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Airport – Park, Sleep & Fly – Leave relaxed and save on parking costs

The least enjoyable part of a vacation is without any doubt getting there (and getting back).  The less time spent getting there and getting back, the better.  If you have to go to the airport during rush hour, this can cause some extra stress on top.

For that reason, we now book a hotel close to the airport whenever our flight leaves before noon.  It allows you sleep in and take a decent breakfast and you don’t have to spend stressful time in traffic jams or be afraid that you might miss your flight due to traffic.  The overnight stay doesn’t need to be expensive and earns itself back through what you save on parking costs. Last year we stayed in the Ibis Budget hotel near Brussels Airport.  We paid 82€ for our stay including 10 days of parking.  We also stayed at the Ibis Budget Amsterdam Airport where we paid 100€ for our stay including 3 weeks of parking.

For these prices, you cannot park on any of the parkings of the airport itself.

In both cases we stayed in Ibis Budget hotels.  We usually arrive quite late and leave again as soon as the sun rises.  For a quick night sleep these rooms are still OK. But you don’t have to stay in Ibis Budget hotels if you don’t want to.  Many hotels that are close to the airport will offer these packages.  Here’s a list of hotels at Brussels Airport and a list of hotels at Schiphol Amsterdam.

You cannot find these rates on price comparison sites, you will need to check the rates directly at the websites of the hotels.   The period you can park varies from 1 week to 3 weeks. If you want to park for longer you pay a supplement per additional day.

Now you’re off to a good and relaxed start of your holiday.  Did you know that in case you have  a long layover your airline might even offer you a free hotel stay?  Make sure to verify if your airline offers this.

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