Wapiti travel is the brainchild of 2 passionate travelers Kris and Sylvia.   As we grew older we left the backpack traveling behind us.  We now really appreciate a comfortable hotel room with a good oversized bed and a hot shower in the morning.  Sometimes we like to pamper ourselves with an extra luxurious suite or a flight in business class.

We love to arrange our own plans and always travel independently.  This gives us the freedom to do exactly as we want.  We have never traveled in a group and don’t plan on doing this as we grow older.  We even traveled through China on our own which was probably up till now the most challenging of our vacations.

For us traveling is all about the experiences.  Experiences like a helicopter flight across a glacier in Alaska, a sunrise at the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia or a game drive in South Africa.  These are experiences we will still be talking about for years to come.  That’s why we always make sure we leave ample space in our travel plans to enjoy some great experiences.

As we like to travel so much but we don’t like to spend millions doing so we invested a great amount of time to learn the practices of travel hacking.  Travel hacking is a collective name for various tips & trips that allow you to travel cheaply and sometimes even for free!  We’re happy to share all this knowledge with you here on our blog!

With this I have introduced you to the main topics we will inform you about on this website.  Do you want to learn more about how to travel luxuriously without spending millions?  Are you searching for great experiences to upgrade your vacations?  Then you came to the right place!

On our website, you will find

  • Tips & tricks to travel independently.
  • Travel hacking tips: ways to travel cheaper and at the same time more comfortable. You don’t need to be a millionaire to travel like one. 😊
  • Reviews about experiences and activities we did, hotels we stayed in or airlines we flew with.

Better yet, we also learned how to find cheap flights and regularly we will share cheap flights on this website and we will share information on the best practices to find cheap flights! This way you can save money on your flights and spend this on great experiences!

Who is Kris

Profielfoto Kris

I got the travel bug from my parents.  From a very young age, they took me on their vacations and I discovered how much fun it was to discover the world.   I’m so happy that partly thanks to them I’ve been on all seven continents already.

I never did any business-related travel except the first 3 years of my career.  I graduated in computer science and have always been active in jobs related to IT.  At first as a developer, after many additional educations including a Master of Business Administration, in more management and business-related positions.


I was not aware of any loyalty programs in the travel industry until I got a letter from Marriott Rewards after my first stay in one of their hotels.  They automatically subscribed me to their program.  This was 1998, they don’t do this anymore today.  The letter included my membership card and some details about the benefits that come with the program.  Free hotel stays sounded great so once I knew Marriott had such program I started looking around if other hotel chains, airlines, and car rental agencies had this and spend more time to learn all the details.  This is how my travel hacking addiction was born.

Since 1998 I have learned a lot about these programs and about travel hacking in general.  This is how we manage to travel comfortably on a budget.

A burn-out made a sudden end to my career in 2016. After I had spent several months at home I decided that it was time to turn my passion into my job.  This is how Wapiti Travel was born, this website is now my job.

Because of my IT background I mainly take care of the development and design of the website and of course, I share my knowledge about traveling and travel hacking!

Who is Sylvia

Profielfoto SylviaAs a child, my parents yearly took me on a vacation to France.  Already at that time, I started dreaming of spending vacations in faraway exotic destinations.  So, as soon as I grew older I started exploring the world.  At first, I went to Morocco, Egypt, and Tunisia.  Later on, I started discovering countries further away such as my 6 weeks backpack trip in Thailand.

When I met Kris I quickly discovered he was not a backpacker. I convinced him to go on vacation to Peru with our backpacks but these backpacks were more of a disadvantage than an advantage.

Luckily Kris’ knowledge of travel hacking opened a whole new world for me.  It was possible to travel the world comfortably without spending gigantic budgets.   Since then we have discovered many places.  We take 1 long vacation each year, always with a suitcase, the backpacks stay at home.  I love to discover new places every year and I always look around for unique special experiences.  That’s how I charge my batteries during the year!

I graduated in law school and I have always been in sales. First as an account manager, later I gave sales courses and worked as a sales coach. However, the travel virus did not let me go and since 2018 I have decided to commit myself full time to Wapiti Travel. I am mainly concerned with the marketing and sales side of this website.

Are you also a passionate traveler who likes to travel comfortably, without paying millions? Do you want to get to know the tricks of travel hacking? Then take a look at our website or follow us through our social media channels.

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