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How to choose the best 5 days Japan tour package? (+tips and tours)

Here’s an overview of some incredible 5 days Japan tour packages.

Japan can be visited on your own but if you have just 5 days joining a tour is a good way to get the most out of these days. 5 days in Japan isn’t a lot but if it is all you have these tours will give you a good first impression of this fascinating country.

Each will be jam-packed with many of Japan’s highlights and the itineraries are created in such a way that you don’t lose too much time getting from one sight to the next.  

We had an in-depth look at several 5-day Japan tours and hand-picked the best for you.

We primarily looked at the most important aspect, the itinerary, but we did also take into account other important elements such as group size to make our selection.  As we didn’t do any of these tours ourselves we don’t share any personal experiences. Instead, we look at the reviews of other travelers.

This article is not to promote one specific tour.  We give you an objective overview of the best 5-day package tours in Japan. You can find all the important aspects, as well as the pros and cons, of these tours on one single page so you can easily pick the tour that best suits your needs.

Let’s start this article by highlighting some points in favor of a Japan package tour.  We always prefer to travel independently but we have to admit that there are situations where it is more interesting to join an organized tour.

There is a really good chance that this post contains affiliate links. If you click one of them, we may receive a small commission (for which we are deeply grateful) at no extra cost to you.

Japan essentials 

Why taking a Japan package tour might be more interesting than going independent

Let’s start by summing up the pros and cons of taking a Japan package deal.

Considering you are only 5 days in Japan the biggest advantage by far is that a package tour will ensure that you still get to see many Japan highlights in these limited days.

Pros and cons about joining a Japan package tour 

  • A package tour is more comfortable than going independently. You don’t have to plan anything and once at your destination you don’t have to take care of anything, you can fully enjoy the destination.
  • This makes it also less stressful than going on your own. In the unlikely event of a problem, you can always contact your guide or tour operator.
  • A package tour is more social, we always meet interesting people and make new friends. Probably you will as well!
  • You can see a lot in very little time, which is perfect if you only have limited vacation days.
  • Your tour guide will share the stories behind all the great sights you see which makes your trip even more enlightening.
  • You have less freedom because you have to follow the group.
  • Your holiday is less flexible because everything is arranged in advance.

If you prefer to travel independently, take a look at our Japan 5 day itineraries. 

Sensoji temple Asakusa Tokyo
Sensoji temple in Asakusa, Tokyo

Cheap flights to Japan

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You don’t have to limit your search to Momondo.  There’re hundreds of flight booking sites so it’s a good idea to compare a few of them.  Kayak and Skyscanner are two very good alternatives.

You can consult our complete guide about finding cheap flights for more tips and information.

Find your cheap flight on Momondo:
Flights to Japan


We used TourRadar to create this overview of Japan package tours.

TourRadar is an online travel agency.  On their website, you will find multi-day tours from many different tour operators.  Their well-arranged interface makes it easy to compare all the package tours available.

Instead of searching the website of each tour operator separately, you can find everything on one page. 

They have a lot of Japanese holiday packages available. 

To find your tour you can either search the whole of Japan or a specific region.  You can further narrow down the search results by using one of the many filters like duration, departure date, age range, travel style, region, accommodation type, price, etc. 

Tourradar tours Japan
An overview of 5-day tour packages in Japan

On the results page, you can see the duration, the itinerary, the travel style, and the reviews of the available tours.

The reviews are real reviews from other travelers that took this trip, they may help in giving you a better idea of what to expect from the tour.

These are the key advantages of TourRadar

They have a 24/7 support service that can answer any questions you have about an upcoming trip.

They don’t charge a booking or credit card fee.

If you find the same tour cheaper anywhere else you can use their best price guarantee and they will match that price.

Every booking earns travel credits ( 3% of the overall value) that you can use towards future bookings. You can use your travel credits to make your next vacation even cheaper.

Booking a tour with Tourradar is sometimes cheaper than booking the same tour directly with the tour operator. Pretty amazing not?

Tokyo Shibuya
Crossing Shibuya, Japan’s busiest intersection, is a highlight of many Japan tour packages

Which Japan package trips exist

TourRadar offers Japan package tours as short as 3 days and as long as 15 days.  In this post, we focus on the 5-day Japan packages that are available.

Follow this link to see tours of a different duration. You can use the filter on the left side of the page to select the tours of your desired duration.

Below we describe 5 great 5-day Japan package tours in detail.

We list the highlights and the pros and cons of each tour so you can pick the one that suits you most based on your interests and preferences.  

Make sure to read all the way to the end of the article.  There is an overview table where you can see the details of all tours at a glance.

It can be hard to compare several tours when the details are spread out across different pages.  We hope we have made it easier for you to find your Japan tour package by bringing together all the information.

We did our best to make this overview as detailed and as accurate as possible.  We will also regularly update this post when something changes.  We appreciate your help as well.  If you would notice any changes before us please leave us a note so that we can update this article.

Chureito Pagoda Mt. Fuji Japan
The Chureito Pagoda with a view of Mt. Fuji

1. Quick Japan Explorer

Tour description

The Quick Japan Explorer is a self-guided tour that takes you from Tokyo to Hakone to see Mount Fuji.  Afterward, you continue your way to Kyoto, the cultural capital of Japan. There is also a day trip from Kyoto to the famous village of Nara. The trip ends back in Tokyo.

You will be greeted at the airport from where you will be taken to your hotel.  The representative will give you all the necessary documents and passes.  From then onwards you can travel at your own pace knowing that all transportation and hotels are taken care of.

Hostels are included in the tour price. It’s possible to upgrade the accommodation to 3 or 4-star hotels for an extra fee.

This tour is ideal if you don’t have the time to arrange your own travel plans but don’t like to travel in a group.


  • Tokyo
  • Hakone – Mount Fuji
  • Kyoto
  • Nara 
  • Ride the Shinkansen also known as the bullet train

Pros and cons about joining the Quick Japan explorer tour 

  • Great trip to get a first impression of Japan.
  • All transport and accommodation is arranged for you.
  • Self-guided tour. Lots of freedom to decide what you want to do in each place.
  • Self-guided tour. Everything is taken care of but there is no guide to give extra information about the sights you visit.
  • Tokyo airport drop-off isn’t included.

Important information


Although the Quick Japan Explorer doesn’t have a lot of reviews yet, clients loved the itinerary, the accommodation, and the fact that there is a 7 day Japan Rail Pass included. They say that the itinerary gave them enough time to explore and see the things they wanted to see.

The Quick Japan Explorer is a great way to discover Japan on your own while you don’t need to worry about your accommodation and transport since all of this is already taken care of.


Prices start at € 1.008 (about $1.120 at the current exchange rate at the time of writing). 

More information and booking:
Quick Japan Explorer

Golden Temple KinkakuJi, Kyoto, Japan
A visit to the Golden Temple in Kyoto might well be the highlight of this 5-day Japan tour package

2. Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka

As the name says the Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka tour will take you to these 3 famous Japanese cities. A side trip to Nara is also included. 

You start your trip in the country’s capital and 5 days later you end in the bustling city of Osaka. 

The tour is organized by Europamundi and they provide an expert English-speaking guide for the parts of the tour in Kyoto and Tokyo.

You will ride the Shinkansen and the regular trains to travel between the cities.  Within the cities, you will use a combination of the metro and a tour bus.

Breakfast is included for each day, lunch is included on two occasions and dinner is included on the first day.

Train and metro tickets and entry tickets for the temples you will visit are also all included.

The group can be large with a maximum of 50 people.

I couldn’t find info about the category of the hotels that are included.


  • Tokyo ( Zojoji Temple, Shibuya junction, Meji Temple, Akihabara, Sensoji Temple, …)
  • Kyoto ( Fushimi Inari, Imperial Palace, and the Golden Pavillion, Gion)
  • Nara ( Todaiji Temple, Horyuji Temple, …)
  • Osaka ( Dotonbori at night)
  • Ride the shinkansen or bullet train

Pros and cons about joining the tour

  • English speaking guide.
  • You will see a lot in a short amount of time
  • Guided tour in Tokyo and Kyoto.
  • Less freedom as you will be traveling in a group.
  • If the tour sells out the group will be very large
  • No drop-off at the airport is included at the end of the tour
  • Not a lot of reviews about the tour and the reviews that are showing even seem to be about another tour

Important information


The few reviews that I found didn’t seem to be about this particular tour but they spoke well of the tour operator.

People who traveled with this tour operator said they were taken good care of from the moment they arrived in Tokyo. All hotels and the transportation were clean and comfortable. They also loved the fact that they met numerous travelers from different regions of the world.


Prices start at €1.300 (about $1.442 at the current exchange rate at the time of writing).

More information and booking:
Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka Tour

Yudanaka Onsen Japan
A visit to an Onsen is a great Japanese experience

3. Japan Kanto 

The Japan Kanto tour is a 5-day in-depth cultural tour of Japan. 

It includes several great experiences such as a rickshaw ride in ancient historical Kamakura. You also get the opportunity to dress up in a Kimono for a great picture with Mt. Fuji and in Tokyo, the tour includes a boat ride on the Sumida river to admire the beautiful skyline of the city.

The tour is organized by Super Value tours and is guided in English.

You can be picked up in Narita or Haneda airport (make sure to check the hours that pick-up is available) from where you will be transferred to your hotel.  The next day you will visit many of the capital’s highlights such as Shibuya, the Imperial Palace, Omotesando, and Asakusa.  

On day 3 you will visit Kamakura, sometimes referred to as the Kyoto of Eastern Japan.  You will stay in an Onsen hotel and if you’re lucky you can see Mt. Fuji from the observation deck of the hotel.  You end the day with a traditional Kaiseki dinner.

You will continue your visit on day 4.  In the course of the day, you head back to Tokyo to end the day with a night tour to see the illuminated cityscape.

You will stay in luxury hotels. Breakfast and lunch are included in your trip. Dinner is included on days 1, 3, and 4;

One of the dinners is a traditional Kaiseki dinner, a traditional multi-course meal with seasonal ingredients.  This is fine dining Japanese style and something you absolutely must try while you are in Japan.

The maximum group size is 26 people and all transportation is included in your trip.

Travel is mostly done by luxury coach. 


  • Tokyo
  • Rickshaw ride through the historic city of Kamakura
  • Mount Fuji area
  • Kaiseki Dinner
  • Visit an onsen

Pros and cons about joining the Japan Kanto tour

  • Good balance between sightseeing and free time
  • Fun experiences are included such as the water bus ride in Tokyo, the rickshaw, a kaiseki dinner, an onsen visit
  • Travel protection program ( check the exact details to see what’s covered)
  • You will not visit Kyoto or Osaka
  • You will be traveling in a group, less suited if want to explore Japan on your own.

Important information


The Japan Kanto tour gets excellent reviews.

People speak highly about the tour guides, the hotels, and the included meals.  The itinerary is described as a nice balance between historical sites, outdoor activities, and culinary experiences.

A lot is included in the tour and people say it’s great value for money.


Prices start at €1.350 (about $1.504 at the current exchange rate at the time of writing).

More information and booking:
Japan Kanto Tour

Imperial Palace Tokyo - Japan
The Imperial Palace in Tokyo

4. Japan: Tokyo Nights & Kyoto Temples

The Tokyo Nights and Kyoto Temples tour is great to experience a range of cultural aspects of Japan.

Starting in the capital, Tokyo, the tour encourages connection with fellow travelers with a night of drinking and dancing, as well as daytime walking around the city and exploring key destinations like Harajuku and Yoyogi Park.

The tour offers a lot of flexibility in terms of the places visited with destinations able to be decided upon by the group with advice from the guide rather than set in stone in advance.

There is also plenty of time dedicated to free time exploring where you are able to do whatever you like.

The tour then moves to Takayama for a night.

Takayama is a traditional town located among the mountains of Gifu prefecture.

It is well-known for its Edo Period houses, streets, and shops. It is regarded as a historical area and a great way to learn about the cultural history of Japan. In this part of the tour, you can experience traditional Japanese crafts, foods, and more.

There is also the opportunity to relax in a beautiful onsen, an iconic Japanese pastime.

From here the tour moves to Kyoto to explore the beautiful historical sites of the city.

Known as the city of temples, Kyoto is full of temples, shrines, castles, and more. As in Tokyo, the tour is quite flexible and open to adjustment to suit the group.

This tour is operated by G Adventures and is limited to a group size of 16 with an age range of 18-39.

It is aimed at young adults who want to explore Japan with some guidance but also a degree of freedom to do their own thing and explore on their own.

Here you can find a complete 5-day Tokyo itinerary.


  • Tokyo Orientation Walk
  • Takayama
  • Kyoto temples

Pros and cons about joining the Tokyo nights & Kyoto temple tour

  • The tour offers a lot of flexibility and room for adjustment. This is great for travelers who want some guidance but don’t want all their time pre-scheduled.
  • Previous tour participants have praised the tour guide’s friendliness and ability to offer suggestions while still allowing the group to make decisions
  • This tour might not be suitable for travelers who are unsure of where they want to go and would prefer more structure and organization.

Important information

  • International flights and visas aren’t included. Click here to book cheap flights to Tokyo or read our section about flights at the start of this article.
  • Insurance is not included. We recommend taking out separate travel insurance. World Nomads has good coverage for Japan. Ask for a free quote here. 
  • Accommodation for this tour is in hostels for most nights with one traditional inn in Takayama.
  • Meals are not included


This tour is ideal for young travelers looking to experience some of Japan’s top sights in an open and friendly group.

The tour is catered towards a young demographic and so is well-suited to that age range.

Previous participants enjoyed the tour and found the guides friendly, helpful and good at creating a welcoming environment.


Prices start at € 1.164 (about $1.629 at the current exchange rate at the time of writing).

Check prices and availability:
Tokyo night & Kyoto temples tour

Akihabara - Tokyo
Visiting Akihabara is one of the highlights of a trip to Tokyo.

5. 5-Day Hokkaido Ski & Sightseeing

This 5 days Hokkaido Ski and Sightseeing tour will take you through the magnificent ski fields of Japan’s northernmost prefecture, Hokkaido.

This beautiful prefecture is often overlooked in standard tours despite its rich culture, amazing food, and top-quality ski fields.

The tour focuses on Hokkaido’s capital, Sapporo, and explores the unique sightseeing destinations of the city.

It includes a visit to Odori Park, well-known for its beautiful gardens and antique clock tower. There is also a visit to Shiroi Koibito Park, a chocolate-themed entertainment park centered around Hokkaido’s famous souvenir snack, Shiroi Koibito.

A visit to the park also includes the opportunity to make your own chocolate.

The third day of the trip is a full-day ski trip at Sapporo International Ski Resort where your guide will help with ski outfit rental and lift tickets for leaving you to ski freely to your heart’s content.

Hokkaido is one of the best areas for skiing in Japan and a full day on the slopes will give you a great experience of what Hokkaido has to offer. The tour also leaves the fourth day free for you to explore as you wish.

Accommodation is arranged at 4-star hotels and breakfast is provided daily.

Transport to the various destinations is either via public transport or private transport depending on the length of travel.

Please note that the group has a maximum size of 4 people and is operated by an English-speaking guide.

This is great for providing a more personalized experience and comfort in forming connections with your group. It may be difficult if a family or group of friends larger than 4 was hoping to join the tour together.


  • Odori Park
  • Shiroi Koibito Park
  • Hokkaido Shrine
  • Sapporo International Ski Resort

Pros and cons about joining the Anime tour

  • Private tour
  • This tour provides a great mix of skiing and sightseeing
  • The tour may not spend enough time skiing for true enthusiasts.

Important information


This tour is a great option if you are looking to experience the sights of Sapporo as well as the best of Hokkaido’s ski fields. It provides a great mix of activities and covers a range of interests.


Prices start at €1.790 (about $ $1889. at the current exchange rate at the time of writing).  

More information and booking:
Hokkaido Ski & Sightseeing


Travel insurance for your trip to Japan

Travel insurance isn’t included in most of these Japan tour packages.

We absolutely recommend taking out travel insurance before you leave for Japan. World Nomads travel insurance doesn’t only cover injuries or illnesses. It also covers trip cancellations, theft, and more.

You can find more information about World Nomads here or click the button to get a free quote:


Japan is an amazing country with an interesting culture, delicious food, amazing sights, and the country also offers plenty of interesting activities. 

These tours are not only interesting for those who don’t have time to plan their own itinerary.  If you only have 5 days in Japan it’s worthwhile to join an organized tour to get to see as much as possible during these few days.

The guided tours will use a tour bus to swiftly take you to the most important sights, often leaving 1 free day for you to spend more time at those places that interest you most.

The Highlights of Tokyo tour is perfect for those who already know they will come back to Japan later.  Even though you only see Tokyo, you already get a good impression of Japan.  You have 4 full days to spend in this dazzling city, enough to get a good idea of the city.  You can safely skip the capital the next time you travel to Japan.

The Quick Japan explorer, the Tokyo-Kyoto-Osaka Tour, and the Japan Kanto tour are more diverse.  They all have something to offer to first-time travelers to Japan.  Although the Japan Kanto tour stays around Tokyo it’s one of our favorite tours because it offers a great range of activities that none of the other tours offer.

The maverick is the Essence of spring | Anime tour.  Anime and manga fans will love this tour but if you’re not a keen fan of the anime culture you will probably find it an overdose of crazy Japanese stuff.

Which one is your favorite? 

If you have more time to spend in Japan, take a look at our overview of the best Japan tours.