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5 unforgettable experiences you should do in Alaska

Are you visiting Alaska and looking for some unique Alaska experiences? You came to the right place. 

A few years ago we traveled around Alaska.  This is, without doubt, one of our most memorable trips because we did not only get to see Alaska but we got to really experience it.

It’s time to spoil yourself in Alaska’s wilderness. 

Here we share a list of unique Alaska experiences you shouldn’t miss while visiting this unspoiled wilderness. 

Best Alaska experiences

Take a private helicopter tour 

Enjoy the beauty of the glacier and it’s deep gorges as you fly over it and land on it. 

Afterward, the helicopter brings you to a remote area with a stunning view where you enjoy some champagne.  Priceless!

Helicopter tour vanuit Knik River Lodge

Taking a helicopter tour is one of the best things to do in Alaska.


Go glacier kayaking 

Glacier kayaking is another, more active, and just as thrilling way to experience the beautiful colors of a glacier.

Here you can read a trip report about a glacier kayaking trip in Seward. 

Dress warmly and get ready for a unique experience, you won’t be disappointed.

Glacier kayaking is one of the best Alaska experiences

Discover  Denali National Park

Denali is Alaska’s wilderness at its best. 

The national park is huge so reserve a few days as there are lots of activities you can do.  As of late August, fall colors start and turn this park into an incredibly beautiful photogenic landscape. 

Driving the shuttle bus along the main road we discovered lots of wildlife including bears!

Have your camera ready at all times!

Go to the Alaska State fair and feel like a real Alaskan

A really fun thing to do if you happen to be in Alaska around August. 

The fair is really a combination of a lot of things.

It has farm exhibits, giant vegetable competitions, a trade fair as well as a complete section with carnival attractions. 

Guaranteed fun!

Take a cruise for some killer whale spotting

Cruises to the Kenai Fjord will not disappoint you. 

Not only is it a beautiful spot for cruising and will you get to see glaciers. 

You will also be treated to wildlife like sea lions, seals, and sea otters. 

You might even be lucky enough to find whales & killer whales. 

Look at this huge family of killer whales we spotted on our way back to the harbor.  Absolutely stunning!

A cruise is a perfect way to see killer whales.


If you like cruising, maybe a small ship cruise would be something for you.

If you want to add more adventure to your Alaska trip, you might consider a 3-day enchanting backpacking trip.

See the web stories that accompany this post. 

Web story 1

Web story 2

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Things to do in Alaska

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