bartolomeu viewpoint.
  • Visit the Farol do Arnel
  • Visit the Parque Ribeira dos Caldeiroes
  • Go hiking: The Fajã do Araujo trail and the Lomba da Fazenda trail ( currently closed) are good hikes to name a few.

For more fun things to do and all the details of the above-mentioned attractions, check out our post on Nordeste.

Day 7: Free Day

Depending on how late you leave you still have time to explore some parts of Ponta Delgada. Below are 2 suggestions in case you checked off everything of day 3 already.

You can go to Gruta do Carvão where you can descend into an ancient lava tube.

The Azores are located on the same fault line as Iceland and there used to be a lot of volcanic activity.

There’s also a small military museum in the historic fort in Ponta Delgada.

There are old weapons on display along with some information about wars in which the Portuguese army participated.

Where to stay in São Miguel

São Miguel is the largest island in the Azores.

Although still relatively small it makes sense to pick two bases to enjoy your time to the fullest. This way you limit the time in your rental car and you have more time to enjoy the outdoors.

Good bases are Ponta Delgada to explore the western part of the island and Furnas to explore the eastern part. We recommend staying in Casa do Contador in Ponta Delgada. We stayed in the Furnas Boutique Hotel while we were in Furnas and loved it.

For this specific itinerary, we suggest staying in Ponta Delgada for days 1 to 4 and then moving to Furnas.

Espalamaca lookout Faial Azores Portugal
Espalamaca lookout in Faial

Option 2: Explore São Miguel and Faial

São Miguel is the biggest and also the most-visited island. You can’t say it’s very touristy, but compared to the other islands there is a difference.

That’s why some would say that the Azores’ true beauty is found on the smaller islands.

That is why we also provide these 2 alternative options where you visit 2 islands.

The first route goes to Faial and the 2nd includes Terceira.

These 2 islands appealed to us enormously and both have sights that you don’t see in São Miguel.

When you visit 2 islands you can soak up the different atmosphere that prevails on both.

Miradouro da Boca do Inferno, a must visit on every 7 days azores itinerary.
Miradouro da Boca do Inferno

Day 1: Ponta Delgada & Sete Cidades

Depending on where you’re coming from you may need some time to acclimatize.

That’s why today we will take it slow.

We will explore Ponta Delgada and head to Sete Cidades, one of the absolute highlights of the island.

Ponta Delgada

The Azores are an autonomous region of Portugal and they have their own government.

Ponta Delgada is the capital but without the bustle and hectic activity that we traditionally associate with a major city.

It’s nice to stroll along the waterfront and you will find cozy terraces in the center.

The major sights are the Portas de Cidade, the Praça Gonçalo Velho Cabral, the Santuário do Senhor Santo, and Fort São Brás.

There’s also a traditional farmer’s market each day of the week with the exception of Sunday. Fridays and Saturdays are the most popular days with the most vendors.

Lastly, there’s the Jose do Canto Botanical garden. A pleasant and beautifully landscaped garden in the center of the city.

Sete Cidades

The 2-colored lake near Sete Cidades is the iconic postcard of the island.

If the weather permits (check the webcams) we recommend going there.

The viewpoints are sometimes shrouded in mist so you should grab each opportunity to enjoy the magnificent vista.

We saw this dolphin on our whale watching tour
Whale and Dolphin watching are a highlight of every Azores trip

Day 2: Go Whale Watching and Dolphin Watching and Head To The Beach

The Azores are one of the best places in the world for whale watching.

There are 25 different whale and dolphin species, including some resident species that can be spotted year-round.

Tours leave from Ponta Delgada and Vila Franca do Campo.

Many tours use zodiacs although in Ponta Delgada you can opt to go on a larger boat.

We recommend going on a zodiac tour from Vila Franca do Campo because:

  • zodiac boats are faster and can rush to the location of a sighting once they get the news
  • tours leaving from Vila Franco do Campo will circle around Ilhéu Vila Franco on their way back. A good way to see this unique island from up close

Curious about what to expect from a whale-watching tour in the Azores? Here’s our full review, including an overview of the different tours.

In the oceans around the Azores, you can do another, at least as exciting activity: swimming with dolphins.

This is not an interactive activity with the dolphins, they won’t push you or jump over you, but it is fun to spend time with the dolphins in their natural habitat. Here’s more information.

You can spend the afternoon at the idyllic beach of Islet Vila Franca or you can explore more of São Miguel.

Islet Vila Franca

The beach is probably unlike anything you have ever seen before. It’s splendid and child friendly and it can only be reached by boat.

There’s a cap to the number of visitors though and access is on a first-come-first-serve basis.

If you want to be sure of a spot you should probably go to the beach first thing in the morning and plan the whale excursion for the afternoon.

Lagoa do Fogo, Caldeira Velha, Cascato do Salto do Cabrito

If you feel like exploring more of São Miguel you can drive to the Cascata do Salto do Cabrito, a 20-meter high waterfall near Ribeira Grande.

On the way, you will pass Caldeira Velha, natural hot springs that you can soak into for a moment of relaxation.

Afterward, you can drive to the viewpoints of Lagoa do Fogo. Check the webcams first because you won’t see a thing if there’re clouds.

Both Caldeira Velha and Lagoa do Fogo can be nice places to end the day.

On a good day, you will have a stunning sunset over the lake, on cloudy days the hot springs will be the best option.

Furnas deserves a place on every 7 day Azorers itinerary
Caldeiras de Furnas

Day 3: Furnas

Furnas is east of Ponta Delgada, about a 45minute to an hour’s drive away.

Check out day 5 above, or this article, for the best things to do in Furnas.

Here are some suggestions in case you want to be more active:

  • Hike around Lagoa das Furnas, an easy 9.5 km loop
  • Go canyoning in Ribeira dos Caldeiroes. Canyoning is a really fun way to explore this beautiful green park with its stunning waterfalls
  • Hike to Salto do Prego. This was one of our favorite hikes on the island. It’s a 4.5 km loop to yet another beautiful waterfall.

Best place to stay on São Miguel

We recommend staying in Ponta Delgada for this itinerary. Casa do Contador is a good option. If you prefer staying in a rental, click here or here.

Morro de Castelo Branco Faial Azores Portugal
Morro de Castelo Branco in Faial

Day 4: Fly To Faial

Depending on when your flight goes you may still have some time to spend on São Miguel.

If you do you could head to Mosteiros beach.

This volcanic beach impresses with a series of rock formations in the form of a church. While you need some imagination to see the church, the rock formations make it a photogenetic beach anyway.

Faial is sometimes referred to as the blue islands because it has an abundance of blue hydrangeas. To see them in full bloom you should time your visit around late July or early August. Here is a post about the best time to visit the Azores.

Wondering where to stay on Faia, check out this post.

There’s, of course, much more to see on this island.

We will start by visiting Horta, the island’s major city, and its nearby sights.

Horta Harbour Faial Azores Portugal
Horta Harbour

For years Horta has been a favorite stopping point for yachts doing a world cruise or a transatlantic crossing.

The island is somewhere halfway between the two continents.

Horta Marina

The sailors used to stop to get the latest weather forecasts, and they left a mural on the docks for good fortune.

Nowadays all yachts get their weather reports digitally but they still make the stop, sometimes to stock up on supplies.

The tradition to leave a mural has also stood the test of time.

A walk along the marina is really worthwhile to see all these colorful works of art.

Peter Café Sport on Faial
Peter Sports Café

When you’ve checked out all the yachts and murals you can have a drink or snack in Peter Sports café, the most famous café in the Azores.

It used to be the favorite meeting point of the sailors but today it has become the go-to place for tourists.

Does it all sound a bit too touristy? We absolutely understand. In any case, take a look inside, the entire pub is decorated with flags and other memorabilia of the sailors who passed here before continuing their journey.

Porto Pim Faial, Azores, Portugal
Porto Pim on Faial, read on to discover the best way to get to the Azores
Praia do Porto Pim

Praia do Porto Pim is just a few minutes walk from the yacht harbor.

The enclosed bay offers a family-friendly and scenic beach with the Monte da Guia in the backdrop.

You can hike or drive up Monte da Guia for better views of the beach and Horta.

Also, if you’re interested in the whaling history of the Azores, make sure to stop at the whaling museum at the bottom of the Monte da Guia.

This used to be a Whale Factory and you can still see most of the original machinery.

Our last stops for today take us to the other side of the town.

Espalamaca lookout Faial Azores Portugal
Espalamaca lookout
Viewpoint of Nossa Senhora da Conceição/ Espalamaca Lookout

The first is the viewpoint of Nossa Senhora da Conceição. also called the Espalamaca lookout.

The vista offers distant 360-degree views. In one direction there’s the town of Horta, on the opposite side is the black sandy beach of Praia do Almoxarife and you can also see Pico, the neighboring island with its towering volcano.

Praia do Almoxarife is only 5-minutes by car. You can end your day there, there are also some restaurants near the beach.

On good days the sunset from Nossa Senhora da Conceição is also stunning.

Caldeira Faial Azores, Portugal
Caldeira Faial

Day 5: Caldeira & Morro de Castelo Branco

Caldeira Crater

The Caldeira crater is a must-see sight of Faial.

You can drive up the crater to a look-out from where a trail starts that loops around the volcano.

Check the weather before you head up. It is impressive to see how the clouds creep over the rim of the crater and then fall into it.

However, it is when the weather is good that the view is truly spectacular.

The crater is 2 kilometers wide, and the trail that loops around it is about 8 kilometers.

The trail is mostly flat and relatively easy.

We loved the trail because it shows you the crater from different angles. Just know that some parts of the trail are narrow and lead along steep drop-offs.

If you’re afraid of rights it may be better to skip this hike.

Morro de Castelo Branco Faial Azores Portugal
Morro de Castelo Branco
Morro de Catelo Branco

From the Caldeira we make our way to the Morro de Castelo Branco, an impressive rock protruding from the southwestern corner of the island.

The rock is a great place for bird watching. Seabirds have their nests here in Spring and Summer.

You can drive to a small parking lot near the rock or you can hike PRC5FAI, a circular trail that starts at the main circular road (EN1-1A).

The trail is 3.7 kilometers and leads through the meadows on the way down to the rock.

The last part along the cliffs is really nice, you can see a sailboat that has crashed against the rocks.

The way back follows the car road and therefore we decided to return the way we came.

The best parts about the trail are all near the rock so if you’re short on time you can drive down to the parking lot and just walk the part of the trail to the rock and along the cliffs.

Capelinhos Faial Azores, Portugal
The impressive moonlike landscape on the west coast of Faial

Day 6: Visit Capelinhos

When you arrive at Capelinhos it feels like you have arrived on another planet. To us, it felt like a moonscape, but obviously, we can’t compare because we haven’t yet been to the moon. 🙂

In any case, it sure is impressive. After all those days in the lush greenery, this landscape is as dead and as desolate as it can be.

What makes it all the more special is the lonely lighthouse that still stands. It is a miracle that it has survived the eruption.

You can start your visit at the visitor center, there you will also find a small museum and the entrance to the lighthouse.

The visitor center is underground and looks like it came straight out of a James Bond movie from the 70’s.

There’s a 3 km trail that starts and ends at the visitor center and shows more of the barren landscape.

Depending on your interests you can use the remainder of the day for hiking some of the other trails on the island, a suggestion would be the 6.2-kilometer PRC10TER trail, or for going to the Porto Pim aquarium.

At the aquarium, you can learn about the local marine life. Do not expect a traditional aquarium, this is an active working location where scientists study the animals and as much as possible try to set them free again.

Day 7: Free Day

Time flies, today we unfortunately already need to say goodbye to the Azores.

Most probably your flight will include a stop at Ponta Delgada. Due to this, there might not be much time to discover more of Faial. That’s why we kept this day blank.

If you do have time to include some more sights have a look at these 14 things to do in Faial.

Angra do Heroísmo Terceira, Azores, Portugal
Angra do Heroísmo

Option 3: Explore São Miguel and Terceira

On the other hand, São Miguel has the natural hot springs, true oases of peace and relaxation.

It would be a shame not to visit at least one when you travel to the Azores.

That is why we think it is ideal to visit at least 2 islands so that you can soak up the atmosphere at both.

Day 1 – 3: São Miguel

Day 1 to 3 is used to discover the various sights of São Miguel. These days are similar to option 2 above.

Day 4: Fly to Terceira

Together with São Miguel and Faial, Terceira makes for our top 3 of Azores islands.

We love both and they each have their own things to love.

Terceira has no hot springs but makes up for this by the more deserted feeling.

Depending on when your flight goes you may still have some time to spend on São Miguel.

If you do you could head to Mosteiros beach.

This volcanic beach impresses with a series of rock formations in the form of a church.

While you need some imagination to see the church, the rock formations make it a photogenetic beach anyway.

Serra do Cume miradouro Terceira Azores Portugal
Serra do Cume, one of many impressive viewpoints on Terceira

If the weather permits, and you still have time, you could use your first day to explore some of the viewpoints.

Our absolute favorite is Serra do Cume which offers distant views of the rolling island and is only a 15-minute drive from the airport.

Other viewpoints are Pico do Facho and Alto da Memória.

An alternative for a bad weather day is the Algar do Carvão, an impressive lava cave with a small lake at the bottom.

A third alternative is to drive to Angra do Heroísmo and spend the remainder of the day exploring this quaint city.

Wondering where to stay on Terceira, check out this list.

Algar Do Carvao Terceira Azores, Portugal
Algar do Carvão

Day 5: Algar do Carvão – Gruto Natal – Furnas do Enxofre – Biscoitos

Algar do Carvão

Today we go underground to witness how the incredible powers of the volcanoes have been at work here.

Algar do Carvão is a stunning lava cave that thanks to its porous walls is even used as an event location for concerts.

There’s a beautiful placid lake at the very bottom of the cave for most of the year.

It can reach up to 14 meters in depth at times but there are also periods when it dries up completely.

Gruto do Natal

Gruto do Natal is something completely different.

The Algar do Carvão is without a doubt the winner when it comes to beauty, Gruto do Natal is impressive in other ways.

Here you walk through immense tunnels created by the swirling lava flows.

Both visits are self-guided.

In Algar do Carvão there are guides in the cavern that you can ask questions. In the Gruto do Natal you follow a set course with informational panels.

Furnas Do Enxofre Terceira, Azores, Portugal
Furnas do Enxofre
Furnas do Enxofre

Both are also centrally located on the island, not far from each other.

In between the two, you find Furnas do Enxofre, yet another example of the volcanic activity that is still there today.

Furnas do Enxofre is a fairytale-like fumarole field. I say fairytale-like because all the colorful mosses, probably the result of the gases that escape from underground, give it such a view.

If you visit the Furnas do Enxofre early in the day, when it still is cooler, the fumes escaping from the cracks in the ground will make the place even more mystical.

Trail Mistérios Negros Terceira Azores Portugal
Trail Mistérios Negros
Mistérios Negros trail

If you love hiking then you should definitely also make some time for the Mistérios Negros trail.

It starts from the visitor center at Gruto do Natal and loops around the black lava mountains in that area.

The trail is described as difficult but we don’t understand why.

There’s one section where you need to clamber across trees and tree roots but that was the hardest part of the hike.

It’s mostly flat (except if you want to get to the top of Pico Gasper, it’s optional but worth it for the view) and 4.9 kilometers.

The caves are usually only open in the afternoon so we recommend that you start at Furnas do Enxofre, then head to Gruto do Natal for the hike and visit the two caves afterward.

You can buy a combo ticket for the caves.

Biscoitos Terceira Azores, Portugal
In summer you can dive in the Natural Swimming Pools in Biscoitos

You can end the day relaxing at Biscoitos, one of the larger natural pools on the island.

You will find a place to lie down, there are snack bars and steps are provided if you want to cool off in the water.

Day 6: Angra do Heroísmo – Monte Brasil – Duke of Terceira – Viewpoints

Explore Angra do Heroísmo

Angra do Heroísmo used to be the capital of the Azores.

You can still witness this today. You can see from the well-preserved houses that this used to be a rich city.

Angra do Heroísmo is a beautifully historic and charming destination to discover.

The best way to do so is to just get lost in the web of narrow cobblestone streets. Just make sure you don’t miss the Jardím Duque da Terceira with the Alto da Memória which offers nice views on the city.

Discover Monte Brasil

After you’ve explored the city you can make your way to Monte Brasil, an extinct volcano on a peninsula that borders the city.

The volcano now forms a park that attracts many people on sunny days.

You can go there by car or on foot.

Along the way you pass the Forte de São Sabastião. This fort is still in use but those who wish can visit it.

There are guided tours at fixed times.

In the park itself, there are several hiking trails and many scenic views of the city and marina.

The crater at Monte Brasil
The crater at Monte Brasil

Day 7

Time flies, today we unfortunately already need to say goodbye to the Azores.

Most probably your flight will include a stop at Ponta Delgada. Due to this, there might not be much time to discover more of Terceira. That’s why we kept this day blank.

If you do have time to include some more sights have a look at these 18 things to do in Terceira.

Azores travel tips

Here we share a list of the most interesting travel tips.

  • The best time to visit the Azores is during spring and summer. Here you can find more info on the best time to visit.
  • The best way to get to the Azores is by plane. Here is more info on how to get to the Azores.
  • The best way to travel around the Azores is by rental car.
  • We advise flying between the suggested islands but there are also ferries. Here you can find more info on the best ways to go island hopping on the Azores.
  • If you don’t want to go on your own, you can always join a guided tour.
  • Better save than sorry, so make sure you have travel insurance.
  • Read our Azores travel guide where you can find lots or more information on the best things to do, where to stay, highlights, budget, traveling around, etc.


There are several ways to spend 7 great days in the Azores.

We suggest these 3 itineraries because these take you to the islands we loved most.

This way you get to see all the sights that make the Azores so incredibly unique.

Have a great time at the Azores!